Schools in Detroit, MI

NameAddressEnrollmentGrade span
Academy Of Detroit-West School16418 W. MCNICHOLS ROAD61K-1
Academy Of The Americas School5680 KONKEL STREET746K-8
Aisha Shule/Web Dubois Prep. School10711 PURITAN STREET268K-12
Allen Academy School8666 QUINCY942K-12
Angelou Maya Elementary School5959 WHITTIER STREET513K-8
Ann Arbor Trail Magnet Middle School7635 CHATHAM436K-8
Atkinson Elementary School4900 E. HILLDALE STREET282K-5
Bagley Elementary School8100 CURTIS STREET505K-6
Barbara Jordan Elementary School3901 MARGARETA STREET756K-8
Barbour Magnet Middle School4209 SENECA STREET4556-8
Barsamian Preparatory Center School3550 LODGE SERVICE DRIVE839-12
Barton Elementary School8530 JOY ROAD266K-5
Bates Academy School16661 GREENLAWN STREET853K-8
Beard Elementary Early Childhood Center School840 WATERMAN65-
Beaubien Middle School19701 WYOMING AVENUE3417-9
Beckham William Academy School9860 PARK DRIVE719K-5
Benjamin Carson Academy School1326 ST. ANTOINE1476-12
Bennett Elementary School2111 MULLANE STREET601K-5
Berry Elementary School6600 BENSON STREET215K-6
Bethune Academy School10825 FENKELL STREET687K-8
Birney Elementary School4055 RICHTON STREET237K-6
Blackwell Institute School9330 SHOEMAKER628K-8
Blanche Kelso Bruce Academy-Connor School5555 CONNOR1445-12
Blanche Kelso Bruce Academy-Depaul School609 E. GRAND BLVD.266-11
Blanche Kelso Bruce Academy-Detroit School4707 ST. ANTOINE BLVD.27-
Blanche Kelso Bruce Academy-Eliot Center School3500 JOHN R52-
Blanche Kelso Bruce Academy-St. Jude's School15255 MAYFIELD126-11
Blanche Kelso Bruce Academy-Victor's School1200 ALTER ROAD158-11
Blanche Kelso Bruce Academy-Wolverine School2629 LENOX164-11
Bow Elementary School19801 PREVOST STREET435K-5
Boykin Continuing Education Center School10225 3RD STREET857-12
Boynton Middle School12800 VISGER STREET305K-8
Brady Elementary School2920 JOY ROAD353K-5
Breithaupt Career And Technical Center School9300 HUBBELL STREET2210-12
Brewer Elementary School12450 HAYES STREET522K-5
Brown Ronald Academy School11530 E. OUTER DRIVE976K-6
Bunche Elementary School2601 ELLERY STREET290K-5
Burns Elementary School14350 TERRY STREET786K-8
Burt Elementary School20710 PILGRIM STREET280K-6
Burton International School1333 PINE655K-8
Butzel Elementary/Middle School2301 VAN DYKE STREET426K-8
Cadillac Middle School15125 SCHOOLCRAFT STREET473K-8
Campbell Elementary School2301 E. ALEXANDRINE STREET269K-5
Carleton Elementary School11724 CASINO STREET414K-5
Carstens Elementary School2592 COPLIN STREET322K-5
Carver Elementary School18701 PAUL STREET524K-8
Casa Richard Academy School2635 HOWARD1469-12
Cass Technical High School2501 SECOND AVENUE2,1429-12
Center For Literacy And Creativity School18401 W. MCNICHOLS ROAD144K-8
Central High School2425 TUXEDO STREET1,2439-12
Cerveny Middle School15850 STRATHMOOR STREET5196-8
Cesar Chavez Academy Elementary School8126 W. VERNOR HIGHWAY464K-5
Cesar Chavez High School1761 WATERMAN5299-12
Cesar Chavez Middle School6782 GOLDSMITH5076-8
Chadsey High School5335 MARTIN STREET1,1077-12
Chandler Park Academy School4901 HAVERHILL STREET5196-8
Chandler Park Academy School897 PHILIP AVENUE1957
Charlotte Forten Academy School5690 CECIL STREET3027-12
Chrysler Elementary School1445 E. LAFAYETTE STREET164K-5
Clark Elementary School15755 BREMEN STREET348K-5
Clemente Roberto Academy School1551 BEARD755K-5
Cleveland Middle School13322 CONANT STREET7377-12
Clinton Elementary School8145 CHALFONTE STREET219K-5
Clippert Academy School1981 MCKINSTRY STREET3476-8
Cody High School18445 CATHEDRAL STREET1,2759-12
Coffey Middle School17210 CAMBRIDGE AVENUE506K-8
Colin Powell Academy School4800 COPLIN STREET559K-8
Columbus Middle School18025 BROCK STREET4556-8
Commonwealth Community Development Academy School13477 EUREKA275K-8
Communication And Media Arts High School14771 MANSFIELD STREET5069-12
Cooke Elementary School18800 PURITAN STREET297K-6
Cooley High School15055 HUBBELL AVENUE1,5239-12
Cooley North Wing School15055 HUBBELL19
Coolidge Elementary School16501 ELMIRA STREET305K-5
Cooper Elementary School6836 GEORGIA STREET418K-8
Courtis Elementary School8100 WEST DAVISON341K-8
Courville Elementary School18040 ST. AUBIN STREET470K-5
Covenant House Life Skills Center Central School2959 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR BLV2259-12
Covenant House Life Skills Center East School7600 GOETHE STREET3479-12
Covenant House Life Skills Center West School5668 BAKER2769-12
Crary Elementary School16164 ASBURY PARK340K-5
Crockett Career And Technical Center School571 MACK AVENUE410-11
Crockett High School8950 ST. CYRIL7909-12
Crosman High School9027 JOHN C. LODGE3159-12
David Ellis Academy School18977 SCHAEFER HIGHWAY314K-8
Davis Aerospace High School10200 ERWIN STREET2129-12
Davison Elementary School2800 E. DAVISON STREET815K-6
Denby High School12800 KELLY ROAD1,5599-12
Detroit Academy Of Arts And Sciences High School2224 MEDBURY7789-12
Detroit Academy Of Arts And Sciences Middle School2224 MEDBURY2727-8
Detroit Academy Of Arts And Sciences School2985 E. JEFFERSON AVENUE953K-6
Detroit Association Black Orgs (Dabo) School12048 GRAND RIVER309-
Detroit City High School3500 MCGRAW STREET610K-12
Detroit Community High School12675 BURT ROAD5969-12
Detroit Day For The Deaf School4555 JOHN C. LODGE FREEWAY368K-9
Detroit Enterprise Academy School11224 KERCHEVAL AVENUE678K-8
Detroit High For Technology School18875 RYAN RD1979-12
Detroit International Academy School8401 WOODWARD AVENUE4679-12
Detroit Lions Alternative Education School10101 CANFIELD1166-8
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