Schools in Lincoln, NE

NameAddressEnrollmentGrade span
Arnold Elementary School5300 W Knight Drive595PK-6
Beattie Elementary School1901 Calvert Street383PK-6
Belmont Elementary School3425 N 14th Street622PK-6
Brownell Elementary School6000 Aylesworth Avenue299PK-6
Bryan Community School1801 South 40th Street1117-12
C Culler Middle School5201 Vine Street5036-8
Calvert Elementary School3709 South 46th Street226PK-6
Campbell Elementary School2200 Dodge Street573PK-6
Cavett Elementary School7701 South 36th Street644PK-6
Cheney Public School9300 Second Street RR 863PK-8
Clinton Elementary School1520 N 29th Street481PK-6
Dawes Middle School5130 Colfax Avenue4726-8
Eastridge Elementary School6245 L Street242PK-6
Ecse - Homebased School5901 O Street P. O. Box 82889257PK-12
Elliott Elementary School225 South 25th Street362PK-6
Everett Elementary School1123 C Street433PK-6
Fredstrom Elementary School5700 N W 10th544PK-6
Goodrich Middle School4600 Lewis Avenue7076-8
Haines Branch Public School5001 SW 56th12PK-8
Hartley Elementary School730 N 33rd Street313PK-6
Hawthorne Elementary School300 South 48th Street-PK-6
Head Start At Secc School8800 O Street15-
Headstart/First Presbyterian School840 South 17th48-
Holmes Elementary School5230 Sumner Street421PK-6
Humann Elementary School6720 Rockwood Lane634PK-6
Huntington Elementary School2900 N 46th Street434PK-6
Irving Middle School2745 South 22nd Street7726-8
Kahoa Elementary School7700 Leighton Street435PK-6
Lakeview Elementary School300 Capitol Beach Boulevard198PK-6
Lefler Middle School1100 South 48th Street5806-8
Lincoln East High School1000 South 70th Street5739-12
Lincoln High School2229 J Street7909-12
Lincoln Northeast High School2635 N 63rd Street6059-12
Lincoln Southeast High School2930 South 37th Street5949-12
Lux Middle School7800 High Street8946-8
Maxey Elementary School5200 South 75th Street651PK-6
Mcphee Elementary School820 South 15th Street224PK-6
Meadow Lane Elementary School7200 Vine Street-PK-6
Mickle Middle School2500 N 67th Street-6-8
Morley Elementary School6800 Monterey Drive-PK-6
North Star High School5801 N 33rd Street-9-12
North Star Middle School5801 N 33rd Street-6-8
Norwood Park Elementary School4710 N 72nd Street-PK-6
Oak Valley Public School3200 W McKelvie Road-PK-8
Park Middle School855 South 8th Street-6-8
Pershing Elementary School6402 Judson Street-PK-6
Pound Middle School4740 South 45th Street-6-8
Prescott Elementary School1930 South 20th Street-PK-6
Pyrtle Elementary School721 Cottonwood Drive-PK-6
Randolph Elementary School1024 South 37th Street-PK-6
Residential Treatment Center School904 Sumner-6-12
Riley Elementary School5021 Orchard Street-PK-6
Rokeby Public School701 W Rokeby-PK-8
Roper Elementary School2323 South Coddington Street-PK-6
Rousseau Elementary School3701 South 33rd Street-PK-6
Ruth Hill Elementary School5230 Tipperary Trail-PK-6
Saratoga Elementary School2215 South 13th Street-PK-6
Scott Middle School2200 Pine Lake Road-6-8
Sheridan Elementary School3100 Plymouth Avenue-PK-6
Southwest High School7001 South 14th Street-9-12
West Lincoln Elementary School630 W Dawes Avenue-PK-6
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