Schools in Long Beach, CA

NameAddressEnrollmentGrade span
Addams Elementary School5320 Pine Avenue563K-5
Bancroft Middle School5301 East Centralia Street1,1806-8
Barton Elementary School1100 East Del Amo Boulevard535K-5
Birney Elementary School710 West Spring Street442K-5
Bixby Elementary School5251 East Stearns Street259K-5
Bryant Elementary School4101 East Fountain Street212K-5
Buffum Elementary School2350 Ximeno Avenue240K-5
Burbank Elementary School501 Junipero Avenue441K-5
Burcham School5610 East Monlaco Road425K-8
Burnett Elementary School565 East Hill Street539K-5
Butler (Mary) School1400 East 20th Street5893-8
Cabrillo (Juan Rodriguez) High School2001 Santa Fe Avenue2,4669-12
Captain Raymond Collins School6125 Coke Street453K-5
Carver Elementary School5335 East Pavo Street268K-5
Chavez (Cesar) Elementary School730 West Third Street343K-5
Colegio New City School1633 Long Beach Boulevard249-12
Constellation Community Charter Middle School620 Olive Avenue1436-8
Cubberley School3200 Monogram Avenue826K-8
Dooley Elementary School5075 Long Beach Boulevard703K-5
Edison Elementary School625 Maine Avenue496K-5
Educational Partnership High School4344 Atlantic Avenue2017-12
Emerson Parkside Academy Charter School2625 Josie Avenue415K-5
Focus Community Day (Elementary) School2221 Argonne Avenue c/o CDS-Elementary Administrative Office11K-6
Franklin Classical Middle School540 Cerritos Avenue8646-8
Fremont Elementary School4000 East Fourth Street273K-5
Gant Elementary School1854 Britton Drive442K-5
Garfield Elementary School2240 Baltic Avenue528K-5
Grant Elementary School1225 East 64th Street682K-5
Hamilton Middle School1060 East 70th Street1,0296-8
Harte Elementary School1671 East Phillips Street654K-5
Henry Elementary School3720 Canehill Avenue288K-5
Hill Middle School1100 Iroquois Avenue1,0246-8
Hudson School2335 Webster Avenue852K-8
Hughes Middle School3846 California Avenue1,5116-8
International Elementary School700 Locust Avenue444K-5
Jefferson Leadership Academies School750 Euclid Avenue7946-8
Jordan High School6500 Atlantic Avenue2,7899-12
Keller Elementary School7020 East Brittain Street326K-5
Kettering Elementary School550 Silvera Avenue262K-5
King Elementary School145 East Artesia Boulevard556K-5
Lafayette Elementary School2445 Chestnut Avenue503K-5
Lee Elementary School1620 Temple Avenue553K-5
Lincoln Elementary School1175 East 11th Street650K-5
Lindbergh Middle School1022 East Market Street8456-8
Lindsey (Perry) Academy School5075 Daisy Avenue7706-8
Long Beach Adult School3701 East Willow Street--
Long Beach Unified District Rop School3701B East Willow Street-10-12
Longfellow Elementary School3800 Olive Avenue558K-5
Los Cerritos Elementary School515 West San Antonio Drive316K-5
Lowell Elementary School5201 East Broadway444K-5
Mann Elementary School257 Coronado Avenue218K-5
Marshall Middle School5870 East Wardlow Road8526-8
Mckinley Elementary School6822 Paramount Boulevard489K-5
Micro Enterprise Charter Academy School5951 Downey Avenue556-8
Millikan Senior High School2800 Snowden Avenue3,1569-12
Muir Elementary School3038 Delta Avenue710K-8
Naples Elementary School5537 The Toledo180K-5
New City School1230 Pine Avenue225K-8
Newcomb Academy School3351 Val Verde Avenue768K-8
Polytechnic High School1600 Atlantic Avenue3,4039-12
Powell (Colin L.) Academy For Success School150 Victoria Street855K-8
Prisk Elementary School2375 Fanwood Avenue321K-5
Reid Senior High School2153 West Hill Street6111-12
Renaissance High For The Arts School235 East Eighth Street3499-12
Robinson (Jackie) School2750 Pine Avenue663K-8
Rogers Middle School365 Monrovia Avenue8526-8
Roosevelt Elementary School1574 Linden Avenue636K-5
Rosie The Riveter Charter High School690 Studebaker Road189-12
Select Community Day (Secondary) School5075 Daisy Avenue c/o CDS-Secondary Administrative Office @ Lindsey27-12
Stanford Middle School5871 East Los Arcos Street1,2836-8
Stephens Middle School1830 West Columbia Street9986-8
Stevenson Elementary School515 Lime Avenue394K-5
Tincher School1701 Petaluma Avenue889K-8
Tucker Elementary School2221 Argonne Avenue245K-5
Twain Elementary School5021 East Centralia Street482K-5
Washington Middle School1450 Cedar Avenue8596-8
Webster Elementary School1755 West 32nd Way412K-5
Whittier Elementary School1761 Walnut Avenue561K-5
Willard Elementary School1055 Freeman Avenue450K-5
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