Schools in Milwaukee, WI

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NameAddressEnrollmentGrade span
ALAS-AdvLang&Acad Studies1515 W Lapham Blvd2439-12
ALBA1712 S 32nd St3550-5
ASSATA2023 W Wisconsin Ave1099-12
Alcott El3563 S 97th St3660-8
Allen-Field El730 W Lapham Blvd7670-5
Alliance Sch of Milw850 W Walnut St1597-12
Audubon Hi3300 S 39th St2829-12
Audubon Mid3300 S 39th St6136-8
Auer Avenue El2319 W Auer Ave3310-8
BEAM3620 N 18th St587KG-8
Banner Prep5460 N 64th St766-12
Bay View Mid and Hi2751 S Lenox St1,5446-12
Bethune Acad1535 N 35th St5020-8
Bradley Tech Hi700 S Fourth St1,0779-12
Brown Street Acad2029 N 20th St3200-5
Browning El5440 N 64th St2520-5
Bruce El6453 N 89th St3060-5
Bruce Guadalupe1028 S 9th St875KG-8
Burdick El4348 S Griffin Ave6570-8
CEO Leadership Academy3222 W Brown St1659-12
Capitol West Academy3939 N 88th St237KG-8
Carmen Hi1712 S 32nd St2339-12
Carson Acad4920 W Capitol Dr4820-8
Carver Acad1900 N 1st St5460-8
Cass Street El1647 N Cass St3280-8
Central City Cyberschool4301 N 44th St407KG-8
Centro Hispano Hi1645 S 36th St789-12
Clarke Street El2816 W Clarke St3980-8
Clemens El3600 W Hope Ave3920-5
Clement Avenue El3666 S Clement Ave4550-8
Congress El5225 W Lincoln Creek Dr8530-8
Cooper El5143 S 21st St4200-8
Craig Montessori Sch7667 W Congress St5520-8
Curtin El3450 S 32nd St3890-8
DLH Academy7151 N 86th St301KG-8
Doerfler El3014 W Scott St7970-8
Dover Street El2969 S Howell Ave2550-6
Downtown Montessori2507 S Graham St1450-8
East Hi7500 Milwaukee Ave1,1709-12
Eighty-First Street El2964 N 81st St3170-8
Eisenhower El11600 W Center St441KG-5
Elm Creative Arts El900 W Walnut St5730-5
Escuela Verde126 E Mineral St-7-10
Fairview El6500 W Kinnickinnic River Pkwy6450-8
Fernwood Montessori3239 S Pennsylvania Ave5910-8
Fifty-Third Street El3618 N 53rd St4120-8
Forest Home El1516 W Forest Home Ave8440-5
Franklin El2308 W Nash St3170-8
Fratney El3255 N Fratney St4460-5
Gaenslen El1250 E Burleigh St6650-8
Garland El3120 W Green Ave2970-6
Goodrich El8251 N Celina St3180-5
Grandview Hi615 W Washington St2169-12
Grant El2920 W Grant St7230-8
Grantosa Drive El4850 N 82nd St6060-8
Greenfield Bilingual1711 S 35th St6240-8
Groppi Hi1312 N 27th St4646-12
Guadalupe Head Start2669 N Richards St52-
Hampton El5000 N 53rd St3420-5
Hawley Environmental Sch5610 W Wisconsin Ave326KG-5
Hayes Bilingual Sch971 W Windlake Ave3440-6
Hi-Mount El4921 W Garfield Ave3900-8
Highland Community Sch1706 W Highland Ave2060-6
Holmes El2463 N Buffum St4080-8
Hopkins Lloyd1503 W Hopkins St4280-8
Howard Avenue Montessori Sch357 E Howard Ave-KG-0
Humboldt Park El3230 S Adams Ave5820-8
IDEAL4965 S 20th St2160-8
Jackson El2121 W Hadley St3120-5
Jefferson El6927 Maple Ter305KG-5
Kagel El1210 W Mineral St3870-5
Keefe Avenue El1618 W Keefe Ave3830-8
Kilbourn El5354 N 68th St2690-5
King Jr El3275 N 3rd St5370-8
Kluge El5760 N 67th St3890-5
Kosciuszko Montessori971 W Windlake Ave2190-3
La Causa Charter Sch1643 S 2nd St664KG-8
LaFollette El3239 N 9th St2550-8
Lad Lake Synergy225 W Capitol Dr846-12
Lad Lake Ultra225 W Capitol Dr146-12
Lancaster El4931 N 68th St3830-8
Lincoln Avenue El1817 W Lincoln Ave6220-5
Lincoln El1741 N Wauwatosa Ave338KG-5
Lincoln Mid820 E Knapp St8676-8
Longfellow El1021 S 21st St9090-8
Longfellow Mid7600 W North Ave8586-8
Lowell El4360 S 20th St2400-5
MacDowell Montessori Sch K3-126415 W Mount Vernon Ave-0-12
Madison Academic Campus8135 W Florist Ave1,1289-12
Manitoba El4040 W Forest Home Ave5280-8
Maple Tree El6644 N 107th St3210-5
McKinley El2435 N 89th St434KG-5
Meir El1555 N Martin Luther King Dr4703-8
Metcalfe El3400 W North Ave3280-8
Milw Acad of Chinese Lang2430 W Wisconsin Ave3520-8
Milw Co Youth Educ Center949 N 9th St126-12
Milw College Prep--36th St2449 N 36th St496KG-8
Milw College Prep--38th St2623 N 38th St230KG-5
Milw College Prep--Lloyd St1228 W Lloyd St422KG-8
Milw Community Cyber Hi131 S 1st St1519-12
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