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Schools in Oklahoma City, OK

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NameAddressEnrollmentGrade span
Adams Elementary School3416 SW 37TH STREET542PK-6
Arthur Elementary School5100 SOUTH INDEPENDENCE494PK-5
Astec Charter Ms School2401 NW 23RD STREET; SUITE 33646-8
Barnes Elementary School10551 SE 59TH ST.374PK-5
Belle Isle Enterprise School5904 NORTH VILLA AVENUE4086-8
Bodine Elementary School5301 S BRYANT AVE524PK-5
Briarwood Elementary School14901 SOUTH HUDSON620PK-6
Brink Junior School11420 S WESTERN1,2477-9
Britton Elementary School1215 NW 95TH STREET345PK-5
Bryant Elementary School9400 S. BRYANT AVENUE604K-6
Buchanan Elementary School4126 NW 18TH STREET388PK-5
Capitol Hill Elementary School2717 S. ROBINSON973PK-6
Capitol Hill High School500 S.W. 369559-12
Carl Albert High School2009 S. POST RD.1,0739-12
Central Oak Elementary School1901 SE 15 ST3222-5
Classen High Of Advanced Studies School1901 NORTH ELLISON5849-12
Classen Ms Of Advanced Studies School1901 NORTH ELLISON4806-8
Cleveland Bailey Elementary School3301 SUNVALLEY DRIVE374PK-5
Cleveland Elementary School2725 N 23RD ST324PK-5
Columbus Enterprise School2402 S. PENNSYLVANIA AVE.708PK-6
Coolidge Elementary School5212 SOUTH VILLA640PK-5
Cooper Ms School8001 RIVER BEND BOULEVARD7576-8
Coronado Heights Elementary School5911 N. SAPULPA478PK-5
Council Grove Elementary School7721 WEST MELROSE LANE403PK-5
Country Estates Elementary School1609 FELIX PLACE350PK-5
Crooked Oak High School1901 SE 15TH STREET2389-12
Crooked Oak Ms School1901 SE 15 ST2276-8
Crutcho Public School2401 N. AIR DEPOT BLVD237PK-8
Del City Elementary School2400 EPPERLY DR.421PK-5
Del City High School1900 S. SUNNYLANE1,4609-12
Dennis Elementary School11800556PK-5
Douglass High School900 N. MARTIN LUTHER KING AVE.5439-12
Douglass Ms School900 N. MARTIN LUTHER KING AV.2287-8
Dove Science Academy (Okc) School919 NW 23RD STREET4766-12
Dunbar Elementary School1432 NE 7TH144PK-6
Earlywine Elementary School12800 S. MAY525PK-6
East Side Elementary School600 N. KEY BLVD.442PK-5
Eastlake Elementary School1301 SW 134536K-6
Edgemere Elementary School3200 N. WALKER AVENUE181PK-6
Edwards Elementary School1123 NE. GRAND BVD158PK-6
Eisenhower Elementary School1301 N.E. 101ST STREET390PK-5
Emerson Alternative Education (Es) School715 NORTH WALKER136K-5
Emerson Alternative Education (Hs) School715 NORTH WALKER6539-12
Emerson Alternative Education (Ms) School715 NORTH WALKER1626-8
Epperly Heights Elementary School3805 DEL ROAD614PK-5
Eugene Field Elementary School1515 N. KLEIN AVE546PK-5
F.D. Moon Academy School1901 NE 13TH OKC. OK 73117324PK-6
Fairview Elementary School2431 SW 89TH STREET641PK-6
Fillmore Elementary School5200 S BLACKWELDER680PK-5
Gatewood Elementary School1821 NW 21ST259PK-6
Greenvale Elementary School901 GREENVALE ROAD321PK-5
Harding Charter Preparatory High School3333 NORTH SHARTEL AVENUE3809-12
Harding Fine Arts Center School3333 N. SHARTEL1589-11
Harvest Hills Elementary School8201 N.W. 104TH. ST.544PK-5
Hawthorne Elementary School2300 NW 15TH STREET382PK-5
Hayes Elementary School6900 S. BYERS AVE.415PK-6
Hefner Ms School8400 N. MACARTHUR1,0366-8
Heronville Elementary School1240 S.W. 29TH631PK-5
Highland Park Elementary School5301 S. DIMPLE545PK-5
Hillcrest Elementary School6421 SOUTH MILLER503PK-5
Hilldale Elementary School4801 NW 16TH STREET590PK-5
Horace Mann Elementary School1105 NW 45TH266PK-5
Houchin Elementary School3200 N. WEBSTER490PK-6
Independence Charter Ms School3232 NW 65TH2926-8
Jackson Ms School2601 SOUTH VILLA4986-8
Jefferson Ms School6800 S. BLACKWELDER AVE.8796-8
John Glenn Elementary School6500 S. LAND625PK-5
Johnson Elementary School1810 SHEFFIELD ROAD179PK-5
Justice A.W. Seeworth Academy School12600 NE KELLEY AVENUE4713-12
Kaiser Elementary School3101 LYONS BLVD.305PK-5
Kingsgate Elementary School1400 KINGSGATE ROAD475PK-6
Kirkland Elementary School6020 N INDEPENDENCE287PK-5
Lee Elementary School424 SOUTHWEST 29TH ST612PK-5
Linwood Elementary School3416 NW 17339PK-5
Madison Elementary School3117 N. INDEPENDENCE AVENUE222PK-5
Marcus Garvey Leadership School24TH STREET AND JORDAN AVENUE186K-6
Mark Twain Elementary School2451 WEST MAIN STREET266PK-5
Mayfield Ms School1600 NORTH PURDUE6016-8
Midwest City High School213 ELM STREET1,6069-12
Millwood Elementary School6710 MARTIN LUTHER KING AVENUE771PK-8
Millwood High School6718 N. MARTIN LUTHER KING2779-12
Monroe Elementary School4810 N. LINN430PK-5
N. Highland Math/Sci Academy School8400 N. ROBINSON296PK-5
Ne Academy Health/Sci/Engineering School3100 NORTH KELLEY AVENUE4069-12
Ne Academy Health/Sci/Engineering School3100 NORTH KELLEY AVENUE3366-8
Northridge Elementary School8501 N.W. 82614PK-5
Northwest Classen High School2801 NW 27TH STREET1,0879-12
Oakridge Elementary School4200 SOUTH LEONHARDT223PK-5
Parkview Elementary School5701 MACKELMAN DR595PK-5
Parmelee Elementary School6700 SOUTH HUDSON641K-5
Pierce Elementary School2701 S. TULSA AVENUE215PK-5
Pleasant Hill Ec Center School4346 N.E. 36TH STREET138PK-3
Prairie Queen Elementary School6609 S. BLACKWELDER AVE.561PK-5
Putnam City High School5300 NW 501,9319-12
Putnam City North High School11800 NORTH ROCKWELL1,9619-12
Putnam City West High School8500 N.W. 231,6869-12
Putnam Heights Elementary School1601 NW 36280PK-5
Quail Creek Elementary School11700 THORN RIDGE ROAD406PK-5
Ralph Downs Elementary School7501 W. HEFNER RD509PK-5
Rancho Village Elementary School1401 JOHNSTON DRIVE258PK-5
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