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Schools in Wichita, KS

NameAddressEnrollmentGrade span
Adams Elementary School1002 N OLIVER367PK-5
Alcott Academy School3400 E MURDOCK567-9
Allen Elementary School1881 S ELPYCO487PK-5
Allison Traditional Magnet Middle School221 S SENECA5216-8
Anderson Elementary School2945 VICTORIA545K-5
Beech Elementary School1830 S CYPRESS463PK-5
Benton Elementary School338 S WOODCHUCK LN402PK-5
Black Traditional Magnet Elementary School1045 HIGH333K-5
Bostic Traditional Magnet Elementary School8103 E GILBERT320K-5
Brooks Magnet Middle School3802 E 27TH N6016-8
Bryant Core Knowledge Magnet School4702 W NINTH424PK-5
Buckner Performing Arts Magnet Elementary School3530 E 27TH N334K-5
Caldwell Elementary School1441 S EDGEMOOR448PK-5
Campus High Haysville School2100 W 55TH ST SOUTH1,4789-12
Cessna Elementary School2101 W 45TH S406PK-5
Chisholm Trail Elementary School6015 INDEPENDENCE465PK-5
Clark Elementary School650 S. APACHE354PK-5
Cleaveland Traditional Magnet Elementary School3345 W 33RD S316K-5
Cloud Elementary School1205 W 26TH N828PK-5
Coleman Middle School1544 N GOVERNEOUR6186-8
College Hill Elementary School211 N CLIFTON394K-5
Colvin Elementary School2820 S ROOSEVELT792PK-5
Curtis Middle School1031 S EDGEMOOR7126-8
Dodge Literacy Magnet School4801 W 2ND485PK-5
Earhart Environ Magnet Elementary School4401 N ARKANSAS343K-5
East High School2301 E DOUGLAS2,1989-12
Emerson Open Magnet Elementary School2330 W 15TH243K-5
Enterprise Elementary School3605 S GOLD455PK-5
Franklin Elementary School214 S ELIZABETH390PK-5
Gammon Elementary School3240 N RUSHWOOD436K-5
Gardiner Elementary School1951 S. LAURA512PK-5
Greiffenstein Special Education Center School1221 E GALENA SUITE 32967K-5
Griffith Elementary School1802 S BLUFF433PK-6
Hadley Middle School1101 DOUGHERTY8406-8
Hamilton Middle School1407 S BROADWAY4846-8
Harris Communications Magnet School706 N ARMOUR DR412K-5
Harry Street Elementary School1605 S. MARKET354PK-5
Heights High School5301 N HILLSIDE1,5829-12
Horace Mann Dual Language Magnet School1243 N MARKET568PK-8
Hyde Intl Studies/Commun Elementary Magnet School210 N OLIVER302K-5
Irving Elementary School1642 N MARKET493PK-5
Isely Traditional Magnet Elementary School2500 E 18TH ST203K-5
Jackson Elementary School2717 N WOODLAWN513K-5
Jardine Middle Magnet School3550 ROSS PARKWAY3856-8
Jefferson Elementary School4615 E ORME392PK-5
Kelly Liberal Arts Academy School3143 S MILLWOOD559PK-5
Kensler Elementary School1030 WILBUR LANE611PK-5
L'Ouverture Computer Technology Magnet School1539 N OHIO347K-5
Lawrence Elementary School3440 W MAPLE434PK-6
Levy Special Education Center School400 N WOODCHUCK258PK-12
Lewis Open Magnet Elementary School3030 S OSAGE226K-5
Lincoln Elementary School1210 S TOPEKA318PK-5
Linwood Elementary School1654 S. HYDRAULIC487PK-5
Marshall Middle School1510 PAYNE4146-8
Mayberry Magnet Middle School207 S SHERIDAN6006-8
Mccollom Elementary School1201 WADDINGTON AVE403K-5
Mclean Science/Tech Magnet Elementary School2277 MARIGOLD LANE299K-5
Mead Middle School2601 E SKINNER4896-8
Metro Blvd Alt High School751 GEORGE WASH BLVD1309-12
Metro Meridian Alt High School301 S MERIDIAN1479-12
Metro Midtown Alt High School640 N EMPORIA1309-12
Minneha Core Knowledge Elementary School701 N WEBB ROAD623PK-5
Mueller Elementary School2821 E 24TH N545PK-5
North High School1437 ROCHESTER1,7959-12
Northeast Magnet High School1847 N CHAUTAUQUA5759-12
Northwest High School1220 N TYLER RD1,5419-12
O K Elementary School1607 N WEST238PK-5
Oaklawn Elementary School5000 S CLIFTON217PK-5
Oatville Elementary School4335 S HOOVER383PK-5
Park Elementary School1025 N MAIN454PK-5
Paul B Cooper Elementary School4625 JUNIPER285K-5
Payne Elementary School1601 S EDWARDS335PK-6
Peterson Elementary School9710 W CENTRAL433K-5
Pleasant Valley Elementary School2000 W 29TH N332PK-5
Pleasant Valley Middle School2220 W 29TH N5986-8
Riverside Cultural Arts / History Magnet School1001 PORTER261PK-5
Robinson Middle School328 N OLIVER7416-8
Ruth Clark Elementary K-5 School1800 W. 55TH STREET313K-6
Seltzer Elementary School11660 E LINCOLN627PK-5
South High School701 W 33RD S1,6759-12
Southeast High School903 S EDGEMOOR1,8089-12
Sowers Special Education Center School2400 WASSALL1949-12
Spaght Accelerated Magnet Academy School2316 E 10TH335PK-5
Stanley Elementary School1749 S MARTINSON409PK-5
Stucky Middle School4545 N BROADVIEW CIRCLE7886-8
Truesdell Middle School2464 S GLENN8016-8
Washington Accelerated Learning Elementary School1600 E 3RD538PK-5
Wells Special Education Center School1221 E GALENA SUITE 373806-8
West High School820 S OSAGE1,1619-12
White Elementary School5148 S KANSAS612PK-5
Wilbur Middle School340 N TYLER RD9306-8
Wineteer Elementary School8801 ENT DR396K-5
Woodland Health / Wellness Magnet Elementary School1705 SALINA220K-5
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