Allegan County Even Start School in Otsego, Michigan (MI)

Otsego, MI 49078

County: Allegan

Phone: (269) 673-2161 (make sure to verify first before calling)
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School Safety Practices:

Warning codes used to alert faculty of a critical incident: No
Tactical evacuation route for students or entry routes for emergency support teams: Yes
Off-site staging area for assembly and communication at the onset of critical incident: No
Emergency communication tree or plan: No
Facility blueprints and site plan on file with emergency support team: No
Control access to site during school hours (doors locked or monitored): No
Control access to grounds during school hours (gates locked or monitored): No
Students required to pass through metal detectors each day: No
Visitors required to pass through metal detectors: No
Campus closed for most students during lunch: No
Integrated home-land security in school practices into school safety plans: No
Random sweeps for weapons: No
Require clear book bags or ban book bags: No
Require students to wear badges or picture IDs: No
Require staff to wear badges or picture IDs: No
Provide staff training in risk assessment: No
Security cameras used to monitor the school: No
Telephones provided in most classrooms: Yes
Emergency button provided in lavatories: No
In compliance with the state law that requires that a student who brings a firearm to school be expelled for one year: Yes
In compliance with Elem. and Sec. Edu. Act (ESEA), that requires referral to juvenile delinquency system of any student who brings a firearm to school: Yes
School wide training in positive behavioral support and interventions: No

School Safety Plans:

Safety plan exists - Shootings: No
Safety plan exists - Riots: No
Safety plan exists - Bomb scares or comparable threats (excluding fire): No
Safety plan exists - Disaster planning (tornadoes, floods, chemical spill, etc.): Yes
Safety plan exists - Hostages: No
Safety plan exists - Lock down: No

School Prevention Programs:

Implemented a violence prevention curriculum: No
Practiced behavior modification/intervention with students: Yes
Provided group counseling (social work) or therapeutic activity for students: Yes
Provided peer mentoring or coaching program: No
Provided peer mediation (student court) in resolving conduct problems: No
Provided conflict resolution training to staff and students: No
Provided programs that promote a sense of social integration among students: Yes
Established a hot line for students to report problems: No
Provided training and assistance in classroom management to teachers: No
Revised or reviewed school wide discipline policy: No
Made architectural or environmental modifications to reduce crime or violence: No
Used a paid law enforcement or security service: No
Implemented a drug prevention service: No
Conducted community service projects on prevention: No
Implemented teacher/staff training on violence/drug prevention: No
Conducted public/parent awareness activities on violence/drug prevention: No
Offered after-school or before-school programs: No
Provided alternative education programs: No
Underwent curriculum acquisition or development: Yes
Provided services for out-of-school youth (school-age): No
Administered special one-time events (not included in the above mentioned programs): Yes
Involved organizations in administering drug and violence-prevention services via joint service delivery (including referrals): No
Involved organizations in administering drug and violence prevention services via teacher/staff training: No
Involved organizations in administering drug and violence prevention services via public awareness activities: No
Involved organizations in administering drug and violence prevention services via fund raising: No
Allowed students to participate in the design, delivery or critiquing of a drug or violence prevention program: No
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