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Clearview Elementary School in Martinsville, Virginia (VA)

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Martinsville, VA

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Grade span: KG - 2

Phone: (276) 403-5800 (make sure to verify first before calling)

Enrollment in Clearview Elementary School

2005 Student Enrollment: 184

Kindergarten Total Enrollment: 54
Kindergarten Total Female Enrollment: 30
Kindergarten Total Male Enrollment: 24

Kindergarten White Female Enrollment: 9
Kindergarten White Male Enrollment: 3
Kindergarten Black Female Enrollment: 17
Kindergarten Black Male Enrollment: 19
Kindergarten Hispanic Female Enrollment: 3
Kindergarten Hispanic Male Enrollment: 2

1st Grade Total Enrollment: 67
1st Grade Total Female Enrollment: 32
1st Grade Total Male Enrollment: 35

1st Grade White Female Enrollment: 3
1st Grade White Male Enrollment: 4
1st Grade Black Female Enrollment: 28
1st Grade Black Male Enrollment: 26
1st Grade Hispanic Female Enrollment: 1
1st Grade Hispanic Male Enrollment: 5

2nd Grade Total Enrollment: 63
2nd Grade Total Female Enrollment: 29
2nd Grade Total Male Enrollment: 34

2nd Grade White Female Enrollment: 2
2nd Grade White Male Enrollment: 7
2nd Grade Black Female Enrollment: 25
2nd Grade Black Male Enrollment: 25
2nd Grade Hispanic Female Enrollment: 2
2nd Grade Hispanic Male Enrollment: 2

Genders in Clearview Elementary School

Grades in Clearview Elementary School

Races in Clearview Elementary School

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