Hawaii - Religions

Congregationalist missionaries arrived in 1820 and Roman Catholics in 1827. Subsequent migration brought Mormons and Methodists. Anglican representatives were invited by King Kamehameha IV in 1862. Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism arrived with the Chinese during the 1850s; by the turn of the century, Shinto and five forms of Mahayana Buddhism were being practiced by Japanese immigrants.


In 2000, the largest religious group was the Catholic Church, with 240,813 adherents in 95 congregations. The Latter-day Saints followed with 42,758 adherents in 112 congregations. Other major groups include the United Church of Christ, 22,856 adherents; Assemblies of God, 21,754; and the Southern Baptist Convention, 20,901. In 2000, the Jewish population was at about 7,000. There were 73 Buddhist, 1 Muslim, and 8 Hindu congregations reported without specific membership numbers. About 63.8% of the population were not counted as members of any religious organization.

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