Maryland ranked 36th among the 50 states in agricultural income in 2001, with estimated receipts of $1,596 million, about 41% of that in crops.

Until the Revolutionary War, tobacco was the state's only cash crop; in 2002, Maryland produced an estimated 2,380,000 lb of tobacco, down from 8,265,000 lb in 2000. Corn and cereal grains are grown mainly in southern Maryland. Production in 2002 included 32,300,000 bushels of corn for grain; 10,810,000 bushels of soybeans, $62,158,000; 11,880,000 bushels of wheat, $37,442,000, and 3,362,000 bushels of barley, $4,371,000. Commercial vegetables, cultivated primarily on the Eastern Shore, were valued at $54 million in 2002. Fruits are also cultivated.

Maryland had some 12,200 farms covering 2,100,000 acres (850,000 hectares) in 2002.