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In 2000, there was a nearly equal number of Protestants versus Catholics within the state. The Catholic Church was the largest single Christian denomination with about 169,250 adherents. Leading Protestant denominations were the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 50,287; the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints (Mormons), 32,726; the United Methodist Church, 17,993; Assemblies of God, 16,385; the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, 15,441.and the Southern Baptist Convention, 15,318. There were about 850 Jews and 614 Muslims in the state.

Though relatively small in terms of membership, several religious groups within the state experienced significant growth throughout 1990–2000. Friends–USA (Quakers) reported a membership growth from 77 in 1990 to 160 in 2000. The Free Lutheran Congregations grew from 75 members to 427 members and the Salvation Army reported a total of 1,414 members in 2000, up from 551 in 1990. About 493,703 people (55% of the population) were not counted as members of any religious organization.