State of Washington

ORIGIN OF STATE NAME: Named for George Washington. NICKNAME: The Evergreen State. CAPITAL: Olympia. ENTERED UNION: 11 November 1889 (42nd). SONG: "Washington, My Home." DANCE: Square dance. MOTTO: Alki (Chinook for By and by ). FLAG: The state seal centered on a dark green field. OFFICIAL SEAL: Portrait of George Washington surrounded by the words "The Seal of the State of Washington 1889." BIRD: Willow goldfinch. FISH: Steelhead trout. FLOWER: Coast rhododendron. TREE: Western hemlock. GEM: Petrified wood. FRUIT: Apple. LEGAL HOLIDAYS: New Year's Day, 1 January; Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., 3rd Monday in January; Presidents' Day, 2nd Monday in February; Memorial Day, last Monday in May; Independence Day, 4 July; Labor Day, 1st Monday in September; Veterans Day and State Admission Day, 11 November; Thanksgiving Day, 4th Thursday in November; Christmas Day, 25 December. TIME: 4 AM PST = noon GMT.


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