Property valuation of SW 8th Street, Akron, OH: 1940, 1945, 2122, 2137, 2143, 2147 -2151 #4, 2148, 2148, 2152, 2155 (tax assessments)

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1940 SW 8th Street
    Akron, OH 44314
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Building value: $50,810
Land value: $13,960
Total value for property: $64,770
Class: Residential
Land use: Single Family Dwelling, Platted Lot
Living area: 1,308 square feet
Exterior wall: Aluminum/vinyl
Style: Colonial
Year property was built: 1918
Total number of rooms: 7
Number of bedrooms: 3
Number of full bathrooms: 1
Total number of plumbing fixtures: 5
Basement: Full
Type of heating: Central air condition
Fuel Type: Gas
Attic: No
Number of wood fireplace openings: 1
Number of wood fireplace stacks: 1
Main ground floor area: 624 square feet
Condition: Average
Replacement cost new value of additions: $7,170
Living area of additions: 60 square feet
Adjusted area: 620 square feet
Heat/air value: $2,420
Replacement cost new less depreciation value: $44,810
Adjusted replacement cost new less depreciation value: $44,810
Replacement cost new value: $99,580
Wood Fireplace Value: $3,000
Land area: 5,257 square feet
Land frontage: 36 feet
Land depth: 146 feet
Land depth table: 150 feet
Land depth factor: 0.98
Square footage: 5,256 square feet
Reason: 2 1/2 percent
Assessments for tax year: 2009

  • Sale date: 06/03/1994
    Price: $65,000
    Old owner name: CARLOS J GOWDY
  • Sale date: 02/21/2008
    Price: $48,000
    Old owner name: BARBARA J GABLE
    New owner name: BENEFICIAL OHIO INC
    Validity: Foreclosure/Sheriff Sale
    Source: Conveyance
  • Sale date: 06/30/2008
    Price: $21,000
    Old owner name: BENEFICIAL OHIO INC
    New owner name: TIMOTHY HARTMANN
    Validity: Mortgage/lender
    Source: Conveyance
  • Sale date: 08/22/2008
    Old owner name: TIMOTHY HARTMANN
    New owner name: TH ENTERPRISES LLC
  • Sale date: 10/02/2008
    Old owner name: TH ENTERPRISES LLC
    New owner name: TIMOTHY HARTMAN