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Townships in Pennsylvania


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Falls township, Bucks County, PennsylvaniaHebron township, Potter County, PennsylvaniaLehman township, Pike County, Pennsylvania
Falls township, Wyoming County, PennsylvaniaHector township, Potter County, PennsylvaniaLeidy township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania
Fannett township, Franklin County, PennsylvaniaHegins township, Schuylkill County, PennsylvaniaLemon township, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania
Farmington township, Clarion County, PennsylvaniaHeidelberg township, Berks County, PennsylvaniaLenox township, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania
Farmington township, Tioga County, PennsylvaniaHeidelberg township, Lebanon County, PennsylvaniaLeroy township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Farmington township, Warren County, PennsylvaniaHeidelberg township, Lehigh County, PennsylvaniaLetterkenny township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Fawn township, Allegheny County, PennsylvaniaHeidelberg township, York County, PennsylvaniaLewis township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
Fawn township, York County, PennsylvaniaHellam township, York County, PennsylvaniaLewis township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania
Fayette township, Juniata County, PennsylvaniaHemlock township, Columbia County, PennsylvaniaLewis township, Union County, Pennsylvania
Fell township, Lackawanna County, PennsylvaniaHempfield township, Mercer County, PennsylvaniaLiberty township, Adams County, Pennsylvania
Ferguson township, Centre County, PennsylvaniaHempfield township, Westmoreland County, PennsylvaniaLiberty township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania
Ferguson township, Clearfield County, PennsylvaniaHenderson township, Huntingdon County, PennsylvaniaLiberty township, Centre County, Pennsylvania
Fermanagh township, Juniata County, PennsylvaniaHenderson township, Jefferson County, PennsylvaniaLiberty township, McKean County, Pennsylvania
Findlay township, Allegheny County, PennsylvaniaHenry Clay township, Fayette County, PennsylvaniaLiberty township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
Findley township, Mercer County, PennsylvaniaHepburn township, Lycoming County, PennsylvaniaLiberty township, Montour County, Pennsylvania
Fishing Creek township, Columbia County, PennsylvaniaHereford township, Berks County, PennsylvaniaLiberty township, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania
Forest Lake township, Susquehanna County, PennsylvaniaHerrick township, Bradford County, PennsylvaniaLiberty township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Forks township, Northampton County, PennsylvaniaHerrick township, Susquehanna County, PennsylvaniaLicking township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania
Forks township, Sullivan County, PennsylvaniaHickory township, Forest County, PennsylvaniaLicking Creek township, Fulton County, Pennsylvania
Forkston township, Wyoming County, PennsylvaniaHickory township, Lawrence County, PennsylvaniaLigonier township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Forward township, Allegheny County, PennsylvaniaHighland township, Adams County, PennsylvaniaLimerick township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Forward township, Butler County, PennsylvaniaHighland township, Chester County, PennsylvaniaLimestone township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania
Foster township, Luzerne County, PennsylvaniaHighland township, Clarion County, PennsylvaniaLimestone township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
Foster township, McKean County, PennsylvaniaHighland township, Elk County, PennsylvaniaLimestone township, Montour County, Pennsylvania
Foster township, Schuylkill County, PennsylvaniaHillsgrove township, Sullivan County, PennsylvaniaLimestone township, Union County, Pennsylvania
Fox township, Elk County, PennsylvaniaHilltown township, Bucks County, PennsylvaniaLimestone township, Warren County, Pennsylvania
Fox township, Sullivan County, PennsylvaniaHollenback township, Luzerne County, PennsylvaniaLincoln township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania
Frailey township, Schuylkill County, PennsylvaniaHomer township, Potter County, PennsylvaniaLincoln township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania
Franconia township, Montgomery County, PennsylvaniaHoney Brook township, Chester County, PennsylvaniaLincoln township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Adams County, PennsylvaniaHopewell township, Beaver County, PennsylvaniaLitchfield township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Beaver County, PennsylvaniaHopewell township, Bedford County, PennsylvaniaLittle Beaver township, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Bradford County, PennsylvaniaHopewell township, Cumberland County, PennsylvaniaLittle Britain township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Butler County, PennsylvaniaHopewell township, Huntingdon County, PennsylvaniaLittle Mahanoy township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Carbon County, PennsylvaniaHopewell township, Washington County, PennsylvaniaLiverpool township, Perry County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Chester County, PennsylvaniaHopewell township, York County, PennsylvaniaLocust township, Columbia County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Columbia County, PennsylvaniaHorsham township, Montgomery County, PennsylvaniaLogan township, Blair County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Erie County, PennsylvaniaHorton township, Elk County, PennsylvaniaLogan township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Fayette County, PennsylvaniaHovey township, Armstrong County, PennsylvaniaLogan township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Greene County, PennsylvaniaHoward township, Centre County, PennsylvaniaLondon Britain township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Huntingdon County, PennsylvaniaHowe township, Forest County, PennsylvaniaLondonderry township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Luzerne County, PennsylvaniaHowe township, Perry County, PennsylvaniaLondonderry township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Lycoming County, PennsylvaniaHubley township, Schuylkill County, PennsylvaniaLondonderry township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Snyder County, PennsylvaniaHunlock township, Luzerne County, PennsylvaniaLondon Grove township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, Susquehanna County, PennsylvaniaHuntington township, Adams County, PennsylvaniaLongswamp township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Franklin township, York County, PennsylvaniaHuntington township, Luzerne County, PennsylvaniaLower Allen township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Frankstown township, Blair County, PennsylvaniaHuston township, Blair County, PennsylvaniaLower Alsace township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Frazer township, Allegheny County, PennsylvaniaHuston township, Centre County, PennsylvaniaLower Augusta township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania
Freedom township, Adams County, PennsylvaniaHuston township, Clearfield County, PennsylvaniaLower Chanceford township, York County, Pennsylvania
Freedom township, Blair County, PennsylvaniaIndependence township, Beaver County, PennsylvaniaLower Chichester township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Freehold township, Warren County, PennsylvaniaIndependence township, Washington County, PennsylvaniaLower Frankford township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Freeport township, Greene County, PennsylvaniaIndiana township, Allegheny County, PennsylvaniaLower Frederick township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
French Creek township, Mercer County, PennsylvaniaIrwin township, Venango County, PennsylvaniaLower Gwynedd township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Frenchcreek township, Venango County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Butler County, PennsylvaniaLower Heidelberg township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Fulton township, Lancaster County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Cambria County, PennsylvaniaLower Macungie township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
Gaines township, Tioga County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Columbia County, PennsylvaniaLower Mahanoy township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania
Gallagher township, Clinton County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Dauphin County, PennsylvaniaLower Makefield township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Gallitzin township, Cambria County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Greene County, PennsylvaniaLower Merion township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Gamble township, Lycoming County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Huntingdon County, PennsylvaniaLower Mifflin township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Gaskill township, Jefferson County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Lebanon County, PennsylvaniaLower Milford township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
Genesee township, Potter County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Luzerne County, PennsylvaniaLower Moreland township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Georges township, Fayette County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Lycoming County, PennsylvaniaLower Mount Bethel township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania
German township, Fayette County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Mercer County, PennsylvaniaLower Nazareth township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania
Germany township, Adams County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Monroe County, PennsylvaniaLower Oxford township, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Gibson township, Cameron County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Northumberland County, PennsylvaniaLower Paxton township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
Gibson township, Susquehanna County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Perry County, PennsylvaniaLower Pottsgrove township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Gilmore township, Greene County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Snyder County, PennsylvaniaLower Providence township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Gilpin township, Armstrong County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Susquehanna County, PennsylvaniaLower Salford township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Girard township, Clearfield County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Tioga County, PennsylvaniaLower Saucon township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania
Girard township, Erie County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, Venango County, PennsylvaniaLower Southampton township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Glade township, Warren County, PennsylvaniaJackson township, York County, PennsylvaniaLower Swatara township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
Glenburn township, Lackawanna County, PennsylvaniaJay township, Elk County, PennsylvaniaLower Towamensing township, Carbon County, Pennsylvania
Goshen township, Clearfield County, PennsylvaniaJefferson township, Berks County, PennsylvaniaLower Turkeyfoot township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Graham township, Clearfield County, PennsylvaniaJefferson township, Butler County, PennsylvaniaLower Tyrone township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Grant township, Indiana County, PennsylvaniaJefferson township, Dauphin County, PennsylvaniaLower Windsor township, York County, Pennsylvania
Granville township, Bradford County, PennsylvaniaJefferson township, Fayette County, PennsylvaniaLower Yoder township, Cambria County, Pennsylvania
Granville township, Mifflin County, PennsylvaniaJefferson township, Greene County, PennsylvaniaLowhill township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
Gray township, Greene County, PennsylvaniaJefferson township, Lackawanna County, PennsylvaniaLoyalhanna township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Great Bend township, Susquehanna County, PennsylvaniaJefferson township, Mercer County, PennsylvaniaLoyalsock township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
Green township, Forest County, PennsylvaniaJefferson township, Somerset County, PennsylvaniaLumber township, Cameron County, Pennsylvania
Green township, Indiana County, PennsylvaniaJefferson township, Washington County, PennsylvaniaLurgan township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Greene township, Beaver County, PennsylvaniaJenkins township, Luzerne County, PennsylvaniaLuzerne township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Greene township, Clinton County, PennsylvaniaJenks township, Forest County, PennsylvaniaLycoming township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
Greene township, Erie County, PennsylvaniaJenner township, Somerset County, PennsylvaniaLykens township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
Greene township, Franklin County, PennsylvaniaJessup township, Susquehanna County, PennsylvaniaLynn township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
Greene township, Greene County, PennsylvaniaJones township, Elk County, PennsylvaniaMcCalmont township, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania
Greene township, Mercer County, PennsylvaniaJordan township, Clearfield County, PennsylvaniaMcCandless township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Greene township, Pike County, PennsylvaniaJordan township, Lycoming County, PennsylvaniaMcHenry township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
Greenfield township, Blair County, PennsylvaniaJordan township, Northumberland County, PennsylvaniaMcIntyre township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
Greenfield township, Erie County, PennsylvaniaJuniata township, Bedford County, PennsylvaniaMcKean township, Erie County, Pennsylvania
Greenfield township, Lackawanna County, PennsylvaniaJuniata township, Blair County, PennsylvaniaMcNett township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania
Greenville township, Somerset County, PennsylvaniaJuniata township, Huntingdon County, PennsylvaniaMadison township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania
Greenwich township, Berks County, PennsylvaniaJuniata township, Perry County, PennsylvaniaMadison township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania
Greenwood township, Clearfield County, PennsylvaniaKarthaus township, Clearfield County, PennsylvaniaMadison township, Columbia County, Pennsylvania
Greenwood township, Columbia County, PennsylvaniaKeating township, McKean County, PennsylvaniaMadison township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania
Greenwood township, Crawford County, PennsylvaniaKeating township, Potter County, PennsylvaniaMahanoy township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
Greenwood township, Juniata County, PennsylvaniaKelly township, Union County, PennsylvaniaMahoning township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania
Greenwood township, Perry County, PennsylvaniaKennedy township, Allegheny County, PennsylvaniaMahoning township, Carbon County, Pennsylvania
Gregg township, Centre County, PennsylvaniaKennett township, Chester County, PennsylvaniaMahoning township, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania
Gregg township, Union County, PennsylvaniaKidder township, Carbon County, PennsylvaniaMahoning township, Montour County, Pennsylvania
Grove township, Cameron County, PennsylvaniaKilbuck township, Allegheny County, PennsylvaniaMaidencreek township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Grugan township, Clinton County, PennsylvaniaKimmel township, Bedford County, PennsylvaniaMain township, Columbia County, Pennsylvania
Guilford township, Franklin County, PennsylvaniaKing township, Bedford County, PennsylvaniaManchester township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania
Gulich township, Clearfield County, PennsylvaniaKingsley township, Forest County, PennsylvaniaManchester township, York County, Pennsylvania
Haines township, Centre County, PennsylvaniaKingston township, Luzerne County, PennsylvaniaManheim township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Halfmoon township, Centre County, PennsylvaniaKiskiminetas township, Armstrong County, PennsylvaniaManheim township, York County, Pennsylvania
Halifax township, Dauphin County, PennsylvaniaKittanning township, Armstrong County, PennsylvaniaMann township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania
Hamilton township, Adams County, PennsylvaniaKline township, Schuylkill County, PennsylvaniaManor township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania
Hamilton township, Franklin County, PennsylvaniaKnox township, Clarion County, PennsylvaniaManor township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Hamilton township, McKean County, PennsylvaniaKnox township, Clearfield County, PennsylvaniaMarion township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania
Hamilton township, Monroe County, PennsylvaniaKnox township, Jefferson County, PennsylvaniaMarion township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Hamilton township, Tioga County, PennsylvaniaLack township, Juniata County, PennsylvaniaMarion township, Butler County, Pennsylvania
Hamiltonban township, Adams County, PennsylvaniaLackawannock township, Mercer County, PennsylvaniaMarion township, Centre County, Pennsylvania
Hamlin township, McKean County, PennsylvaniaLackawaxen township, Pike County, PennsylvaniaMarlborough township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Hampden township, Cumberland County, PennsylvaniaLafayette township, McKean County, PennsylvaniaMarple township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Hampton township, Allegheny County, PennsylvaniaLake township, Luzerne County, PennsylvaniaMarshall township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Hanover township, Beaver County, PennsylvaniaLake township, Mercer County, PennsylvaniaMartic township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Hanover township, Lehigh County, PennsylvaniaLake township, Wayne County, PennsylvaniaMaxatawny township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Hanover township, Luzerne County, PennsylvaniaLamar township, Clinton County, PennsylvaniaMayberry township, Montour County, Pennsylvania
Hanover township, Northampton County, PennsylvaniaLancaster township, Butler County, PennsylvaniaMead township, Warren County, Pennsylvania
Hanover township, Washington County, PennsylvaniaLancaster township, Lancaster County, PennsylvaniaMehoopany township, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania
Harborcreek township, Erie County, PennsylvaniaLa Plume township, Lackawanna County, PennsylvaniaMenallen township, Adams County, Pennsylvania
Harford township, Susquehanna County, PennsylvaniaLaporte township, Sullivan County, PennsylvaniaMenallen township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Harmar township, Allegheny County, PennsylvaniaLarimer township, Somerset County, PennsylvaniaMenno township, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania
Harmony township, Beaver County, PennsylvaniaLathrop township, Susquehanna County, PennsylvaniaMercer township, Butler County, Pennsylvania
Harmony township, Forest County, PennsylvaniaLatimore township, Adams County, PennsylvaniaMeshoppen township, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania
Harmony township, Susquehanna County, PennsylvaniaLausanne township, Carbon County, PennsylvaniaMetal township, Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Harris township, Centre County, PennsylvaniaLawrence township, Clearfield County, PennsylvaniaMiddlebury township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Harrison township, Allegheny County, PennsylvaniaLawrence township, Tioga County, PennsylvaniaMiddlecreek township, Snyder County, Pennsylvania
Harrison township, Bedford County, PennsylvaniaLawrence Park township, Erie County, PennsylvaniaMiddlecreek township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Harrison township, Potter County, PennsylvaniaLeacock township, Lancaster County, PennsylvaniaMiddle Paxton township, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
Hartley township, Union County, PennsylvaniaLebanon township, Wayne County, PennsylvaniaMiddlesex township, Butler County, Pennsylvania
Hatfield township, Montgomery County, PennsylvaniaLeBoeuf township, Erie County, PennsylvaniaMiddlesex township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Haverford township, Delaware County, PennsylvaniaLeet township, Allegheny County, PennsylvaniaMiddle Smithfield township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania
Haycock township, Bucks County, PennsylvaniaLehigh township, Carbon County, PennsylvaniaMiddle Taylor township, Cambria County, Pennsylvania
Hayfield township, Crawford County, PennsylvaniaLehigh township, Northampton County, PennsylvaniaMiddletown township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Hazle township, Luzerne County, PennsylvaniaLehigh township, Wayne County, PennsylvaniaMiddletown township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Heath township, Jefferson County, PennsylvaniaLehman township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

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