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Akron: Transportation

Approaching the City

The Akron-Canton Airport is located just south of Akron proper and is accessed by Interstate 77. The airport offers a range of commercial flight options, with carriers such as AirTran, Delta, Frontier, Northwest, United, and US Airways Express. The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport 40 miles north of Akron provides another air option, with flights serving all regions of the U.S. and the globe. Amtrak supplies passenger train service to the area.

A number of interstate, U.S. and state highways intersect in Akron, making the city easily accessible by road. Interstates 71, 76, and 77 all pass near or through the city, and U.S. highway 224 cuts a north-south swath through its heart. State highways 18, 21, and 8 aid travelers in entering Akron. Greyhound bus service provides ground transportation to supplement personal vehicle travel.

Traveling in the City

Market Street runs from the northwest to the southeast through the center of Akron, where it is intersected at almost a 90-degree angle by Main Street as it runs from the northeast to the southwest edge of the city. These streets make good navigational reference points in a city where several of the arterials are not constructed on a grid but rather radiate out from the city center like spokes in a wheel. Interstate 76 and state highway 8 also can guide travelers within Akron.

Bus service within the city is provided by the Metro Transit Authority, with an extensive route system and customized transportation options for senior or disabled riders. Taxi companies supplement the mass transit services. The CanalWay offers safe bike passage to portions of Akron, and the city is in the process of implementing a 20-year strategic plan that will allow for creation of more bike lanes and increased options for alternative transportation.