Columbus: Transportation

Approaching the City

Twenty-one commercial domestic and international airlines schedule daily flights into Port Columbus International Airport, which recently underwent a $92 million improvement to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2005. Port Columbus, just eight minutes from downtown, is serviced by 21 airlines and has more than 350 arrivals and departures daily. Ricken-backer International Airport also services the Columbus area. General aviation facilities are provided at Bolton Field.

Two interstate highways—north-south I-71 and east-west I-70—intersect in the city; I-270 serves as a bypass, and I-670 is a downtown innerbelt. Several other major highways provide convenient access into and out of Columbus.

Traveling in the City

Columbus streets conform to a grid pattern, the principal thoroughfares being Broad Street (U.S. 40/62) and High Street (U.S. 23 south of I-70), which form the main downtown intersection and divide north-south streets and east-west avenues. Efficient traffic flow into the center city permits commuting time of no more than 45 minutes from outlying areas.

The public bus system is operated by Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA).