Dayton: Communications

Newspapers and Magazines

Established in 1808 and merged with the Journal Herald in 1988, the Dayton Daily News is the city's daily morning newspaper. More than 20 suburban newspapers plus local college and university publications circulate weekly. Special-interest magazines published in Dayton cover such subjects as religion, African American culture, and management.

Television and Radio

Dayton is the primary center for television and radio north of Cincinnati in southwestern Ohio. Six television stations—four commercial affiliates and two public—broadcast from Dayton; cable service is available. Sixteen AM and FM radio stations schedule a variety of programs such as jazz, gospel, Celtic and folk, African American, contemporary, and classical music, educational features, and news.

Media Information: Dayton Daily News, Dayton Newspapers Inc., 45 South Ludlow Street, Dayton, OH 45402; telephone (937)222-5700

Dayton Online

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