Grand Forks: Municipal Government

Grand Forks has been a home rule city since 1970; it was the first city in the state to adopt home rule. Home rule means that cities may act on local matters without going to the state legislature for specific authority.

Grand Forks has a mayor-council form of government. The mayor and 14 councilpersons representing 7 wards or districts in the city are elected to four-year terms. The formal powers of the mayor of Grand Forks are limited. The mayor presides over city council meetings but can vote only if there is a tie. The mayor can veto actions of the council.

Head Official: Mayor Michael R. Brown (since 2000; current term expires June 2008)

Total Number of City Employees: 517 (2004)

City Information: City Hall, 255 North 4th St. PO Box 5200, Grand Forks, ND 58206-5200; telephone (701)746-2607; fax (701)787-3773