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Indianapolis: Communications

Newspapers and Magazines

The major daily newspaper in Indianapolis is the morning The Indianapolis Star. The Indianapolis Business Journal, the Indianapolis Recorder, a newspaper with an African American focus, and several neighborhood and suburban newspapers are published weekly. Indianapolis Monthly is a magazine featuring articles on local and state topics.

A number of magazines and special-interest journals are published in the city. Among the nationally-known magazines are The Saturday Evening Post, Jack and Jill, and Humpty Dumpty's Magazine. Quill, a magazine for journalists and journalism students, is published nine times per year. Topics covered by other Indianapolis-based publications include art, religion, medicine, nursing, law, education, pets, and gymnastics.

Television and Radio

Ten television and four cable stations broadcast from Indianapolis. The city is served by 6 AM and 12 FM radio stations providing a variety of formats such as classical, jazz, public radio, adult contemporary, country, and talk.

Media Information: The Indianapolis Star, 307 North Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204; telephone (317)444-4000; toll-free (800)669-7827

Indianapolis Online

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