Overland Park: Communications

Newspapers and Magazines

Since 1880, The Kansas City Star has been delivering the news to eastern Kansas, with coverage of local, regional, national, and world events. The Star publishes three editions daily, including one edition specific to Johnson County. Business news, sports and entertainment are featured daily in the paper.

A number of special interest and religious newspapers are produced in the Overland Park-Kansas City area. Targeted audiences for local magazines include seniors, farmers, alternative health treatment seekers, computer buffs, the business community, and sports coaches.

Television and Radio

Overland Park tends to rely on Kansas City for its radio and television services. The local airwaves carry a variety of news, talk radio, sports and Christian programming on the AM frequency. FM radio locally offers alternative rock, National Public Radio, oldies, classical, country, Christian, and much more. One AM and one FM station broadcast directly from Overland Park.

Television stations broadcast from Kansas City and available in Overland Park include the networks of CBS, NBC and ABC, along with UPN, PAX and the WB. Public television, University of Kansas and Christian channels are also offered.

Media Information: Overland Park Convention and Visitors Bureau, 9001 W. 110 Street, Suite 100, Overland Park, KS 66210; toll-free (800)262-7275

Overland Park Online

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