Harrisburg: Transportation

Approaching the City

Harrisburg International Airport (HIA), eight miles south of Center City, offers 7 major airlines to 13 domestic stops along with one international destination as well as short-hop commuter service. Services at HIA, operating under the Susquehanna Area Regional Airport Authority (SARAA), continue to expand to accommodate increasing traffic (about 750,000 enplanements per year). Also under SARAA's ownership is the Capital City Airport, which is available for charters and business and pleasure craft. Philadelphia International Airport, 100 miles from Harrisburg, may be the most convenient destination for visitors flying in from distant locations.

Harrisburg is easily accessible by car. Interstate highways 76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike), 78, 81, and 83 cross in the region and connect it to major metropolitan areas. Other major highways are U.S. 11, 15, 22, 322, and 422.

Amtrak's main east-west line carries passengers into the restored Harrisburg Transportation Center (formerly the 1884 Pennsylvania Railroad Station) on 16 daily departures. The center is a hub for a planned light-rail, commuter transit system and a cross-state high-speed rail line. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) provides commuter and high-speed rail service out of Philadelphia. Bus lines carrying passengers into the region from other locales include Greyhound, Fullington Trailways, and Capitol Trailways. Capital Area Transit provides local bus service.

Traveling in the City

Harrisburg's downtown Center City comprises the original 80-acre borough laid out in a grid pattern by John Harris in 1785. East-west streets are named and north-south streets are numbered. Market Street, running east-west, is the dividing point between north and south street designations. Sightseeing is probably best done on foot downtown and by car or bicycle elsewhere. The Capitol Area Transit (CAT) maintains 67 buses for 26 regular routes along with four express routes for 2.1 million annual riders.