Lancaster: Communications

Newspapers and Magazines

Lancaster Newspapers, Inc., provides citizens with the Intelligencer Journal in the mornings Sunday through Friday, the Lancaster New Era in the afternoons Monday through Saturday, and the Sunday News. Although all three newspapers are owned by the same corporation, they have completely separate staffs and the publications actively compete with each other. La Voz Hispana, a bimonthly, tabloid-sized newspaper, caters to Lancaster's Hispanic and Latino communities with local, national, and international news and events written in both Spanish and English.

Television and Radio

Two AM and seven FM radio stations are based in Lancaster, with reception from Philadelphia and other cities in the state. One radio station is college-owned, and one presents Hispanic programs. Two television stations, Channel 15 and Channel 8, broadcast from Lancaster as well.

Media Information: Lancaster Newspapers, Inc., P.O. Box 1328, Lancaster, PA 17608; telephone (717)291-8622

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