Philadelphia: Communications

Newspapers and Magazines

Philadelphia's major daily newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, circulates as a morning edition. The Philadelphia Daily News is distributed every evening except Sunday. The Philadelphia Spotlite, published weekly, focuses on visitor information and entertainment. Well over a hundred scholarly journals are published in Philadelphia, including publications of the Philadelphia Historical Society; several law journals are published in the city as well.

Television and Radio

Philadelphia is served by seven television stations and at least three cable operations. Stations originating in New York and New Jersey, and in nearby communities, are also accessible to Philadelphia viewers, as is cable service. Thirteen AM and FM radio stations broadcast a wide variety of radio programming ranging from classical to hard rock, gospel, Caribbean, big band, and jazz.

Media Information: Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News, 400 North Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19101; telephone (215)548-2000

Philadelphia Online

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