Biloxi: Health Care

Biloxi has two hospitals, while the entire Gulf Coast region has seven general hospitals with more than 2,450 beds. Services at the Biloxi Regional Medical Center, which has 153 beds, include a cardiac intensive care unit, an emergency department, an outpatient care center, HIV services, a medical surgical intensive care unit, a neonatal intensive care unit, oncology services, pediatric intensive care, physical rehabilitation, psychiatric care, and a radiation department. The Gulf Coast Medical Center, with 144 beds, offers a variety of services including outpatient care, geriatric services, a medical-surgical intensive care unit, outpatient surgery, and psychiatric care. The Veterans Affairs Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System consists of two hospital divisions—one of which is located in Biloxi—and three outpatient clinics to serve veterans in seven counties in Mississippi, four counties in Alabama, and seven counties in Florida. Keesler Medical Center, the second largest medical treatment facility in the Air Force, treats more than 52,000 active duty and retirees in the area and houses the only genetics laboratory in the U.S. Department of Defense. Cedar Lake Medical Park is privately owned by physicians and offers a variety of medical services.