Jacksonville: Transportation

Approaching the City

Jacksonville International Airport (JIA), only minutes from the central business district, recently expanded its passenger terminal and expects to service more than 8 million passengers annually by the year 2009. Most major airlines provide more than 230 flights in and out of the city every day. In addition to JIA, Jacksonville has two general aviation facilities, Craig Airport and Herlong Airport, which facilitate travel by private or corporate aircraft. Amtrak offers rail service.

Drivers approach Jacksonville via three major interstates that lead to the city (I-10, I-95 and I-295); U.S. Highways 1, 17, 90 and 301 also traverse the city. Beltways built around the city and main arteries linked to key locations make all parts of Jacksonville easily accessible.

Traveling in the City

The St. Johns River bisects the city and traveling across one or several bridges is commonplace. Seven bridges span the river within Duval County and the Intracoastal Waterway, and the area's many tributaries are crossed by dozens of small bridges. Local bus transportation is provided by the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA). The Park-N-Ride service permits commuters to park in one of the JTA's outlying lots and ride the bus downtown. Community Transportation Services offers door-to-door transportation for the handicapped. The downtown area is also served by JTA's Automated Skyway Express, a monorail system.