Miami: Communications

Newspapers and Magazines

Miami's major daily newspaper, the morning The Miami Herald is supplemented by two Spanish-language dailies, El Nuevo Patria and Diario Las Americas, a Spanish-language weekly, El Nuevo Herald (Sunday), and the Daily Business Review. The Miami Times is an African American community newspaper. Miami Today is a weekly newspaper aimed at upper management. New Times of Miami is an alternative news and arts weekly. Among the more than 50 newspapers and magazines published in Miami are the Spanish-language version of Harper's Bazaar, Hombre Internacional, and TV y Novelas, which covers the lifestyles of Spanish-language soap opera stars.

Television and Radio

Television stations broadcasting from Miami include seven network-affiliated stations, two public broadcasting stations, one independent, and one commercial station. Cable television service is also available throughout Miami-Dade County. Seventeen AM and FM radio stations broadcasting from Miami present programming ranging from popular, easy listening, country, rock and roll, jazz, and classical music to news, sports, religious and educational programs, and talk shows; several stations serve the special interests of African Americans and Spanish-language listeners.

Media Information: The Miami Herald, Knight-Ridder Inc., 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, FL 33132-1693; telephone (305)350-2111

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