Boulder: Communications

Newspapers and Magazines

Boulder is served by two daily newspapers, the morning Daily Camera and the morning Colorado Daily. Boulder Weekly is a free, alternative newspaper, and the Boulder County Business Report focuses on economic, industrial, and business news every other week. The Campus Press, written by and for students of the University of Colorado at Boulder, is distributed each Thursday. Boulder's love of outdoor sports is reflected in some of the nationally distributed magazines published in the city, including Inside Triathlon, Ski, Skiing, and the competitive bicycling magazine VeloNews. Other publications include Delicious Living! and Soldier of Fortune, as well as a number of several scholarly journals and trade publications.

Television and Radio

Five television stations broadcast to Boulder audiences, three representing the major commercial networks and two independent stations; cable service is available. Two AM and two FM radio stations broadcast alternative/new music, public radio, and University of Colorado programming.

Media Information: Daily Camera, 1048 Pearl St., Boulder, CO 80302; telephone (303)442-1202

Boulder Online

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