Boulder: Geography and Climate

Boulder lies in a wide basin beneath Flagstaff Mountain just a few miles east of the continental divide and about 30 miles west of Denver. The large Arapahoe glacier provides water for a number of mountain streams that pass through Boulder, including Boulder Creek, which flows through the center of the city. The climate in Boulder is typically mild with dry, moderate summers and relatively comfortable winters. The city boasts more than 300 sunny days each year. Nearby mountains shield Boulder from the most severe winter storms. Most precipitation occurs during the winter and spring months, with snowfall averaging 83.1 inches.

Area: 25.37 square miles (2002)

Elevation: 5,340 feet above seal level

Average Temperatures: January, 32.8° F; July, 73.2° F; annual average, 51.8° F

Average Annual Precipitation: 102.13 inches (83.1 inches of snow)