Cheyenne: Transportation

Approaching the City

The major routes into Cheyenne are Interstate 25, which runs north and south contiguous with U.S. 85 and 87; east-west I-80; and U.S. 30, which bisects the city southwest to east. Highway 85 provides access from the north- and southeast.

Great Lakes Airlines, operated out of Cheyenne Regional Airport, operates daily shuttle flights to Denver International Airport. From there travelers may connect to flights around the world. Shuttle service from the Denver Airport is available. Casino Express operates monthly gambling excursion flights to Elko, Nevada. Rail transportation is provided by Amtrak, and commercial bus service is available from points throughout Wyoming.

Traveling in the City

The Cheyenne Transit Program is Cheyenne's city-operated bus system. It serves Cheyenne and surrounding areas. The Cheyenne Street Railway takes visitors through the downtown and historic districts and to the air force base from midMay through mid-September. Occasionally the governor will greet riders as they pass his residence.