Denver: Geography and Climate

Denver is situated in the high plains at the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, which protect the city from severe winter weather. These mountains, reaching higher than 14,000 feet, are the dominant feature of the area. The South Platte River bisects the city, and many creeks, small lakes, and reservoirs grace the metropolitan area. Denver's climate is semiarid and relatively mild, with more sunny days than either Miami, Florida or San Diego, California. Although visitors must make some adjustment to the high altitude, they find that the area's low humidity makes even the highest and lowest temperatures seem less extreme.

Area: 153 square miles (2000)

Elevation: 5,332 feet above sea level

Average Temperatures: January, 30.1° F; August 72.0° F; annual average, 50.0° F

Average Annual Precipitation: 15.81 inches