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Honolulu: Communications

Newspapers and Magazines

Honolulu's daily newspapers are The Honolulu Advertiser and the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. There are also several non-English papers serving Honolulu. Honolulu Magazine features topics and events of local interest. Among the nearly 50 periodicals published in Honolulu are Bamboo Ridge, The Hawaii Writers' Quarterly, a literary magazine; Biography, a journal acting as a forum for learned articles dealing with life-writing; Building Management Hawaii and China Review International. Business publications include Hawaii Business and Pacific Business News.

Television and Radio

Eleven commercial television stations and one public station broadcast from Honolulu; cable service is also available. Thirty-five FM and AM radio stations broadcast in Honolulu; several offer multilingual programming.

Media Information: The Honolulu Advertiser, telephone (808)525-8090; fax (808)525-8037. Honolulu Star-Bulletin, telephone (808)529-4747; fax (808)529-4750

Honolulu Online

Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii. Available www.coc

City and County of Honolulu. Available

Hawaii Department of Education. Available

Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. Available

Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau. Available

Honolulu Advertiser. Available

Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Available

Oahu Visitors Bureau. Available

Social and economic trends. Available

State of Hawaii. Available

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