Portland: Municipal Government

Portland is the last large city in the United States to operate under a commission form of government, with five council members, including the mayor, elected to staggered four-year terms. Each member casts an equal vote in council and each undertakes administrative responsibilities for a group of city bureaus. The mayor receives the authority to make budget assignments and traditionally proposes the annual budget for council approval; otherwise, governing power is invested in the council as a whole.

Portland is also home to the nation's only directly elected regional government. The body, known as Metro, controls growth by wielding authority over land use, transportation, and environment.

Head Official: Mayor Tom Potter (D) (since 2005, current term expires 2009)

Total Number of City Employees: 7,659 (2005)

City Information: Portland City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 110, Portland, Oregon 97204; telephone (503)823-6868; email cityinfo@ci.portland.or.us