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Santa Ana

Santa Ana: Introduction
Santa Ana: Geography and Climate
Santa Ana: History
Santa Ana: Population Profile
Santa Ana: Municipal Government
Santa Ana: Economy
Santa Ana: Education and Research
Santa Ana: Health Care
Santa Ana: Recreation
Santa Ana: Convention Facilities
Santa Ana: Transportation
Santa Ana: Communications

Santa Ana

The City in Brief

Founded: 1869 (incorporated, 1886)

Head Official: Mayor Miguel A. Pulido (since 1986)

City Population

1980: 203,713

1990: 293,827

2000: 337,977

2003 estimate: 342,510

Percent change, 1990–2000: 14.8%

U.S. rank in 1980: 69th

U.S. rank in 1990: 52nd

U.S. rank in 2000: 51st

Metropolitan Area Population

1980: 1,933,000

1990: 2,410,668

1990: 2,846,289

Percent change, 1990–2000: 18.1%

U.S. rank in 1980: 2nd (CMSA)

U.S. rank in 1990: 2nd (CMSA)

U.S. rank in 2000: 2nd (CMSA)

Area: 27.2 square miles (2000)

Elevation: 110 feet above sea level

Average Annual Temperature: 65.0° F

Average Annual Precipitation: 13.17 inches

Major Economic Sectors: Services, trade, manufacturing

Unemployment Rate: 5.8% (January 2005)

Per Capita Income: $12,152 (1999)

2002 FBI Crime Index Total: 12,038

Major Colleges and Universities: Rancho Santiago Community College

Daily Newspaper: Orange County Register; Los Angeles Times Orange County

Santa Ana