Burger King - Franklin, 1360 Armory. Dr., Franklin, VA 23851 - Fast Food Restaurant inspection findings and violations

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Restaurant: Burger King - Franklin
Address: 1360 Armory. Dr., Franklin, VA 23851
Type: Fast Food Restaurant
Phone: 757 516-2560
Total inspections: 7
Last inspection: 10/30/2015

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Inspection findings

Inspection date


Overall mixed sanitation. Mixed employee health knowledge - flyer present - review with all staff. Good handwashing good glove use, sanitizer in place at (new batch made 300 ppm Quats) and used, good overall food temperatures, with one chicken patty cooked - appeared "stuck together" and undercooked, good time as a public health control, good storage and labeling. Improved cleaning needed with most critical areas pointed out - that may lead to food contamination, flies present at least 5-6, and some equipment maintenance issues noted. Lighting over lobby self serve area for drinks napkins with 3 lights, unable to tell if shatterproof bulbs - shatterproof bulbs needed. Follow up in 1 month for maintenance issues, critical cleaning and flies and check procedure for cooking patties. All food temperatures taken with EHS thermocouple calibrated at 32.0 F.
  • Critical: Food - Packaged and Unpackaged - Separation, Packaging, and Segregation*
    Observation: The following issues noted that can lead to food contamination:
    -Uncovered food out for service - two trays of bacon and tray of cookies
    -*areas that are touched by workers while preparing sandwiches soiled and some in poor condition - unlikely able to sanitize
    -Build up of dust above sandwich preparation line

    Correction: *Food out uncovered placed in covered bins
    *Button pads and microwave buttons etc. sanitized (suggest cover damaged pads with plastic wrap and change no less than every 4 hours - more frequent with flies present until units can be repaired or replaced.
    *High cleaning cannot be done until facility closed (will check during follow up)
  • Critical: Temperature, Cooking - Raw Animal Foods* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Three chicken patties (raw frozen) placed in basket in fryer. When finished by timer - two patties almost completely on top of each other. Single patty well cooked at >199 F stem temp x 15 secs, Top patty of two together stared in 50's, up to 80's 90's then high of 119 F > 15 secs when taken apart visibly raw. Bottom patty 136 stem temp x 15 secs.
    Correction: Two remaining patties put back in fryer with > 200 stem temp x 15 secs. Third patty discarded. Discussed procedure with manager - fryer utensil that has slots and would prevent patties sticking together used for other items ie fish patties - with good final cook temperatures. Suggest using utensil with slots for cooking all raw product in fryer. Discuss with GM.
  • Equipment - Good Repair and Proper Adjustment (repeated violation)
    Observation: The following equipment noted with maintenance issues:
    *Walk in refrigerator door not completely self closing - closes most of the way then remains open about 2-4 inches if not pushed closed.
    *Walk in Freezer door not self closing.
    -Front counter lowboy refrigerator gasket not sealing and door pops back open.

    Correction: Ensure these items are repaired right away - especially walk in units then may break down if left open.
  • Equipment - Food Contact Surfaces, Nonfood Contact Surfaces, and Utensils
    Observation: Observed accumulations of encrusted grease deposits or other soil on the following food contact surfaces:
    Ordering monitors, and other items on prep line
    Oil transport cart and area where stored\
    Drain and area under drive through drink machine, etc.

    Correction: Clean these surfaces now and routinely.
  • Physical Facilities in Good Repair (repeated violation)
    Observation: Peeling paint on wood overhead in dining area above tables - and missing coving tiles, etc. in kitchen.
    Correction: Both items repeat maintenance issues. Please provide EHS with planned dates to repair. Maintain physical facilities in good repair. Poor repair and maintenance compromises the functionality of the physical facilities.
  • Pests - Controlling Pests*
    Observation: Flies present in facility: The following contributing factors seen:
    Cleaning in all areas mentioned plus items such as cords, wheels, etc.
    Trash containers without liners make harder to clean
    *Drive through window - with first staff member doing good job to keep closed when not serving customer - second member keeping open***
    Some Empty trash cans in dumpster area with some debris present - no flies seen
    Dumpster with some rotten liquid / smell - (doors and lids closed) no flies seen

    Correction: Clean all areas noted and any other items with debris. Use trash liners to avoid leaving food debris etc. in trash containers, ***Keep drive through window closed when not serving customers, Have dumpster cleaned.
Overall excellent sanitation. Observed excellent handwashing, good glove use, sanitizer in place in all work areas tested at 200 ppm Quats and used. Good employee health knowledge of symptoms and how the policy works, and refresher needed for diseases, flyer left. Good food temperatures, storage, and labeling. Good time labeling seen. Discussed eight major allergens, flyer left. Discussed upcoming requirement to post a statement that sanitation inspection reports can be viewed on Virginia Department of Health website. Facility already has several Certified Food Managers. Two to three areas, with some debris noted, front of freezer door, shelving. Increase cleaning in these areas. Overall very good cleaning and sanitizing.
No violation noted during this evaluation.
Overall excellent. Observed good glove use, food temperatures, storage, and labeling. Good time labeling in place, good employee health knowledge for symptoms and time, but staff uncertain of reportable diseases, review policy. Flyer left. Facility clean with kitchen organization and cleaning improved from past inspections. Noted additional improvements needed with floor sinks and as noted above changing drain lines to allow for adequate cleaning. Sanitizer in place in all areas at 100 ppm Cl and used. Noted good staff handwashing in all instances except staff wearing headsets adjusting sets then continuing with food preparation / service. Manager addressed during inspection and will continue training / monitoring to improve. Noted, flies in dumpster, however dumpster with no bad odor / and correctly closed. Flies can be sprayed IN the Dumpster (outside areas only) by staff.
  • Equipment - Good Repair and Proper Adjustment
    Observation: Front counter lowboy door not sealing when closed. Gasket new, but not effective.
    Correction: Replace gasket, ensure door will seal.
  • Floors, Walls, and Ceilings, Utility Lines
    Observation: Exposed horizontal drain pipes in the drive through area under the soda counter and in the dry stores area under the ice machine installed flush with the floor.
    Correction: Relocate piping so that they do not run flush with the floor that will not allow for adequate cleaning.
  • Physical Facilities in Good Repair (repeated violation)
    Observation: 1) Dining area ceiling with severely peeling paint.
    2) Areas with missing sealant and grouting in kitchen.

    Correction: 1) Refinish the ceiling. Facility planning dining area remodel next quarter, paint can wait until that time if it is not falling onto customers, food etc.
    2) Seal all open / unsealed areas.
Overall very good food safety practices with good handwashing, good glove use, clean and sanitized food prep surfaces, with 100 ppm Cl present and used, good food temperatures, labeling and storage. Noted food delivered during inspection. Currently temperatures not checked on delivery. Suggest always checking at least one refrigerated food as a representative temperature and checking frozen food to ensure food not thawing and not previously thawed and refrozen, again representative checks. Noted bacon, etc. out uncovered until placed in hot holding. Suggest always cover foods until they can be placed in hot or cold holding or used. Meat chest with all food frozen solid except 3 hamburger patties that were partially thawed, reason unknown. Closely monitor unit and have maintenance done for any further problems. Drive through worker without washing hands once before making smoothie. Handwashing sink removed to install new equipment. Closely monitor front area for handwashing and ensure hands are always washed before food preparation. Dry storeroom not checked.
  • Equipment - Food Contact Surfaces, Nonfood Contact Surfaces, and Utensils
    Observation: The following in need of cleaning noted with dust or debris build up:
    *Smoothie mixer
    *Vents, ceiling, light covers, and wall at the front counter
    *Floor under cash register
    *Floor drains / floor sinks under equipment with trash, debris and build up present
    *Drain pipes and wall under lobby drink counter with mildew build up.
    **Fan, ceiling and shelving in the Walk in Refrigerator.
    **Hood over the broiler especially the fire suppressent pipe

    Correction: Ensure cleaning done, all cleaning that may result in food contamination must be done when facility not open, food not out. Walk in refrigerator and hood over the broiler cleaning issues are not currently a food contamination risks, but if not done and maintained, will become a contamination risk.
  • Equipment, Utensils, Linens, and Single-Service and Single-Use Articles
    Observation: Single service drink lids at the drive through area stored so worker must touch inside of lid to place on cups.
    Correction: Store single service items in its original protective packaging or inverted in an approved dispenser.
  • Refuse - Cleaning Receptacles
    Observation: Bottom of dumpster heavily soiled.
    Correction: Ensure dumpster is in reasonably clean condition to prevent attraction for flies and other pests. If dumpster is changed, ensure lids and doors work and if a drain is present, that a plug is in place.
  • Physical Facilities in Good Repair (repeated violation)
    Observation: *Missing or damaged tiles, grouting and sealant noted.
    *Lobby with large areas of peeling paint.

    Correction: Repair items. Poor maintenance inhibits good cleaning, and may result in areas that harbor pests. Further deterioration may result in requirement for new floor etc. Peeling paint may fall in customers food when eating in dining area.
Follow up inspection: Overall very good.
0070- Staff training, improved, one staff member still needs card, please ensure all staff have current food handler cards.
3270: Previously, several flies present with improved cleaning needed, food needing covered. Less flies noted. Cleaning improved with additional cleaning needed under the soda machine, floor drain. Food covered. Suggest covers for buckets used for food that is discarded and for grease. If flies continue to be a problem, obtain covered trash cans with foot pedals to keep covered and prevent access by flies.
2350ii: Previously clogged floor sink. Repaired.
3170: Tiles and grouting need repaired. pending.
1570: Ice machine drain line repaired. Tiles previously missing, replaced.
NOTE: Buttons for orders not smooth and cleanable. Order new covers/buttons to have smooth cleanable surfaces.

No violation noted during this evaluation.
Overall mixed inspection. Good food temperatures, sanitizer in place at 100 and 200 ppm Cl and used, food contact surfaces clean *Discussed, ensure all equipment handles and buttons etc. that are touched in the course of food handling especially with food gloves on are cleaned and sanitized at the same time as other food contact surfaces**., **Also Discussed, until flies under control (not present), ensure all food preparation surfaces and in use utensils are sanitized much more frequently than normal. Good labeling for using time as a public health control, a written policy for using time is needed, suggest writing out basic and simple rules for using time and posting by poster listing Burger King holding times for different foods. Good date labels, good glove use and excellent handwashing observed.
  • Person in Charge (repeated violation)
    Observation: About 25% of staff do not have current Western Tidewater food handler cards, the district requirement to ensure all staff have basic food safety knowledge.
    Correction: Ensure all staff obtain current district food handler cards right away.
  • Equipment - Good Repair and Proper Adjustment
    Observation: Repair for ice machine drain started several months ago with tile removed from storeroom area and covered with plywood. Plywood still in place, and unable to be moved and area checked during inspection.
    Correction: Ensure repairs are completed immediately and floor tile replaced. Keeping plywood on the floor (in this case under a heavy shelf) allows debris and water to go under the wood, and may result in rotted material under the plywood.
  • Plumbing System Maintained in Good Repair
    Observation: Floor sink under the smoothie make area providing drainage for the 3 vat sink and smoothie blender overflows when one 3 vat sink compartment is drained even when done slowly and a little at a time.
    Correction: Ensure drain line is checked and copy of plumbing repair statement is sent to Health Department for inclusion in record. Dish water, etc, overflowing onto the floor creates a safety and sanitation problem.
  • Physical Facilities in Good Repair
    Observation: Missing and deteriorated grout noted by walk in refrigerator and freezer, behind 3 vat sink, by the CO2 area, and break room. Tiles missing or broken by walk in units and the break room.
    Correction: Ensure tiles and grout are in good condition throughout the facility. Maintain physical facilities in good repair. Poor repair and maintenance compromises the functionality of the physical facilities.
  • Physical Facilities - Cleaning Frequency and Restrictions
    Observation: Several areas need improved cleaning, especially under equipment, in floor sinks, on shelving holding equipment, under dry storeroom shelving, behind the smoothie prep area, and *ventilation covers and ceilings around ventilation covers.
    Correction: Ensure deep cleaning is done now and routinely. Ensure all ventilation covers and ceiling tiles are cleaned after facility closure and all areas below are cleaned. *Ensure ventilation covers and surrounding ceiling tiles are cleaned right away, one vent cover is located over sandwich make line and could constitute a contamination risk*.
  • Critical: Pests-Controlling Pests*
    Observation: Several flies present in the facility. Discussed the following precautions to protect food and food containers, and issues to address to reduce number of flies in facility:
    -Cover all food out for service, ie bacon on trays-cover with deli or sandwich wrap or place in covered container.
    -Ensure all food containers are stored eating surface down, or covered to prevent contamination.
    -Dumpster pad with some build up of dirt etc., ensure area is cleaned up.
    -Drive through window closed most of the time, but left open a couple of times when "getting" things for customers.
    -Some areas in facility need cleaned.

    Correction: *Covering all food out for service and ensuring all food containers are covered and properly stored done during inspection.
    *Ensure managers closely monitor the drive through window area and train staff to close window when not speaking with customers or actively serving customers.
    *Ensure thorough deep cleaning done.
    *Complete repairs and maintenance for drains
    (Dumpster in good condition, closed, reasonably clean, flies not present)
    *Consult with certified pest control operator for additional recommendations including any additional pest control measures that can be implemented.
    Flies are able to spread several food borne illnesses by contaminating food, food preparation surfaces, or food containers or utensils.
Overall excellent sanitation. Noted good handwashing, good glove use, good food temperatures and time tapes, good labeling. Facility clean and organized with sanitizer in place at 100 ppm Cl and used.
*Noted standing water on floor behind and below ice machine - have repaired. *Floor under dry storeroom shelving needs cleaned. Dry storeroom vent cover dusty, clean.
*Only one set of top holding insert pans available for the salad preparation refrigerator. Sugg: Obtain a second set as soon as possible to ensure replacement pans are readily available.
*Walk in Refrigerator door catches and must be pushed closed. Please have repaired immediately and contact EHS when completed for file documentation.

No violation noted during this evaluation.
01/10/2013Risk Factor

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