King's Seafood, 2264 Executive Dr., Hampton, VA - Restaurant inspection findings and violations

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Restaurant: King's Seafood
Address: 2264 Executive Dr., Hampton, Virginia
Total inspections: 13
Last inspection: Oct 19, 2009

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Details / Comments

  • 1150 - Repeat foil on the top of the stove burners
  • 1550 - Repeat handsink at the cookline i / 3 comp. sink not sealed with wallrestroom handsink sealant is worn / crackedsealant at the 3 comp. sink and wall is mildewing
  • 1570 - Repeat >>plastic protective wrap peeling on the left side of the upright ref,>>side of the support unit over the prep table torn by the breading table
  • 1800 - Repeat The following surfaces are not clean :>>the top of the stove at the burners >>the sides of the oven and fryers >>the back panel of the fryers >>the fryer cabinetry interior ledges ( at the doors ) >>the face of the microwave oven >>the shelving where the microwave oven is located >>the shelving under the customer service line --especially toward the handsink end>>the frame of the breading roller cart >>the frame of the unit right of the prep table outside the walk in ref, >>the gasket of the walk in ref, >>the small homestyle upright freezer gasket >>the vent hood
  • 2350 - Critical leak at the center basin of the 3 comp. sink
  • 2720 - Repeat Dumpster or outside refuse container was open or uncovered.
  • 2890 - Repeat light lens cover / panel missing over the breading table
  • 3080 - Repeat >>light out vent hood >>lack of operational lighting in the upright ref, and small homestyle upright freezer
  • 3180 - Repeat >>floors dirty throughout the facility --- in the kitchen / dining room / hall to restroom and in the storeroom - mop curb room >>doors dirty at entry to kitchen ( both sides ) and restrooms ( both side ) >>wall dirty by the mop curb
October 19, 2009Routine18Details / Comments
  • 0450 C - use of a plastic pint container as a scoop in the barrel of Old Bay spice mix
  • 0820 A 2 - Corrected During Inspection Critical breading wash on a layer of ice was 48 degrees
  • 1150 - Repeat foil lining / covering the stove burners is in tatters
  • 1550 - Repeat handsink sealant deteriorated/ handsink seperating from wall caulk of the 3 compartment sink is mildewed
  • 1570 - Repeat plastic wrap peeling on the upright reach in ref, by the ice machine oven mitt torn
  • 1800 - Repeat the following surfaces are not clean :>>the stove top and the stove burner recesses >>the back panel of the fryers >>the vent filters of the cookline >>the gasket of the walk in ref, >>the gasket of the reach in ref, ( with the Arizona beverages in it that is presently not in operation>>the fryer cabinetry handles >>gasket dirty homestyle upright small freezer >>interior door shelving both home style upright freezers >>fan cover dirty
  • 2310 - Corrected During Inspection Critical Repeat handsink by the 3 compartment sink is partially blocked / access impeeded
  • 2350 ii - Repeat 2 of 3 basins leaking at the 3 compartment sink
  • 2890 - Repeat light lens missing light fixture over breading table
  • 3080 - Repeat light out in the vent hood light not present in the small upright freezer
  • 3180 - Repeat the floor under the cookline is dirty the floor under the prep island and breading station is dirty the floor under the ice machine / reach in upright ref, is dirty the floor under the cases of ARIZONA tea cans is dirty the floor in the dining room and leading to the restroom is dirty the door of the restroom is dirty the floor drain under the drink fountain is dirty the wall behind the left gooseneck of the 3 compartment sink is dirty the air return over the reach in upright ref, / ice machine is dirty
  • 3300 - gas can observed in storeroom ..
  • 3360 - Corrected During Inspection Critical presence of home style insecticide aerosol cans
July 08, 2009Routine310Details / Comments
  • 0580 - observed removed gloves sitting at the breading container awaiting return of hands
  • 1100 - breading container is cracked
  • 1150 - Repeat foil covering stove burners in poor repair
  • 1550 - Repeat the handsink by the 3 compartment sink is not sealed with the wall
  • 1570 - Repeat ==plastic protective wrapper torn / damaged left side of the 2 door upright ref, --2 door upright freezer is not in use --torn oven mitt
  • 1730 - interior of ice machine has rust observed at the interior panel
  • 1800 - the exterior door surface of the upright freezer ( small ) is dirty
  • 2020 A (Utensils) - ladels and spoon stored incorrectly at the 3 compartment sink
  • 2310 - Corrected During Inspection Critical handsink by the 3 compartment sink access is partially blocked by storing equipment in front of the basin
  • 2720 - Repeat Dumpster or outside refuse container was open or uncovered.NOTE -- DUMPSTERS ARE SHARED WITH MULITPLE STOREFRONTS IN THE STRIP SHOPPING CENTER
  • 2890 - light lens missing ceiling fixture over the breading station
  • 3080 - upright small freezer lacks interior light light out at the cookline
  • 3180 - Repeat >>floor dirty under the fryer line and stove >>doors dirty ---restroom and kitchen entry and rear exit >>floor dirty under 3 comparttment sink
  • 3200 - vent filters dirty
April 08, 2009Routine113Details / Comments
  • 0160 - Critical Repeat Employee put on gloves, handled raw fish in batter, removed gloves, and put on new gloves to handle ready to eat lettuce and tomato without washing hands first.
  • 0610 - Bags of breader and corn meal fallen on the floor below the prep table.
  • 0790 - Repeat Chicken wings and shrimp improperly thawing in standing water and packages of frozen fish improperly thawing on prep sink drainboard.
  • 0820 A 2 - Critical Repeat Hush puppy batter on prep table shelf (55*) cold holding at improper temperature.
  • 0830 - Critical Tub of portioned coleslaw not labeled with a use-by date.
  • 1150 - Repeat Aluminum foil used to line surfaces of the stove.
  • 1550 - The handsink next to the three-compartment sink is beginning to separate from the wall.
  • 1570 - Repeat True freezer door gasket is torn and unit is currently not working.
  • 1800 - The walk-in cooler door gasket is not clean.
  • 2000 - Foil pans and lids not stored protected at cookline.
  • 2000 - Fryer lids and extra refrigerator/freezer racks stored on the floor.
  • 2350 ii - The waste drain line of the three-compartment sink is leaking.
  • 2720 - Repeat Dumpster door and lid left open--unit is SHARED with neighboring storefronts.
  • 3030 - Corrected During Inspection Paper towels not provided at the handsink next to the three-compartment sink.
  • 3180 - Repeat The floor below the fryers is not clean.
December 08, 2008Routine311Details / Comments
  • 0790 - Repeat Frozen flounder and wrapped fish are thawing at prep sink at room temperature.
  • 0820 A 2 - Corrected During Inspection Critical Jar of oysters on cart (47*) and bowl of hush puppy batter at prep table (82*) are cold holding at improper temperatures.
  • 1100 - Corrected During Inspection Wire rack insert on storage shelf is corroded.
  • 1150 - Repeat Aluminum foil lining surfaces of stove and is in poor repair.
  • 1570 - Repeat Reach-in refrigerator door gasket torn.
  • 1800 - The non-food contact surfaces are not clean:-reach-in refrigerator door gaskets-vent hood filters-foiling lining side of stove
  • 2350 ii - Corrected During Inspection The toilet is not flushing.
  • 2350 ii - Corrected During Inspection The mop sink is clogged/not draining.
  • 3020 - Soap not provided at the front counter handsink.
  • 3180 - The physical structures are not clean:-vent hood system-floors throughout foodservice area stained
August 01, 2008Routine18Details / Comments
  • 0070 - Facility lacks a registered Hampton Certified Food Manager.
  • 0140 - Critical Improper handwashing procedures observed.
  • 0160 - Corrected During Inspection Critical Repeat A food employee failed to wash hands before putting on single-use gloves.
  • 0580 - Corrected During Inspection Repeat Observed single-use gloves apparently washed and stored for reuse at the three-compartment sink.
  • 0790 - Corrected During Inspection Frozen fish and frozen crabs improperly thawing at room temperature.
  • 1150 - Aluminum foil lining non-food contact surfaces of the stove.
  • 1570 - Repeat Reach-in freezer door gasket torn.
  • 1800 - The non-food contact surfaces are not clean:-walk-in cooler door gasket-side of fryer-side of stove
  • 2720 - Repeat Dumpster door left open--unit is SHARED with surrounding shops.
  • 3200 - Intake vent cover above reach-in refrigerator and ceiling vent cover in restroom are dusty.
May 07, 2008Routine28Details / Comments
  • 0060 - Critical Facility lacks a Certified Food Manager.
  • 0220 - Corrected During Inspection Critical Repeat Personal beverage improperly stored on teh food prep table.
  • 0480 - Repeat Container of dry food not labeled.
  • 0610 - Case of lettuce stored on the walk-in cooler floor.
  • 0820 2 - Critical The following potentially hazardous foods (phfs) were cold holding at improper temperatures:-portioned coleslaw cups on ice at 47*-sliced tomatoes on ice at 48-50*-chicken wings at prep sink at 50*-batter on ice on cart at 47*
  • 1060 - Corrected During Inspection Newspaper lining cardboard box to catch grease next to fryer.
  • 1060 - Newspaper lining three-tiered breading cart.
  • 1510 - Food thermometer not provided.
  • 1570 - Reach-in freezer door gasket torn.
  • 1750 - Repeat Manufacturer containers are being re-used, i.e. observed plastic relish jars storing various dry goods.
  • 1800 - The walk-in cooler door gasket is not clean.
  • 2000 - Corrected During Inspection Styrofoam clamshells stored improperly.
  • 3180 - Repeat The floors are not clean:-below the stove and fryers-below the ice machine
  • 3330 - Corrected During Inspection Critical Chemical spray bottle not labeled.
  • 3340 - Corrected During Inspection Critical Chemical spray bottles improperly stored with food at the front counter.
February 01, 2008Routine59Details / Comments
  • 0220 - Corrected During Inspection Critical Repeat Personal beverages observed on prep table (one uncovered cup, on plastic bottle.)
  • 0480 - Bulk container of breader not labeled.
  • 0570 - Corrected During Inspection Wiping cloths improperly stored between use.
  • 0790 - Corrected During Inspection Repeat Frozen shrimp thawing by improper method, observed in a container on a cart.
  • 0820 - Critical (CORRECTED DURING INSPECTION) The following potentially hazardous items were cold holding at improper temperatures:1. Batter/breader at 56F2. Top layers of coleslaw at 47F-57F.3. Sliced tomatos top layer at 50F.
  • 1060 - Styrofoam cooler used for food storage in walk-in.
  • 1750 - Multiple scallop buckets reused for various food storage.
  • 1770 B - Soda nozzle had build-up and accumulation.
  • 1800 - The following non-food contact surfaces were not clean:1. Laminate shelf right of stove2. Walk-in cooler door gasket3. Vent hood filters
  • 1890 - Corrected During Inspection Critical Food contact surfaces not sanitized after cleaning.
  • 2000 - Utensils not stored with handles up at 3 compartment sink.
  • 2000 - Plastic cup lids at beverage counter not stored protected.
  • 2720 - Both dumpster doors left open.
  • 2740 - Dumpster enclosure not clean--litter and trash observed.
  • 2790 - Cardboad covering floor under rack in storage.
  • 2890 - Light lens/cover missing in kitchen.
  • 3180 - Repeat Floor needs cleaning between stove and fryers.
  • 3270 - Observed a few flies in the kitchen.
July 25, 2007Routine314Details / Comments
  • 0610 - Repeat Food stored on the floor or food stored less than 6" above the floor:Large round container of breading on floor
  • 0820 - Corrected During Inspection Critical Repeat Scallops, fish fillets and deviled crab were held at improper cold holding temperatures.
  • 1450 - Refrigeration facilities are not sufficient in number or capacity to meet the food storage demands of the establishment. Seafood at grill line on ice is not being kept at proper temperatures
  • 1930 - Soiled linen(apron) was found stored in a location that may directly or indirectly contaminate food or food-contact surfaces.
  • 2350 ii - Plumbing connections under the 3 compartment sink are leaking.
  • 3080 - Less than 50 foot candles of light was noted under the vent hood, one light burned out.
  • 3200 - Vent filters in the hood system are not being maintained in a clean condition.
  • 3490 - Repeat Personal items not stored properly.
March 28, 2007Follow-up17Details / Comments
  • 0220 - Critical Employees eating and drinking in kitchen
  • 0450 - Critical Employees observed handling ready-to-eat (RTE) food with their bare hands.
  • 0450 C - Souffle cups were being used to dispense food
  • 0550 - Scoop buried in flour container.
  • 0610 - Food stored on the floor or food stored less than 6" above the floor:-shelf was on floor-onions stored on floor
  • 0790 - Fish was being improperly thawed in standing water.
  • 0820 - Critical Osyters, shrimp and deviled crab were held at improper cold holding temperatures.
  • 0830 - Critical No commercially produced or prepared ready-to-eat (RTE) food in the refrigeration unit was properly dated for disposition.
  • 0960 2 - Bamboo strainer being used to hold food.
  • 0960 2 - Cardboard boxes were being re-used to store utensils and food
  • 1570 - Cabinet door under soda dispenser was observed in a state of disrepair and damaged.
  • 1700 - Critical Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer solution
  • 1770 B - Can opener blade dirty
  • 2000 - Clean pots and pans were stored on the floor
  • 2000 - Single service items observed unprotected from contamination: food wrap and napkins were stored on the floor.
  • 2310 - Critical Handsink was blocked by a bucket of crabs.
  • 3180 - Floor under fryers is dirty.
  • 3220 - Repeat Mops not hung up to air dry.
  • 3490 - Personal items not stored properly.
March 02, 2007Routine611Details / Comments
  • 1060 - Cabinets under soda dispenser has bare wood
  • 1550 - Repeat 3 compartment sink not completely sealed to wall
  • 1550 - Repeat Gap between wall and mop sink
  • 3045 - Repeat Hand wash signage inadequate
  • 3180 - Storeroom dirty
  • 3300 - Outside back door litered with lumber and other debris
January 31, 2007Pre-Opening05Details / Comments
  • 0070 - There is no City of Hampton food manager certificate
  • 0610 - Food stored in a location where it is subject to splash, dust or other contamination.
  • 1060 - bare wood under grease trap
  • 1060 - Bare wooden shelves
  • 1150 - Tape on ice machine
  • 1510 - Lack of a stem food thermometer
  • 1550 - Sinks not properly sealed to wall
  • 1570 - Interior of freezer in poor repair
  • 2660 - No trash cans at any sink
  • 2790 - The indoor ceiling material located at store room does not meet the standard of: 1. smooth, durable and easily cleanable 2. nonabsorbent
  • 3020 - Soap was not provided at the hand washing lavatory
  • 3045 - A sign or poster that notifies food employees to wash their hands is not provided at all lavatories used by food employees
  • 3080 - Insufficient lighting under hood
  • 3080 - Insufficient lighing in walk in
  • 3220 - Mops not hung up to air dry.
January 23, 2007Pre-Opening013Details / Comments

October 19, 2009 (Routine)


July 08, 2009 (Routine)


April 08, 2009 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
accurate time as control documented on coleslaw and tomato products at the cookline ( portion control cups sitting on containers that had a bed of ice in the bottom)

December 08, 2008 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
Chlorine in three-compartment sink is adequate at 50 ppm.

August 01, 2008 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
All food temperatures observed were internal temperatures. Chlorine 50 ppm in the three-compartment sink.

May 07, 2008 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
Observed two bowls of hush puppy mix at the cookline at 68*. Operator stated that the mix was just prepared and that it was about to be used to fry hush puppys. Operator stated batter had to sit until puffy for use. Advised I would discuss this procedure with the EHS food technician and recommended using time as a control to ensure product is used or discarded within 4 hours.

February 01, 2008 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
chlorine sanitizer in the three-compartment sink is adequate at 50 ppm. Due to time constraints, the typed-written report was not provided. Report to be delivered along with Korean foodsafety fact sheets next business day. Facility is smoke-free; recommended posting signage at the front door indicating facility is smoke-free.

July 25, 2007 (Routine)


March 28, 2007 (Follow-up)

Violations: Comments:
Repeated temperature violations noted for seafood at prep/grill line. If unable to maintain proper temperatures additional refrigeration equipment will be required.

March 02, 2007 (Routine)


January 31, 2007 (Pre-Opening)

Violations: Comments:
Permit to operate is issued. It will expire March 1, 2007. All violations must be corrected by that time.

January 23, 2007 (Pre-Opening)


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