Market to Market, 5611 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA - Restaurant inspection findings and violations

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Restaurant: Market to Market
Address: 5611 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, Virginia
Total inspections: 8
Last inspection: Apr 14, 2009

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Inspection Date

Inspection Type

Critical violations

Non-Critical violations

Details / Comments

  • 2-301.14(A)-(I) - Corrected During Inspection Critical A food employee failed to wash his or her hands before engaging in food preparation, after touching bare human body parts, after coughing, sneezing, eating, after handling soiled utensils, or after engaging in any activity that could contaminate the hands.
  • 2-401.11(A) - Corrected During Inspection Critical A food handler was observed drinking from an uncovered beverage container while in the kitchen.
  • 3-302.11(A)(1) - Corrected During Inspection Critical Raw animal food holding in a manner that may cause cross contamination of ready-to-eat food as follows:Observed raw sausage stored over ketchup in the True 3 door refrigerator, raw chicken over cooked meatballs in the True 2 door freezer
  • 3-501.16(A)(2)(a) - Corrected During Inspection Critical Repeat The following food item(s) were observed cold holding at improper temperatures using a calibrated food temperature measuring device:Observed sliced tomatoes at 53F, sausage gravy at 44F, imitation crabmeat at 44F, sliced ham at 53F, half and half at 49F
  • 3-501.17(A)(1) - Corrected During Inspection Critical The following ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food in the refrigeration unit is not used within 24 hours of preparation and is not properly dated for disposition within 7 days at 41F:Observed chicken quesdilla made 4.13.09 to be served 4.15.09, lunchmeat sliced 4.13.09 held for approximately two days, chicken breast prepared 4.13.09 to be served 4.15.09
  • 3-501.19(B)(1)-(4) - Corrected During Inspection Critical The following food item(s) for which time rather than temperature is being used as a control was not cooked, served or discarded by the expiration time as indicated:Observed potentially hazardous food, pasta salad, cooked chicken, sushi rolls, stored without any temperature control on the salad bar
  • 4-501.114(C) - Corrected During Inspection Critical Repeat Quaternary ammonium compound sanitizing solution used was not at an acceptable concentration.Observed no quaternary ammonia in the wet wiping buckets
April 14, 2009Critical Procedures--Details / Comments
  • 3-304.12(A)-(F) - Corrected During Inspection Dispensing and/or in-use utensils improperly stored between use as follows: Observed knives in standing water
  • 3-305.11(A)(2) - Food stored in a location where it is subject to splash, from a handwashing sink.
  • 3-501.16(A)(2)(a) - Corrected During Inspection Critical Repeat The following food item(s) were observed cold holding at improper temperatures using a calibrated food temperature measuring device:Observed Dairy Fresh half n' half creamer at 61F and skim milk at 62F
  • 3-603.11(A) - Critical A review of the menu with the foodservice operator indicates that the following food items may be served raw and/or undercooked:After reviewing with CFM the egg sandwiches are occasionally undercooked
  • 4-204.112(B) - Corrected During Inspection There was no temperature measuring device located in the following cold holding equipment:Observed no thermometer located in the True prep refrigerator - deli unit
  • 4-501.114(C) - Corrected During Inspection Critical Quaternary ammonium compound sanitizing solution used was not at an acceptable concentration. Observed 0ppm of quaternay ammonium solution in a sanitizing bucket
  • 5-202.13 - Critical An air gap between the water supply outlet and the flood rim level of the drain, of the 3 vat sanitize basin, is not observed.
  • 7-207.11(B) - Corrected During Inspection Critical Employees' medicines are not properly located to prevent contamination of food and food contact surfaces.Observed a bottle of Fiber medication on a dry food storage shelf
August 14, 2008Routine53Details / Comments
  • 3-501.17(B) - Corrected During Inspection Critical The date marking on the opened container of the following ready-to-eat, commercially processed food exceeded the manufacturer's use-by date that is based on food safety: mortadelli and ham.
  • 4-903.11 - Coffee cups were stored unprotected.
February 14, 2008Routine11Details / Comments
  • 3-302.11(A)(1) - Corrected During Inspection Critical Raw covered chicken pieces were stored adjacent to packaged deli meats in refrigeration.
  • 3-305.11(A)(3) - Corrected During Inspection Dry bread crumbs and sugar were stored in covered containers left on the floor.
  • 3-501.15(B)(1)-(2) - Corrected During Inspection Food containers for cooling chicken are arranged so as not to allow for maximum heat transfer.
  • 3-501.16(A)(2)(a) - Critical The following food item(s) were observed cold holding at improper temperatures using a calibrated food temperature measuring device: chicken salad, 47F.
  • 4-904.11(A) - Take out sandwich containers and soup bowls were not left in original packaging.
  • 6-301.14 - Observed that the sign that notifies food employees to wash their hands in restroom was absent.
June 01, 2007Critical Procedures24Details / Comments
  • 3-306.11 - Corrected During Inspection Repeat Items offered at salad bar are not covered with a protective barrier between the food item and the consumer.
  • 4-201.11 - Corrected During Inspection Open air federal case is used for the storage of unpackaged food products.
September 20, 2006Critical Procedures02Details / Comments
  • 3-302.12 - Corrected During Inspection Salt containers observed unlabeled in kitchen.
  • 3-304.12 - In use utensil observed being stored in standing water in between use.
  • 3-306.11 - Repeat Hot rolls offered as self serve items are not protected from contamination.
  • 3-501.16A - Corrected During Inspection Critical Repeat Sausage and potatoes were observed hot holding at temperatures below 140F.
  • 3-501.16B - Corrected During Inspection Critical Turkey and ham observed cold holding on the top portion of the 1 dr True prep at temperatures above 41F.
  • 4-202.16 - Aluminium foil observed lining cabinets, tray and food storage container. Milk crate being used for elevation under handsink.
  • 4-502.13A - Corrected During Inspection Manufacture container observed being reused to store broccoli.
  • 4-901.11A - Food storage containers observed stacked while wet over the 3-vat sink.
  • 43.1-1-5F - Repeat Noncommercial Presto cooker & steamer observed in storage closet (Household use only)
  • 43.1-3-1A - Critical Facility observed operating without a valid Health Department permit.
  • 6-501.12A - Floor noted in need of cleaning under equipment at the floor/wall juncture.
June 06, 2006Routine38Details / Comments
  • 2-401.11A - Corrected During Inspection Critical Employee drink (open container) observed on prep table where food prep was occurring.
  • 3-302.11A1 - Corrected During Inspection Critical Raw beef and chicken observed over french fries and pancakes in the prep freezer. Raw beef stored with cooked ham in reach in freezer.
  • 3-304.14B2 - Corrected During Inspection Wiping cloths observed on prep counters.
  • 3-305.11A3 - Bulk food storage containers observed stored on the floor in the kitchen.
  • 3-306.11 - Muffins, biscuits, lemons, ham and potatoes, offered as self serve items are not protected.
  • 3-501.16A - Corrected During Inspection Critical Food items on the steam table (eggs, sausage, potatoes, chipped beef, etc) observed holding at temperatures below 140F.
  • 4-101.11A - Corrected During Inspection Critical Take out bags being used to store chicken in reach in freezer.
  • 4-302.14 - Facility is using chlorine sanitizer, however there are no chlorine test strips available to test sanitizing concentration.
  • 4-903.11A - Corrected During Inspection Box of single service items (cups) observed stored directly on the floor in dry storage room.
  • 4-904.11C - Unwrapped stirrers are offered to the consumer as a self-serve item.
  • 43.1-3-4 - CFM has passed food manager's certification coarse, however they do not possess the CFM card.
  • 6-501.16 - Corrected During Inspection Mop observed not hung to dry in between us.
  • 7-201.11B - Corrected During Inspection Critical Windex and air freshener observed being stored on shelf above and next to ready-to-eat food products.
December 19, 2005Routine58Details / Comments
  • 4-501.116 - There is no chemical sanitizing test kit present to ensure the chemical sanitizing solution used is at the proper concentration.
  • 43.1-1-5F - The following items are intended for household use only and are not approved for use in a commercial food establishment:1) Presto Options Multicooker,2) Cuisinart food processor.
  • 6-202.11A - Lights bulbs in the food prep area are not covered by a protective shielding.
November 09, 2005Pre-Opening03Details / Comments

April 14, 2009 (Critical Procedures)

Violations: Comments:
Today’s inspection was to conduct a Critical Procedures inspection. Thank you for accompanying me through the inspection as your participation allows me to clarify information and identify areas where your processes may need further attention or assessment.
Literature was given to the CFM outlining cooling methods and hot and cold hold of phf.
During inspection observed that the current permit is posted in a place where customers can view. Per discussion with CFM, temperatures are taken of cold foods when received to ensure a receipt temperature of 41F or below.
It has been a pleasure to serve you today. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call 703-246-2444. Thank You.

August 14, 2008 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
The purpose of today’s inspection was to conduct a routine inspection. Thank you for accompanying me through the inspection as your participation allows me to clarify information and identify areas where your processes may need further attention or assessment.
The person in charge was able to name the Big Five Foodborne illness which are required to be reported to the Health Department. Additional copy of the Big Five Foodborne Illnesses was left with the CFM to post.
ALL inspections are available for public viewing on the State of Virginia website (
Hot water heater: same as previous inspection
Grease trap cleaning: quarterly
Pest Control service: last service 8.11.08, monthly
Consumer Advisory: not in compliance, according to the CFM undercooked eggs are served
It has been a pleasure to serve you today. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call 703-246-2444. Thank You.

February 14, 2008 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
The purpose of this visit was to conduct a routine inspection.
Review cooking, reheating, and holding temperatures with food service employees
COOKING: Poultry 165F; Ground Beef & Comminuted Meats 155F; Steaks, Seafood, Pork, and Raw Shell Eggs 145F
REHEATING: PHFs prepared on site 165F, Commercially Processed Foods 140F
HOLDING: Hot 140F+, Cold 41F-
DO NOT let food sit in the “DANGER ZONE” (41F-140F) for extended periods of time.
Food shall be stored in the refrigeration and freezer units according to cook temperature to prevent contamination. Raw food products requiring higher cook temperatures shall be stored below raw food products requiring lower cook temperatures.
BOTTOM SHELF – 165F Raw Poultry
MIDDLE SHELF – 155F Raw Ground Beef, Sausage, & Other Comminuted Meats
TOP SHELF – 145F Whole Intact Steaks, Pork, Seafood, Raw Shell Eggs.

Mark the name and "consume by" date on the container of ready-to-eat (RTE), potentially hazardous food (PHF) at the time of preparation if the food is to be held for more than 24 hours. Similarly, mark a "consume by" date on commercially processed RTE foods at the time the original container is opened. If the food is held at 41F or below the food shall be served or sold within 7 calendar, including the prep/open date. Some harmful bacteria continue to grow even at refrigeration temperatures so limiting the amount of time in storage limits the amount of growth allowed for these bacteria.
Notes -
1. Employees shall wash their hands frequently at hand sinks using warm water and soap. 2. Employees shall handle food properly using utensils and/or wearing disposable gloves that are changed often. 3. Monitor food, refrigeration and freezer temperatures. Use your calibrated thermometers to ensure food is held at 41F or below and 140F or above. 4. Discuss with your employees illnesses, diseases, and symptoms that would prevent them from coming to work (e.g. vomiting, diarrhea, fever, E.Coli, Salmonella, etc.). 8. Properly date mark food items with the “use by” date if held beyond 24 hours.
Hot Water Heater: State 15 kw and AOSmith 4.5 kw upper, 4.5 kw lower
Dishwasher: N/A
Hood System: to be contractor serviced
Grease Trap: contractor serviced; Grease barrel - contractor serviced
Consumer Advisory: N/A
Pest Control: Serviced at least monthly

June 01, 2007 (Critical Procedures)

Violations: Comments:
During the critical procedures inspection of this establishment it was noted that management was fully aware of the Food Code provision that employees are required to report certain symptoms or diagnosed illnesses to the person in charge(PIC). Also, the PIC/CFM could convey all the knowledge of an employee health policy indicating what symptoms are to be reported and when to exclude/restrict an employee from their duties OR did have access to a written policy stating what actions are necessary following a report that an employee has certain symptoms or diagnosed illnesses.
As discussed with the CFM, employees shall be RESTRICTED from working in a food service establishment when they are experiencing symptoms of sore throat, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice, and open wounds/cuts on the hands and arms, Until the employee obtains documentation from a medical professional that he/she is no longer experiencing those symptoms may they return to work. If an employee has been diagnosed with and/or been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Salmonella, Shigella, E.Coli, Hepatitis A, and Norovirus they must be EXCLUDED from working in the food service establishment until laboratory tests have confirmed they are no longer carriers of the disease.
Hot Water Heater:
Dishwasher: N/A
Grease Trap: contractor serviced.
Consumer Advisory: N/A
Pest Control: Serviced as needed.

September 20, 2006 (Critical Procedures)

Violations: Comments:
The purpose of today's visit was to conduct a complaint investigation for a possible foodbourne illness. The complaint was received by a our office on 9/19/2006. The complainant stated they had consumed salad from the salad bar on September 5 and September 12 at 1:30pm. They later became ill with abdominal pain and diarrhea at approximately 3:30pm. Additionally, this also occurred in August. The suspect food item consisted of lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, an avocado dip and shrimp salad. Please review the information collected from today's investigation.
1. The CFM was unaware of the complaint and has not received any other complaints regarding this matter. Additionally, no other complaints have been received by the building's Health & Safety officer.
2. Per the CFM, no employees have been ill within the last 3 months.
3. Employee handwashing is monitored by the CFM. CFM stated employees must wash hands and change gloves after handling raw meat, using the rest-rooms and changing task. Proper handwashing and glove use was observed at the time of my visit.
4. Facility receives food products from approved suppliers (US Foods, Salvo, MS 3000). Produce is received fresh daily. Frozen shrimp are received weekly.
5. Fresh produce is used for the salad bar. Once the whole produce is received it is placed in the True refrigerator. Once needed it is washed at the prep sink with cold water, cut then placed in Federal open air case in the dining area.
Avocado sauce is made from fresh avocado and hot sauce (commercial)
Shrimp salad is made from raw frozen shrimp that are thawed under refrigeration 1 day prior to use. They are then boiled in the morning for use cooled in the refrigerator for approximately 2 hours then used to make the salad. Commercially, processed mayo is combined with cut tomato, jalapeno and celentra. On some days additional produce items may be added such as bell peppers. Assembled at 11am.
6. Per the CFM, all items leftover from the salad bar are discarded at the end of the day.
7. The facility serves approximately 100 patrons daily for lunch 11am-2:30pm. The facility closes at 3 pm.
8. At the time of my visit all handwashing stations were properly stocked and well maintained.
9. All refrigeration units and freezer used to store the products were found to be working properly.
10. Proper food storage was observed in all refrigeration units. However, the salad bar items are being offered to the consumer, uncovered in an open air display case.
11. The facility is following proper warewashing procedures. Quat ammonia is the sanitizer.
12. Chemicals are properly stored.
13. All cut fruit currently in the display case was found at proper temperatures.
Based on the information collected and the lack of scientific evidence the complaint can not be confirmed at this time. Management has agreed NOT to offer the salad bar items as self serve. The kitchen staff will package product and place in covered single service containers for patrons in the Federal display case.
Please contact the Health Department with other complaints relating to this matter.
Thank you
Note: Shrimp salad was not being prepared on the date of inspection.

June 06, 2006 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
The purpose of today's visit was to conduct a routine inspection. Please review the following:
1. All remaining critical violations must be addressed immediately.
2. All non critical violations must be corrected by the next routine inspection.
3. CFM was unable to relay the Big 5 foodbourne illnesses. Please review the information sheet posted in the facility.
4. Pest control last received on 5/31/2006. No activity observed.
5. Grease trap is cleaned quarterly.
6. Sanitizer used is chlorine. Test kit provided.

December 19, 2005 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
The purpose of today's visit was to conduct a routine inspection. Please review the following:
1. All critical violations have been corrected. All remaining violations must be corrected within 90 days.
2. Employees have access to the foodbourne illness information sheet. Per the PIC, it has been reviewed with all staff.
3. Facility receives monthly pest control service. No activity observed.
4. All salads and chicken noodle soup are made fresh daily. All leftovers are discarded.
5. Time as a Public Health Control was discussed with the facility (Decision on use has not been determined at this time.)
6. Remember proper food storage in all refrigeration and freezer units: cooked products, clean vegetables/fruits, ready-to-eat food
raw shell eggs, pork, seafood
raw beef
raw chicken

November 09, 2005 (Pre-Opening)

Violations: Comments:
This visit was made to conduct a change of ownership inspection. Please review the following comments:
**Approval is hereby granted for the issuance of a Health Department permit. This inspection report shall serve as your permit unit the official permit is obtained. All outstanding violations are to be corrected within ten (10) days but no later than the time of your first inspection (approximately thirty (30) days). No equipment additions/replacement/changes are allowed without Health Department approval.**

Hot water heater: State SSE80 which uses 15 kW to produce 75 GPH of 120F water at an 80F rise. (NSF rated)
Dishmachine: N/A
Sanitizer: Quaternary Ammonia
Grease trap cleaning: Weekly
Vent hood cleaning: Every 6 months
Pest Control service: Monthly
Seating: 20 (Non smoking) (2 Public restrooms)
Consumer Advisory: N/A

Maintain all invoices on grease trap cleaning and Professional Pest Control Company services.

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