New Top's China Restaurant, 7111 Staples Mill Road, Richmond, VA 23228 - Fast Food Restaurant inspection findings and violations

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Restaurant: New Top's China Restaurant
Address: 7111 Staples Mill Road, Richmond, VA 23228
Type: Fast Food Restaurant
Phone: 804 266-8880
Total inspections: 13
Last inspection: 03/31/2016

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Inspection findings

Inspection date


Try to organize and clean up shelves with tools or other items not used very often. Permit issued.
  • Person in Charge
    Observation: Customers reusing tableware at the self-service salad bar or buffet.
    Correction: Ensure consumers are notified that clean tableware is to be used when they return to self-service areas.
  • Food Storage Containers - Identified with Common Name of Food
    Observation: Unlabeled food containers.(cornstarch)
    Correction: Label working containers with the common name of its contents. Consumers may be allergic to certain foods or ingredients. The mistaken use of an ingredient when the consumer has requested that it not be used may result in severe medical consequences. Liquid foods and granular foods may resemble cleaning compounds. The mistaken use of food from an unlabeled container could result in chemical poisoning.
  • Food Storage - Clean and Dry Location
    Observation: Food stored on the floor or food stored less than 6" above the floor in freezer.;Elevate food storage onto approved shelving with minimum 6" legs or casters.
  • Critical: Food - Potentially Hazardous Food - Cold Holding* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Shrimp was found at 58 F while prepping.
    Correction: Take steps to keep foods at proper temperature at all times. Either work with smaller quantities or with shrimp you may put ice in both containers to maintain 41 F or below. Shrimp was placed into walk in.
  • Single-Service and Single-Use Articles, Use Limitation (corrected on site)
    Observation: Cardboard box was observed reused for the storage of cut up broccoli.
    Correction: Discontinue the reuse of single-use containers for food storage. Provide approved reusable food storage containers designed for your food storage needs. PIC transferred broccoli to a plastic tub.
  • Plumbing System Maintained in Good Repair (repeated violation)
    Observation: Faucet in men's room is loose.
    Correction: Tighten.
  • Outer Openings - Protected
    Observation: Outer opening of the food establishment is not protected against entry of insects and rodents. Screen door is torn.
    Correction: Protect the food establishment against the entry of insects and rodents by 1. Filling or closing holes and other gaps along floors, walls, and ceilings, 2. Closed, tight fitting windows, and 3. Solid, self-closing, tight-fitting doors. Insects and rodents are vectors of disease-causing microorganisms which may be transmitted to humans by contamination of food and food-contact surfaces. Repair screen door.
  • Lighting, Intensity
    Observation: Insufficient light in back storeroom.
    Correction: Provide a brighter bulb.
Your permit expires in April 2016. The next inspection will be a full routine inspection.
  • Critical: Cooling* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Egg rolls found on counter at 77-106 F. These were cooling improperly.
    Correction: Cool from 135 to 70 within 2 hours. Then you have 4 more hours to reach 41 F. Do not wait until all egg rolls are done to place first pan in the refrigerator. PIC relocated all to walk in.
  • Critical: Time as a Public Health Control* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Wings and Gen Tso's chicken were placed back into refrigerator after setting on counter for time control. The time marked indicated 2 PM. I was told chicken had been placed on counter at 1:30 PM.
    Correction: Proper time control was discussed with owner. Instruct workers to change the time every time they place new product on counter. You have up to 4 hours to hold out of temperature but you cannot return to refrigerator. If you place inside refrigerator it must adhere to the initial time control. Please share this information with every worker.
  • Handwashing - Using a Handwashing Lavatory (corrected on site)
    Observation: The handwashing facility located in the facility was blocked, preventing access by employees for easy handwashing.
    Correction: Access to the handwashing facility identified above is to be available during all hours of operation. Remove the chair preventing its use.
12/16/2015Risk Factor
Training DVD on handwashing shown to three workers in Mandarin.
No violation noted during this evaluation.
Hood system was just cleaned yesterday. Exterior of walk in doors are clean. Improvement needed with dating foods. Pull old dates off containers. When removing food from freezer be sure to date them. Review the importance of handwashing will all workers. Your handsink is up front by front counter so workers must walk from back prep area to wash hands. Be sure they are doing this. Permit issued.
  • Critical: Date Marking - Ready-to-Eat - Potentially Hazardous Food - Date Marking*
    Observation: The prepared ready-to-eat (RTE) tofu, bourbon chicken, ribs, pork, cheese wonton in the refrigeration unit are not properly dated for disposition.
    Correction: Mark the name and "consume by" date on the container of RTE foods at the time of preparation if the food is to be held for more than 24 hours. If the food is held at 41°F or below the food shall be served or sold within 7 calendar days. Some harmful bacteria continue to grow even at refrigeration temperatures so limiting the amount of time in storage limits the amount of growth allowed for these bacteria.
  • Nonfood-Contact Surfaces - Corrosion Resistant/Nonabsorbent (repeated violation)
    Observation: The nonfood contact surface of the cardboard found on shelves and inside refrigerator and under cutting board and wooden shelf by 3-c sink is not corrosion resistant, nonabsorbent, and/or smooth.
    Correction: Nonfood contact equipment that is exposed to splash, spillage, food soiling, or requires frequent cleaning must be smooth, durable, and nonabsorbent.
  • Responsibilities of Owner or Proprietor
    Observation: Absence of no-smoking signs or international no-smoking signs in non-smoking area.
    Correction: Post of no-smoking signs or international no-smoking signs in non-smoking area. These can be found online at
  • Equipment - Food Contact Surfaces, Nonfood Contact Surfaces, and Utensils
    Observation: Observed accumulations of dust, dirt, food residue or other debris on the following nonfood-food contact surfaces: can opener holder.
    Correction: Maintain nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment clean.
  • Equipment - Non-Food Contact Surfaces and Utensils (corrected on site)
    Observation: Can opener found soiled.
    Correction: PIC pulled can opener and placed into 3-c sink to be cleaned.
  • Plumbing System Maintained in Good Repair
    Observation: Men's room faucet is loose.
    Correction: Tighten.
  • Handwashing Cleanser - Availability (corrected on site)
    Observation: Soap was not provided at the hand washing lavatory in the kitchen.
    Correction: Hand soap must be provided at all hand washing lavatories to encourage proper hand washing. Hand cleanser must always be present to aid in reducing microorganisms and particulate matter found on hands.
Remove old foil from surfaces. Do not reuse cans for food storage. Do not reuse blue plastic bags. do not place cut up broccoli back into cardboard box. Provide test kit for chlorine.
  • Critical: Eating, Drinking, or Using Tobacco* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Open drinks in kitchen.
    Correction: Personal drinks to have lids and straws. Corrected.
  • Critical: Food - Packaged and Unpackaged - Separation, Packaging, and Segregation* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Raw chicken wings stored over cooked spare ribs.
    Correction: Corrected.
  • Critical: Food - Potentially Hazardous Food - Cold Holding* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Egg foo yung nested above food in make table at 44 F.
    Correction: Pic discarded. Do not nest foods.
  • Critical: Time as a Public Health Control*
    Observation: Gen Tso's chicken 56 F and wings 62 F found on counter. These are being held on time control but time is not being tracked.
    Correction: You must keep track of time. You have a maximum of 4 hours and then it is to be discarded.
  • Handwashing - Using a Handwashing Lavatory (corrected on site)
    Observation: Blocked handsink.
    Correction: Keep accessible. Corrected.
12/23/2014Risk Factor
Good job with facility cleanliness! Keep up the good work.
Discussed employee health requirements - info is posted for workers use.
Chlorine in 3rd sink is a little strong today. Make sure to keep at 50-100ppm - use your test strips to check concentration.
Good employee handwashing practices observed.
Discussed water bottles on shelf in kitchen. If these are employee's drinks the employee must leave the work area to consume from bottle and wash hands upon return to work. Drinks consumed while working must be in a covered cup with a straw.

  • Critical: Equipment - Food Contact Surfaces, Nonfood Contact Surfaces, and Utensils* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Food container in the (fried) rice warmer was not cleaned after use before reuse - visible dried on food in container.
    Correction: Employee cleaned and sanitized container.
08/25/2014Risk Factor
Good handwash practices observed. Facility sanitation is good.
  • Critical: Cooling* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Chicken cooked last night is still 45°F at the bottom of the deep container. Container is sitting on cardboard at the bottom of a cooler that has the fan at the top.
    Correction: PIC discarded chicken that was improperly cooled. Cool from 135°F to <42°F in 6 hours or less and from < 135°F to <71°F within 2 hours. Cool TCS foods in shallow layers (on a sheet pan) in the walk in cooler. Do not set hot containers on cardboard or solid surfaces.
  • Critical: Food - Potentially Hazardous Food - Cold Holding* (corrected on site)
    Observation: TCS foods held in pan on top of pans in top of prep cooler are >41°F. Chicken, cooked yesterday, is 55.2°F and Shrimp, cooked yesterday, 50°F.
    Correction: PIC discarded the cooked shrimp and cooked chicken. Do not store food containers above the refrigeration line of the cooler. Do not line refrigerator shelves with solid materials such as cardboard or foil as they inhibit the flow of air in the cooler. Unit temp needs to be a little cooler to keep the foods on the top <41°F.
05/15/2014Risk Factor
Facility sanitation has improved since last inspection.
  • Critical: Hands and Arms Cleaning Procedure* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Employee washed hands with cold water and no soap for less than 10 seconds.
    Correction: Explained requirement to employee who then washed his hands with warm water and soap for 15-20 seconds.
  • Critical: Hands - When to Wash* (corrected on site) (repeated violation)
    Observation: Employee handled telephone then returned to food prep without washing her hands.
    Correction: Explained requirement to employee who then washed her hands. Observed employee wash her hands after each phone call or other task before returning to food prep.
  • Cloths - Wiping Cloths - Use Limitation
    Observation: Several wet cloths on surfaces.
    Correction: Store wet wiping cloths in sanitizer solution between uses.
  • Tableware - Using Clean Tableware for Second Portions and Refills
    Observation: Customer ate out of take out container then returned to buffet and refilled same container.
    Correction: Buffet is to be monitored by an employee. Customers are to use new container for seconds or refills.
  • Nonfood-Contact Surfaces - Corrosion Resistant/Nonabsorbent
    Observation: Cardboard and foil used to cover nonfood contact surfaces.
    Correction: Remove cardboard and foil. Surfaces to be durable, nonabsorbent and easily cleanable.
  • Equipment - Good Repair and Proper Adjustment
    Observation: Prep top repaired with tape. Dining room table bases are in poor condition.
    Correction: Repair with approved materials. Repair so they can be cleaned.
  • Premises - Maintaining Premises - Unnecessary Items and Litter
    Observation: Premises has accumulation of clutter at front counter.
    Correction: Maintain the premise free of clutter.
  • Critical: Hands - When to Wash*
    Observation: Employee was talking on phone while preparing food. Employee did not wash hands after talking on telephone before continuing food prep.
    Correction: Employees must wash hands after talking on phone or other activities that may have contaminated the hands before returning to food prep activities.
  • Critical: Hands - Preventing Contamination from Hands* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Employee used container with no handle to scoop rice out of cooker onto customer's plate.
    Correction: Use a utensil with a handle to avoid bare hand contact with the ready to eat rice.
  • Critical: Food Contact with Equipment and Utensils* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Employee used tongs that were in contact with raw beef to hold cooked chicken while chopping it.
    Correction: Corrected by returning chicken to deep fryer to "recook" it before serving it.
  • Critical: Equipment - Food Contact Surfaces, Nonfood Contact Surfaces, and Utensils* (repeated violation)
    Observation: Interior surface of rice cooker lid is not clean.
    Correction: Clean and sanitize all food contact parts of the cooker before reuse.
11/13/2013Risk Factor
Investigation of complaint alleging that on 8/16 complainant's take out order of fried rice included a dead fly - photo attached. No reports/complaints from customer(s) about flies. I did not observe flies in facility today. Manager reports upset customer complained about cashier being rude on that same day - the gave complainant a credit ($$). When owners looked at phot they said it did not come from their establishment: photo has egg in it and their fried rice isn't made with egg.
No violation noted during this evaluation.
Good date marking - make sure to write down times for time controls. Need some general cleaning - get rid of old papers/boxes and stuff and clean nonfood contact areas also.
  • Critical: Food - Potentially Hazardous Food - Cold Holding* (corrected on site)
    Observation: TCS food in homestyle refrigerator >41 degrees. Found egg rolls and raw meat at 52 degrees. Employee says that unit was accidentally unplugged when delivery was put away around 8 a.m. The employees plugged the refrigerator in and moved TCS foods to walk-in refrigerator and walk-in freezer to rapidly rechill.
    Correction: Check this refrigeration temperature, must be 41 degrees or less before storing food. Also cooked chicken in prep refrigerator was 44 degrees on top - don't overstock as the prep unit/top cannot keep food cold if containers are overfilled.
  • Critical: Equipment - Food Contact Surfaces, Nonfood Contact Surfaces, and Utensils* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Found many food containers and lids visibly soiled.
    Correction: Correct by cleaning and sanitizing food contact wares after use and before reuse. Make sure cleaning is done with soap and removes all food and grease from surfaces (including corners and edges) then rinse in clear water and immerse in sanitizer (10 seconds for bleach).
08/05/2013Risk Factor
Good handwash practices observed. Good sanitation of floors, walls, ceiling - physical facility. Egg rolls cooked today must cool from 135 to 41 degrees in 6 hours or less and from 135 to 70 degrees in 2 hours. Good dates on egg rolls - also date wontons, dumplings, and other foods cooked and held in refrigerator more than 1 day.
  • Cloths - Wiping Cloths - Use Limitation
    Observation: In use wiping cloth not in sanitizer between uses.
    Correction: Store wet cloths in sanitizer (bleach water) between uses.
  • Critical: Food - Potentially Hazardous Food - Hot Holding* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Fried rice cooked and fried today is 107.3 degrees in holding unit. PIC says rice was in container on cart before moved to holding unit.
    Correction: Correct by heating fried rice to >165 degrees and keep it at least 135 degrees. Corrected by putting on sheet pans to cool rapidly in walk-in refrigerator.
  • Nonfood-Contact Surfaces - Corrosion Resistant/Nonabsorbent
    Observation: Nonfood contact surfaces covered with cardboard, duct tape and/or foil.
    Correction: Nonfood contact surfaces are to be easily cleanable and nonabsorbent. Remove cardboard, tape, foil.
  • Temperature Measuring Devices
    Observation: No thermometer in homestyle refrigeration unit.
    Correction: Provide thermometer.
  • Light Bulbs Protective Shielding
    Observation: Light in walk-in refrigerator not shatter resistant.
    Correction: Provide shatterproof bulb.
  • Lighting, Intensity
    Observation: Light intensity at 3 compartment sink <20 foot candles.
    Correction: Replace burned out bulbs to increase light intensity.
  • Physical Facilities in Good Repair
    Observation: Coving tiles under door frame for walk-in refrigerator are cracked.
    Correction: Repair.
Facility needs cleaning. Get rid of cardboard on shelves, in refrigerator and under cutting board. Make sure to date foods that you cook then keep in refrigerator for >1 day.
  • Critical: Reheating for Hot Holding* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Reheating rice in rice warmer - almost 2 hours and rice is still only 90 degrees.
    Correction: Corrected by reheating to 165 degrees in wok and moved back to warmer to hold.
  • Critical: Cooling* (corrected on site)
    Observation: Chicken cooked earlier today is 68 degrees and is not in refrigeration unit to cool as required to 41 degrees or less in 6 hours or less.
    Correction: Corrected by putting chicken on sheet pan and in walk-in refrigerator.
  • Handwashing Cleanser - Availability (corrected on site)
    Observation: Out of soap at handsink.
    Correction: Refilled soap.
01/02/2013Risk Factor

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