Newport News City Jail, 224 26th St., Newport News, VA - Restaurant inspection findings and violations

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Restaurant: Newport News City Jail
Address: 224 26th St., Newport News, Virginia
Total inspections: 20
Last inspection: Sep 2, 2009

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Details / Comments

No violation noted during this evaluation. September 02, 2009Routine00-
No violation noted during this evaluation. April 27, 2009Routine00Details / Comments
  • 0220 - Critical Found foodhandler drinking from a container that had no lid with a straw in the food preparation area.
  • 0820 A 2 - Critical Found Scratch (meat) patties inside the W-in cooler @ 44 F.
  • 1320 - Unable to read the temperature gauges on the dishwashing machine due to the plexi-glass obscuring the view.
  • 1450 - Found the following cooler units operating at marginal temperatures: (1) The True refrigerator was found storing foods at 48 F; and (2) the W-in cooler was found storing foods at 44 F.
  • 1770 C - Found slime build-up on plastic interior surface of the ice machine. Also found cooking utensils in contact with an unknown liquid substance inside of the drawer located beside the ice machine.
  • 3180 - Found the floor, walls and ceiling of the W-in cooler in need of cleaning. The floor underneath the shelving unit had a build-up of slime-like substance while there was mold growth on the walls and ceiling.
  • 3220 - Mops not hung up to air dry.
  • 3270 - Found live cockroaches on the premises inside the dry storage area.
  • 3380 - Critical Found the concentration of the wipe cloth sanitizer solution was lower than 10 ppm chlorine.
September 10, 2008Routine36Details / Comments
No violation noted during this evaluation. May 15, 2008Follow-up00Details / Comments
No violation noted during this evaluation. April 30, 2008Routine00Details / Comments
  • 0810 - Pan of green peas observed inside walk in refrigerator precooked and unknown method used for cooling were not adequate.
  • 0830 - Critical The prepared ready-to-eat (RTE) turkey loaf in the walk in refrigeration unit is not properly dated for disposition.
  • 1380 - The pressure gauge for the high temperature final rinse warewash machine is not registering properly.
  • 1800 - Repeat The nonfood contact surface of the True refrigerator fan cover has accumulations of grime and debris.
December 10, 2007Routine13Details / Comments
- May 08, 2007Follow-up01Details / Comments
  • 0220 - Critical In use open drinking containers stored in a manner that may contaminate food, food contact surfaces or utensils.
  • 0550 - Dispensing utensils used for flour, sugars, and other mixes improperly stored between uses.
  • 0570 - Several wiping cloths improperly stored between use on the prep tables and inside the Storeroom.
  • 1320 - The thermometer in the walk in refrigerator was not posted.
  • 1570 - Dry Storeroom: Scoop handle used to dispense flour broken inside flour, container and lid storing condiment broken and cracked and was observed in a state of disrepair and damaged.
  • 1770 A - Critical The following equipment food-contact surfaces were observed soiled to sight and touch: ice machine with mold build up on plastic panel.
  • 1800 - The nonfood contact surface of the salad dressings and condiments have accumulations of grime and debris.
  • 2350 - Critical A leak at the PVC pipe connected to the 3 compartment sink was observed and is not in accordance with law.
  • 3180 - Floor underneath shelves in Storeroom soiled with food spillage, dust, and debris and noted in need of cleaning.
April 30, 2007Routine36Details / Comments
  • 2020 - Utensil used to dispense condiments were found with the handles in contact with the food product.
  • 3300 - Dry Storeroom - jackets stored on corner of shelf between use beside food suppllies.
September 21, 2006Routine02Details / Comments
No violation noted during this evaluation. August 07, 2006Follow-up00Details / Comments
No violation noted during this evaluation. July 06, 2006Follow-up00Details / Comments
No violation noted during this evaluation. April 20, 2006Follow-up00Details / Comments
  • 0550 - Repeat Dispensing utensils improperly stored between uses inside handsink.
  • 0810 - Food containers for cooling hash brown potatoes inside walk in - nestled on top of pans and are arranged so as not allow for maximum heat transfer.
  • 1100 - The food contact surface of the knife used for preping food soiled and stored hanging from prep table - a safety hazard.
  • 1150 - Repeat The nonfood contact surface of the 3 compartment sink rubber tubing not connected to line unnecessary to function of sink, rubber covering forf pipes in bad repair inside walk in refrigerator and is not designed or constructed to be easily cleanable.
  • 1570 - Leak in copper line @ the 3 compartment sink and was observed in a condition that prevents necessary maintenance and easy cleaning.
  • 1670 - Critical The establishment uses the manual hot water sanitizing method, hot water immersion. The temperature of the water was 160 F.
  • 1770 C - Observed accumulations of food spillage of powdered potatoes, dry pinto beans and sugar or other debris on the following nonfood-food contact surfaces: Dry storeroom shelves and boxes of food supplies.
  • 3020 - Corrected During Inspection Soap was not provided at the hand washing sink in the kitchen.
  • 3030 - Corrected During Inspection No disposable towels were provided at the hand washing sink in the kitchen.
  • 3045 - A sign or poster that notifies food employees to wash their hands is not provided at all hand sinks are used by food employees
  • 3170 - Flooring under 2 large vat containers are not maintained in good repair, dishwashing room - floor tiles in bad repair.
  • 3180 - Repeat Ceiling and inside light fixture with mold growth in Dishwashing room and noted in need of cleaning.
  • 3240 - Handwashing sink is unclean and not maintained between use with food spillage.
  • 3290 - Storeroom: detergents stored on shelf unorganized and noted to be stored in such a way that it is contaminating shelves.
  • 3300 - Facility is storing unnecessary items to the operation or maintenance of the establishment: trash and bottle laying on floor in corner of storeroom, coffee cup and 2 brown jackets hanging from shelves in dry storeroom near food storage.
  • 3330 - Critical Repeat Working containers of chlorine bleach and water are not properly labeled.
April 13, 2006Routine214Details / Comments
  • 0470 - Corrected During Inspection Critical Repeat Unwrapped or uncovered food in the Dry storeroom - container of flour.
  • 0480 - Corrected During Inspection Dry Storeroom: Unlabeled food container salt.
  • 0550 - Corrected During Inspection Repeat Dispensing utensils improperly stored between uses for salt container in dry storeroom.
  • 1150 - The nonfood contact surface of the Walk in refrigerator insulation attached to pipes are not designed or constructed to be easily cleanable.
  • 2000 - Corrected During Inspection Utensil drawer with white residue inside with clean utensis.
  • 3180 - Repeat Ceiling and vents in Walk in refrigerator noted in need of cleaning.
  • 3330 - Corrected During Inspection Critical Working containers of bleach and water (2 each) are not properly labeled.
December 14, 2005Routine25Details / Comments
No violation noted during this evaluation. May 02, 2005Routine00Details / Comments
  • 0470 - Critical Frozen food in freezer stored in black plastic bags instead of clear food grade bags.
  • 0550 - Dispensing utensils for flour and other condiments improperly stored between uses.
  • 1100 - The food contact surface of the ice scoop is not smooth, contains cracks, chips, or pits and can not be easily cleaned.
  • 1800 - The nonfood contact surface of the upper lid inside ice machine has accumulations of grime and debris.
  • 3180 - Ceiling vent with dust on light cover in the kitchen noted in need of cleaning.
  • 3260 - Corrected During Inspection Personal items stored on shelves in storeroom.
March 08, 2005Routine15Details / Comments
No violation noted during this evaluation. December 17, 2004Other00Details / Comments
  • 1150 - The nonfood contact surface of the splash shield attached to hand sink is not designed or constructed to be easily cleanable.
  • 0810 - The methods used for cooling 2 large containers of mashed potatoes were not adequate.
  • 1080 - The plastic blue container storing bologna cracked and missing pieces at edge and is not designed and constructed to be durable.
August 10, 2004Routine03Details / Comments
  • 3080 - Repeat Dry storage area several lights are out.
  • 1570 - Ice machine is leaking.
  • 2350 ii - Garbage disposal has been taken out for repair.
  • 3170 - Cooking area floor is not maintained in good repair
April 14, 2004Routine04Details / Comments
3080 - Less than 20 foot candles of light was noted in the walk-in ref . & frez.April 01, 2003Routine01Details / Comments

April 27, 2009 (Routine)

Found conditions satisfactory. Food Permit issued today.

September 10, 2008 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
Indicated to Ed that critical violations are to be corrected within 10 days while noncritical violations within 30 days.

May 15, 2008 (Follow-up)

Special inspection conducted with the State of Virginia, Department of Corrections inspector. Observation of the food flow, and a follow up of the previous violations was completed. No violations observed.

April 30, 2008 (Routine)

Note: Salomi held for less than 1 hour during preparation. Milk crates in Walk in refrigerator are being used to store iced tea container and produce boxes. Do not store food on these crates. Label and date all food not stored inside their original containers. Update information issued. Permit issued.

December 10, 2007 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
Review new Food Regulations with Aramark Management staff.

May 08, 2007 (Follow-up)

Violation: -

All items from the previous inspection satisfactorily abated. 2008 permit issued.

April 30, 2007 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
Sanitizer - dishwasher temperature 211 F. F/u inspection will be held 5/1607.

September 21, 2006 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
Note: Dishwasher - Steamer being repaired - dishwasher has a back up sanitizer for final rinse. Records verified of logs dated 9.20.06 - 180 F. Sanitizer available. Note: Date all foods stored in refrigeration.

August 07, 2006 (Follow-up)

Follow up inspection conducted for operation of automatic commercial dishwasher. Final rinse temperature: 124 F - 145 F. Requires 180 F. Guages not responding to water temperature. Back up rinse agent in use. Facility will contact Hobart Svcs. to correct dishwasher discrepancy.

July 06, 2006 (Follow-up)

Follow up insepction conducted this day for the following previous violations: Floor under steam pots - all areas have been replaced and resealed. Dishwasher - Booster heater being replaced with a new unit upon arrival. Follow up will be on 7.7.06.

April 20, 2006 (Follow-up)

Follow up inspection conducted this day. The following items remain uncorrected. Dishwasher final rinse reaches 170 - 175 F- requires 180 F. Hobart manufacturer has responded at least 2 times since last inspection. Flooring under 2 vat cookers in bad repair - 90 days given for correction. Floor tile in dishwash room in bad repair - 90 days given for correction. All other item from previors inspection satisfactorily corrected. 2007 permit issued.

April 13, 2006 (Routine)


December 14, 2005 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
macaroni salad 67 F - prepared less than 30 minutes during this inspection. Sanitizer and test strips on premises.

May 02, 2005 (Routine)

All prior violations abated. 2006 permit issued.

March 08, 2005 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
Note: Cole slaw 51 F - prepared within 30 minutes of inspection.

December 17, 2004 (Other)

Establishment has replaced floor, resurfaced wall behind stove, will be replacing hood screens in hood system - not on premises during this inspection. FWE(Food Warming Unit) placed on food line- not under hood system - temperature range of 200-220 F. All mechanical connections will be completed no later than 24 hours. Final sign off from mechanical inspector will be faxed to PHC no later than 22 Dec 04. Approval based on final sign off.

August 10, 2004 (Routine)

Violations: Comments:
Approximate jail population during this inspection: 670-680. Dishwasher final rinse: 180 f. Other other violations observed.

April 14, 2004 (Routine)


April 01, 2003 (Routine)

Violation: 3080 - Less than 20 foot candles of light was noted in the walk-in ref . & frez.
Provide at least 20 foot candles at a distance of 30 inches from the floor in consumer self-service areas, inside equipment, warewashing, equipment storage, toilet rooms
2003 permit issued.

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