Snake River, Yellowstone National Park, WY

The Snake River is one of the longer rivers that run through North America. It is a western river, which goes through Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The river begins in the mountains along the continental divide. Before the Snake River reaches the ocean it merges with the Lewis River. This merger occurs at the southern Yellowstone entrance. The river will flow into Jackson Lake, which takes it through Jackson Hole. Visitors who wish to venture near the river have two national parks they can go to. The Snake River also runs through Grand Teton National Park and Teton County.

Snake River is actually considered a tributary of the Columbia River, which is the largest river in North America. It is the Columbia River that brings water from the Snake River to the Pacific Ocean. Along the way the river goes through the Snake River Plain before it reaches the Columbia.

The Snake River is only 1,040 miles long. It has a flow of 56,900 cubic feet per second. The plain mentioned above is one of the more interesting features of the river. The plain is mostly in Idaho and was created by a volcanic hotspot, which resides under the North American Plate. The North American Plate also lies underneath Yellowstone National Park, which is why it has half the world's geysers.

Geological history shows that flooding as a result of the melting after the Ice Age helped fill the Snake River. The water from the melting snow would form lakes, which eventually spilled into the river in the middle and lower regions. The Snake River eventually created Hells Canyon, the Palouse Hills and other features that can be found along the river banks. The Snake River has a few dams along the way as well, to help regulate the water in Washington and for use as hydroelectricity.

Visitors to Yellowstone National Park will find a few trails leading close to the river. The park road will also take visitors along the river at certain points. For visitors who wish to see the river most closely there are trails off the beaten path. Yellowstone has a lot to offer so the Snake River is just one little area to visit. There are plenty of other areas to go in the park for visitors who wish to stay on the regular paths.

For example Yellowstone River is closer to the road. It also has a trail that visitors can go along to see Yellowstone Lake, the Canyon, and the waterfalls. The Snake River is an important natural aspect of the national park. There are numerous fish, wildlife and other organisms that use the river. Mammals will come to the river for water and certain animals like bear will come to feed and drink. Conservation is essential to Yellowstone National Park; therefore they work to keep their river systems clean. Fishing on the Snake River in the park is not allowed, but there are other places to fish in the park.

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