Spence's Bazaar, Dover, DE - Dover, Delaware - 75 Year Traditional Market and Auction Attracts Buyers and Sellers Throughout The Year

Spence's Bazaar, Dover, DE, is located at 550 South New Street on Tuesdays, Fridays and more recently on Saturdays as well, throughout the year in this town. Dover is the capital and second largest city in the state of Delaware. it was founded in 1683 by the Quaker William Penn.

But the now traditional flea market here has a small town feeling. A broad variety of goods are found for sale here ranging from original Amish food, fresh produce, natural spices to furniture and electronics items.

Picnic tables at this market allow people to sit down and enjoy prepared food purchases (generally sandwiches) at a leisurely pace while watching fellow shoppers go by. Since it is enclosed there are no problems in the event of increment weather.

Early shoppers can begin buying at 7:30 AM, although one need not rise early as closing time is not until the late afternoon/early evening hours.

Aside from local Mennonite made pies and preserves, Amish crafts, local produce and the eclectic ensemble of flea market wares for sale, there are also goods auctioned here in the afternoon hours.

Used CD's and other possessions that people just cleaning out their houses are selling such as collectibles and old memorabilia can be found on sale. Even vinyl albums can be found on occasion, something most children under 18 years of age are already unfamiliar with.

A local landmark tradition, Spence's Bazaar, Dover, DE, celebrated its 75 year anniversary in 2009. It has become the most popular flea market in lower Delaware though it began as a livestock and horse auction three quarters of a century ago.

In the year 2000, Spence's giant red barn burned to the ground but the grandson and granddaughters of this market's founder rebuilt the structure.

Despite being rebuilt there is still a traditional feel to the commerce here even though it is in the heart of the downtown area of this state's capital city.

On a busy summer day there are about 150 vendors at Spence's Bazaar, Dover, DE, but tables are available by the day so the number of vendors who are selling may vary. Even so it often can seem like buyers and sellers know each other since there is such a long tradition of coming here among local and area residents.

While vendors pay a daily fee there is no charge for coming to shop, aside from any price of purchase on an item. People have been know to come from any one of the state's bordering on the small territory of Delaware in order to spend several hours shopping and simply looking at the gadgets and items as well as watching the people here for a few hours on the weekend.

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Sep 11, 2013 @ 6:06 am
Are current operators or founders of Spence's Bazaar related to Dorothy Spence? Robert Mitchum's wife. She was born in Camden and met Mitchum when he lived in Felton.

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