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Basically I am starting his blog to help me retain and organize my memories of a devastatingly personal encounter with Satan. It seems the only up-side is having figured out more about him than anybody has ever seemed to admitted.

Possibly someone would recognize the graveness of this situation and know a way to help. Currently any opposors to him are marked for death regardless of how long it takes. Natural disbeleif lends a hand.

Also there is a chance someone could glean a higher/truer understanding of the evil foe we face in Christianity and help themselves or the entirety of humanity if the truth spreads over the internet and remains.

As some of the entries are in stark contrast to modern Christian thinking but are alarmingly true. No longer will people need to discount our father in heaven because they can't explain why bad things are allowed to happen in this world.

It unfortunately is the UNHOLY GRAIL. I'm not to sure of a better chance satan will ever let us have to figure this out.

We need to discover if improvement in the faith and our world can come from the truth.

If you don't already know this link is a step to eternal life in heaven. I've always believed in John 3:16 and that regardless of your age or past you can accept him today.

and this image eerily reveals that the Antichrist of the Holy Bible is real. Photo ID.

I realize that small things can mean big things. Here is a link to a ministry that is dedicated to teaching that salvation is by the Grace of Jesus Christ. http://www.josephprince.org/partners...eourvision.htm
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Beforeitsnews.com Chemtrails Censorship

Posted 08-12-2016 at 12:27 PM by evets
Updated 08-17-2016 at 11:56 AM by evets

Today I wrote an Historical Account of myself witnessing Chemtrails between 2004-2008 as i have told in my Website and other Online Publishing's and just as I posted it to beforeitsnews.com i read the Terms of Service Agreement and it appeared to me they will have no choice but to refuse my article because it is a Personal Story of more than 300 words.

Boy do I wish the Beforeitsnews.com editorial Staff had been my Elementary School English Teacher, man 300 words or they cancel your story thats funny. Beforeitsnews.com have innocently terminated the Answer their reading Public have been looking for. I had stumbled upon the Beforeitsnews Website when reading a Story Complaining about Chemtrails , just the same day i posted my last blog post here at city data.com .


So I thought I would have a Chance to reach the Public that are interested through their news service since they even have a Section under the Chemtrail Heading. Now that i have read their T.O.S., I will copy and pasted my News Article here ,


I, Steven Andrew Odber of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada HAVE SOLVED THE CHEMTRAIL MYSTERY and let me tell you that CHEMTRAILS are Definitely not CONTRAILS as the Parliament Canada Chemtrails Petition 2013 was answered by three Parliament Ministers as Seen Online in the Published Response quoting the Canadian Government in 2013. Actually that's the same year that I testified to a Consent and Capacity Board of Ontario Hearing stating that I had witnessed UFO's shortly before I was Crippled to a Wheelchair in 2008 by the Devil. I use the Word “ Unidentified Foreign Object” because i did see 1 actual U.F.O. in that timeperiod and one of the other types of Aircraft that i mention in the Details of my Online Publishings flew too slow to be Aircraft Manufactured by Humans though they did not look like a U.F.O.. I turned myself in at a Hospital Psychiatrist in 2013 hoping to Provoke the Psychiatrist and propel my outlined case to the Supreme Court of Canada after PERSONAL DISCUSSION was rejected by my local Politicians and News Outlets, in order to reach the Public with my that Entire Story that is actually a Historical Account of what happened to me.
The local Dr. here in Sault Ste Marie Ontario tried to find my Psychologically Incompetent because of those things that i have said to him and am writing here at BEFOREITSNEWS.com. There is a Record of that Hearing and myself winning that case against me in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in July of 2014 that can also be seen in my Youtube video.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N9Mu_qD8Sc So by winning that Court Case,I lost my Chance to reach the Supreme Court of Canada and the General Public of the World. Now I only have my attempts like here at BEFOREITSNEWS to reach anyone at all;”The Devil has me in a ChokeHold”. Within that Hearing I introduced my BlOG,Website and Radio Interview as Evidence. The Answer to the Canadian Chemtrail Petition 2013 to Parliament is Within those RECORDS as is also seen Online where they are Currently Located. Though my Court Case Involved a Bunch Of Facts on this Topic and my Physical Health, (my Complaints of Weird Jets, Spreading Weird Exhausts in the Sky was within) my Radio Interview from December 2011 that was only two years before the Canadian Chemtrails Petition to Parliament 2013 or other online Publishings that were referred to by me and Reviewed by the Hearing Panel Members. I made a special request that the Hearing Panel review that Material because it contained those types of happenings that I witnessed.Ladies,Gentlemen and the Rest of you, we Have Our Answer. The Implications are HUGE, as any of you that have read the Holy Bible will know that if the Devil Exists, the Book of Revelations is a Prophecy that is Currently Due to become our Lives and Future. I have believed in the Book Of Revelations and the LORD JESUS CHRIST since the 1970’s. I can Confirm with Great Misery including Physical Illness and Continuing Mental Trauma inflicted by those Evil Beings Mentioned in Revelations, that these Beings are Even More Cruel than was written there as I understood at that time to be Complete Doom for Christians and Non-Believers.

In 2004, I was SURROUNDED by Chemtrail Planes in Leeburn Ontario and they first Traumatized me with LOUD Nighttime Flights over my home, for a Duration i can only remember to estimate to have been weeks to months hazing out the Sky above me. I would see the Sky getting Hazier and Hazier as the days passed. At that time during the days when i could see the sky , there were a few strange Jets that were not man-made “flying slowly above the -evergreen treetops” right outside my main window. They appeared to be small, as i could not make out the plane body very well and they left a Contrail that was about the same size as the aircraft like a thick grey pencil line. That contrail seemed to spread out a little while blending into the already Hazed out Sky. Also about that time, Military Jets appeared and were spreading the Larger Chemtrails that are Commonly spoken about by Geoengineersists, giving me the impression that the Military was there to Determine what the u.f.o.’s are and to chase them out of the area. The Military never did Chase away the U.F.O. jets, the ufos continued flying through those skies for four years during the days as could be seen. The Military had no chance of catching them but instead seemed to just Trail them, the best they could like a dog after a ball rolling down a Hill. I could never understand why the Military Jets would be spreading Chemtrails at the same time they were chasing these ufos, i still don't and did not even expect that there was any Chemicals in the Contrails of any of the Jets but they did spread out and haze the sky just the same as Chemtrails. The term Chemtrail is only something I learned about while Posting my Historical Account to Youtube , many years after. All I can say is keep reading this story regardless what you think "that my Encounter with the Devil is Impossible" and research my Online Publishings consisting of a BLOG //www.city-data.com/blogs/506827-evets.html ,Website http://itsgottobe.50webs.com/ , and Radio Interview on a Radio Show Called PARANORMAL PALACE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLyKkoVXgFU from December 2011. For Several Months after my Encounter with the Devil in 2004, the Skies over my residence were Hazed out with Planes at Night and through a good portion of those Nights and they made Noise enough that i could hear quite Loud and Disturbing and Visually see the Day Sky getting Hazed . That was a Sudden an Unusual Disturbance, from those Planes that Continued for a Long Time, and Centred above the Skies of my Residence in that Valley Hamlet of Leeburn, Ontario. The Droning of the Planes at night caused me to have trouble falling asleep, the un-usualness of them or total awkwardness of the Noisy Night Time Flights were so Suspicious that i knew they were somehow connected to my Encounter With the Devil and caused acute Psychological trauma. I am not sure if, I first seen the U.F.O, style of Slow Moving Chemtrails in the Skies above my Residence soon before the Night Flights Happened or After. But that type of Silent U.F.O. became active in the Daytime, flying like i have Described to be inhumanly Slow and leaving only a small exhaust that added to the Sky been Hazed out even More. Sometimes many multiples of flights within Sight and also Many Flights higher in the Atmosphere that would dip down into my sight as they flew out of distance.Though I only recall one or two been Visible at the same time.The Sky been Hazed out so bad that i was Frightened and aware that this was not normal as i have posted to my Website. The U.F.O. type of Chemtrail U.F.O. lasted for years, 2004 until 2008 coinciding with Military Looking Jets Appearing and Leaving Wide Chemtrails at that same time.The Military Jets Leaving Chemtrails were as Identical Looking Exhausts to Online Complaints by Geoengineering Conspiracists and other Complainants. The wind direction in the Sky would carry some of the Chemtrails over the House like a Chemtrail Rainbow floating over the HouseTop.

In 2008 I fell ill with the Sudden Symptoms of Severe Spinal Stenosis that put me in need of a Wheelchair at that time and only a few weeks after been a Walking Paul Bearer in my 20 year -old nieces unexpected Death that was about two weeks after i had Consigned a Apartment Rental Unit in sault Ste Marie Ontario to escape the Ultimate Dangers of where I was Living. Two weeks after my nieces Funeral I received my New Driver's License in the mail, because i changed my address and eerily was the Number of the Beast 666 seen in a Normal Sequence of Numbers.
In 2009 I started the BLOG AND WEBSITE as can be verified various ways if you need that to be proven. All of my Publishings describe having had that 2004 Public Encounter with an APPARITION OF EVIL, A.K.A. the Devil. Within my early BLOG POSTS, I describe (strange planes) that do strange things, that is also best seen in my Website. Describing that these strange planes had very weird EXHAUST as i called them. In the Radio Interview from 2011 , I also describe these strange planes and Claimed that they are not of a Human Origin. Some of these Aircrafts Behave as Regular JETS Leaving Chemtrails that Spread out in the sky and the other Aircrafts can Fly Impossibly Slow in the Sky looking unlike any man-made aircraft but they also Leave smaller Chemtrails.

The Slowest U.F.O. Jets never made any Jet Engine Noise, the Larger Chemtrail Planes included CLONES of Military Jets that usually made no to little noise either but they left the wide Chemtrail Hazing out the SKY.
Within my Publishings i also told of been Crippled with Severe Spinal Stenosis in 2008 , a Disease Similar to that said to be caused by the Devil in the HOLY BIBLE. That Disease has kept me to a Wheelchair since 2008 when i refused SPONSORED Day Surgery that would have likely helped me a great deal to walk and be healthy in exchange for the hope that the PUBLIC would See HOW CONVINCED I AM that I Stand Firmly to these Outrageous things that i am telling everybody. ALSO IN COMBINATION WITH OWN STUBBORNNESS

Possibly reaching the World Citizens through News Media as that would help those that have Petitioned the Canadian Government in 2013 and even more who would like to hear my Historical Account Given. At first the only People i could share my Publishings with where my Childhood Family, Parents, Relatives or people on my Facebook.Though those people expressed a Lack of Enthusiasm to Even Pause from their Lives to give Acceptable responses or be the smallest help to me with my Intention to explain these things to an Author who could Publish my Story. Or even to Church Officials of Christ who may have offered some assistance to myself getting published or renew their own efforts to spread Salvation.I don't believe my Local People had enough Knowledge of the Christian Faith or the threat of the Devil to really be able to Comprehend that the Body of Christ or Church would benefit as a Whole Group if i did reach the Televised Media with the goal of trying to prove his existence and deeds.Personal Responses to my Pleas for help to do that or even lookout for my Welfare were quickly put aside with comments like "Don't Preach" or "I am too Bothered to help" or "i think you are overreacting to think your story is so GRANDIOSE","Not to be worthy of any Notice at all". Please go home and await the LORD to answer prayers and then all would be fine. Though my situation never did get truthfully better from Prayer. I was to go home and await any possible fate, without any -help or assistance from the Community of Sault Ste Marie Ontario. To this day the Local People have no interest in my Case. No Matter who I talked to ; the Newspaper, the Member of Federal Parliament told me I needed a Preacher not help from him when i Petitioned his Office in 2012. In fact i personally know there would of been some comments that I was sick or overreacting to the Situation, almost as if the Devil himself was White Washing the Truth away of what i have told people as in my online publishing's and emails to them. I know I was never close to my Childhood Family Church or Society to really expect a Concentrated Effort or Personal Confidence in myself as I had/have a Poor Life and they also are only the SOCIALLY DISADVANTAGED children of Parents that never had Full Careers due to either Satan punishing us financially or the Canadian Government failing to Provide Jobs. Currently I think the unemployment rate is around 20 percent in my City and truthfully it would have been close to that number all of my life or higher in the true unpublished percentage. Our Newspapers have packed up and left town, while those in Higher Places would not extend their assistance,to anything at all. So my Story is somewhat Like David and Goliath , but with Wisdom and Words rather than a Rock. I know from Living a life of faith in CHRIST how Strange and unusual it is for myself to be so sure that GOD and the devil exist for a Fact and not just Believing. I now can not doubt a CHRISTIAN GOD exists, though i couldn't prove that to a Scientist!

I am and was a Commonly rooted Person , always knowing that Science could never prove GOD exists and knowing further than that we only rely on the Faith as Taught in the Holy Bible if we Choose to Believe and Follow . Science or noone on Earth, can Prove God exists EXCEPT TO TRUST CHURCH WITNESSES AND BIBLICAL SCRIBES FROM THE TIMES OF THE APOSTLES OF CHRIST. I was refused acknowledgement from the Prime Minister or any news agency so i continue to take advantage of opportunities like beforeitsnews.com to reach the World. From my previous view of reality of 34 years , I too would have viewed my Statements as Nearly Impossible to absolutely impossible except that i Believed in Christ and the Book of Revelations. I am 45 now and there is still no doubt in my mind, i am not coming up with this story from a Psychological Illness. I have witnessed many who do Publish stories on youtube from obvious states of Mental Illness , there is a great percentage that are very ill to say what they do but I am not one of them. To be believed, unlike them and despite them is only a possible benefit to me in a Horrible Tragedy. My Historical account has less than a Needle in a Haystack at been accepted.
After about a year of posting to Facebook and online news forums is when my Website and Blog were Posted. Though i admit they are not a Typical Blog or Website with any great Weekly Postings or Graphics but instead somewhere i Scribbled the Facts as I remembered them in this Tragedy or life of mine and hoped for the day someone who could understand me would be reached and lend a hand to reach the Media like CNN,BBC to get my story out to the Greater Public!

That Disease Severe Spinal Stenosis is partly what kept me from doing a Better Job at Writing those Entries and making the right Contacts in Society to reach the type of people that SIGNED -the Canadian Chemtrail Petition in 2013. It is a Crippling Disease with Constant Severe Pain, the Devils cruel works for sure.
I was writing a Blog entry just the other month //www.city-data.com/blogs/blog4...ntries-so.html
to Explain Witnessing CHEMTRAILS, and the Fact i had just recently learned that people all over the World have been searching for an Explanation to Chemtrails and GeoEngineering. I mentioned a Private Citizen of Britain who was posting a Video on Youtube showing these Jets spraying CHEMTRAILS over his Home in ENGLAND and how Mentally Tormented by them he Felt. Believing the Chemtrail Planes were sent by a New World Order to Geoengineer his region of England by Blacking out the Sun and Causing Drought.I linked to his Video in that post.

It is only within the last Couple of Years that i have even heard that there is a COMMON NAME given to the PHENOMENALLY MYSTERIOUS JETS that leave Chemtrails in the Sky that are definitely unlike Contrails. When i did my 2011 radio Interview, i mentioned weird exhausts from Jets or Planes flying at Night but did not refer to them as Chemtrails because i had never heard of CHEMTRAILS. However if you go over my website Publishings on that TOPIC you will see that i describe something similar to Chemtrails if not exactly as is Currently been Described by People who have seen them and Petitioning the Government for Answers. I know for a fact that i did see Chemtrails, and do have the Mystery of them SOLVED. At some point in my ordeal between 2004-2008 the Military Jets would appear in the main window of my home simply from the thoughts of my inner mind. If I thought “fly from behind the house to the front” they would, and from left to right if i thought in my mind and etc., even picking a point in the sky in thought of my mind in the sky they would appear exactly in that spot. Knowing all that i have been through since that first day i talk about in my radio Interview and so many many more details on the Supernatural Phenomenon that i witnessed during 2004-2008, i knew immediately who is behind the mysterious flights and even those that look like routine military maneuvers that the Government claim they have not authorized and would have no good reason to lie about.
Perhaps this News Article at BEFOREITSNEWS isn't the Easiest Way of Describing what it is that I have seen to make me SO SURE or how it is at all Possible for the Devil to have the ability to make us See Aircrafts and for him to be Possibly spraying Chemicals in those Exhausts from the planes that Geoengineering Theorist people are Seeing. What i witnessed was possibly a deeper Haze than is normally reported in a Geoengineered SKY. My sky was so far Hazed out that seeing the stars was usually impossible. I myself DON'T KNOW if there are any CHEMICAL POLLUTANTS IN THE EXHAUSTS OF ANY OF THOSE PLANES. I never ever suspected any Chemicals, only a definite thick haze been left in the sky. I Don't know if there is any Sinister Plan to leave us with Physical Diseases such as Alzheimer's or Dementia as is been Insisted upon by the People testifying in the Chemtrail Documentaries and Online GeoEngineering Conspiracy Groups that accounts for a Large number of the Population in North America and Europe. Coincidentally there is a Re searchable News Story Phenomenon called "CANADA DRY" in Canada that Caused a Drought ;there was no RAIN for months to years over my residence in Leeburn Ontario and the Rest of Ontario or Canada as Seen in that News Story. It was obvious -to me that the Lack of Rainfall Coincided with the timing of the Chemtrail Jets starting over my residence in 2004. I had Plenty of Rain and Thunderstorms Prior to 2004 and since 1998 when i first lived at that residence in LeeBurn Ontario. The Difference in Rain accumulation could be verified by Environment Canada between 2004 and about 2008 compared to previous records from 98 onwards, thinking that 2006 is " the year that "Canada Dry" was a name Given to a Drought. Though the Book of Revelations mentions the Devil has Diabolical and Evil Plans for People. Someday making them take the Number of the Beast to buy or Sell,666. After those u.f.o. and military chemtrail jets started over my residence, my newspaper delivery service called “the sault star” never used a plastic sleeve to put the paper in to protect it from rain, as they many times had just previously to my skies getting Hazed out. I couldn even see anything but the brightest stars and they were dimmed, possibly i could guess a little flicker in the sky was a dim star but totally unlike the 6 years i lived there in the Country before 2004.When you get to the End of my Publishing's you will Understand that i don't think the devil needs Chemtrails to Cause a Drought but the Drought near me did start after the UFO type aircraft that slowing hazed out the Sky in Conjunction with the Larger Chemtrail Planes.

Through this Article that i am editing and Posting to Beforeitsnews.com i hope to gather the Necessary Interest in me and have the News Media help with a better Description than even what i talked about in that radio appearance from 2011 and website. I did see these Chemtrail Planes for about 4 years until I left my Residence in Leeburn Ontario in 2008.I would have been a few hundred air miles in location from the Petitioners in Espanola, though i think there problem started in 1998. The Chemtrail Planes did Haze out my sky during those years, the key here to linking them to the Devil is that they started at the same time as the (u.f.o.) type of Chemtrail Jet that was obviously not man made aircraft and left a smaller Chemtrail while almost pausing in the SKY. and after years they started appearing simply from my thoughts. I describe been tormented in extreme Agony by Chemtrail Planes in my Blog or Website. At the same the Devil started the Chemtrail Planes over me in 2004 he also started trying to Speak Evil Gibberish i.e. Nonsense Words through the Humans I was near and understood that speech from them was not normal to any of our years past. That was also among other strange Visions comparable to the Miracle on St. Georges Hill “Steel Cross Shaking”, while i was watching these weird UFOS Jets and very soon after i had the Personal Encounter with him in 2004. I knew undoubtedly what i was witnessing was newsworthy in 2004 and that's a reason i have been trying so hard to get this to the News Media.There is a News Story here where I am, of a Large Steel Cross shaking for over an hour and then regaining its original shape undamaged in 2005 only months after i stated my ISSUE started. https://www.sootoday.com/local-news/...oss-move-95939

The Cross Shaking was witnessed by a Large Group of Local Teachers and Students. The story was called the "Miracle on St. Georges Hill" seen on Sootoday.com news though of course noone believed those Witnesses but me.
I Update my Blog now and again, looking for any Comments and Posting what i have thought to Post as I live through this Personal Tragedy of my own and look to help others looking for either their Salvation or the Information that they need to Protect themselves from Violent Storms as -we have seen in the Recent Past Years also mentioned by me and the Book of Revelations. I ask that you do review all those Postings and Radio Spots yourself to Come to a Determination of the Great Possibility that I personally Present to the Public. I would want a Documentary or Book to feel satisfied my Message as given to you’s today is Kept for History with my Words helping people understand what they are witnessing and that someone did present an explanation far from what we Could accept as Scientifically Possible. I am currently trying to Understand how i could do just that and make a Public Record of all my Posts because they are not stored on Permanent Websites. They could be lost someday just as the Devil Hopes.

I hope that after the People’s hope to get an Acceptable Answer to their Petitions from their Government fail that they then agree there is Credibility to my Historical Account of Chemtrails. That been an Opposite to the Canadian, British or American Government's explanation to them being "Normal Contrails from Normal Increased Aircraft". Though from the Lessons of the Holy Bible and Book of Revelations I could Prophecy already that few too many will ever believe me over the Governments of the World as the Devil is too big of a Conspiracy to Prove and reveal because the WORLD POPULATION IS PROPHESIED BY GOD TO BE BLINDED TO HIS EXISTENCE UNTIL HE UNVEILS A MARK OF THE BEAST SYSTEM.

My Testimony on this Subject would become very valuable to future generations if it is kept Publicly Accessible even though my Grammar , Spoken English or lack of Definition in my written word is not as good as you and I would like. I make a Comparison to the Importance the HOLY BIBLE had to People reading it Word for word , even though it did not originally give all the details or be an easy book for People of Modern Day Languages to Read. Without the Holy Bible we would have been Damned. My Publishing's will not save you like the Holy Bible but it will definitely give you an Advanced knowledge of what the Hell is Happening now and until the End of the Human Race. I do know for a fact that regardless of myself largely leaving Chemtrails and U.F.O.’s behind me when I left Leeburn Ontario that they Still are Terrorizing Many People across the GLOBE and they CAN NOT BE STOPPED BY THE GOVERNMENT as Petitioners have asked.

So Sorry I couldn't edit this Article better under my Health and Current Living Conditions, this is a hard subject to speak on. I have lived a life of soliitude and suffering since 2004, switching between that to remember what happened between 2004-2008 was at most 12 years ago.
I did setup a GOFUNDME page to help Fund Retaining a Lawyer should i ever need one again concerning this CHRISTIAN FAITH OF MINE considering anything I ever say Privately within my own home or publicly can be used to imprison me indefinitely according to Ontario Canada Law regardless of the Canadian Constitutional Rights and Freedoms. https://www.gofundme.com/steven-odber

At the 3:16 minute mark of the Video of the Miracle on St. Georges Hill Cross that i posted online at my GofundmePage, one of these Military Jets can be seen Suddenly Appearing at the CrossArms of the Cross. If you Subtract the time, i was talking in that Video Before Panning Up to the "UFO, Military Jet" you will realize it only appeared in-my video frame after i was Filming as evident by its visible Contrail. I panned-up at 3:14 and the Jets Visible Contrail would suggest the Jet had come into frame within 15 seconds, previously?I assure you it wasnt the Canadian Military Stalking me there, or in Leeburn Ontario 2004-2008.
Goodnight Folks;

Mr. Steven Odber
Sault Ste Marie Ontario
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  1. Old Comment
    I just noticed there is a Canadian Website suggesting that i may seek assistance with the Cost of a Power Wheelchair Accessible Van for myself, from the Christian Church. If anyone knows of a Church like that one please let me know. I may even be able to attend a Sunday or Two. Actually very few Churches bother to put in Wheelchair Ramps in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Unless they are new Constructed Buildings, they don't bother with the added expense..not even for Christmas. That was how Pastor Samuel Norbo Operated at City Bible Church.Even with Handicapped relatives of his own attending service in the long past years, having to be carried up the stairs as I am told. I don't know if that is Evil Manifested or something too expensive to be taken from the 10 percent cleared ,as a Preached necessary tithe from the Net Income of Good-standing! Members.

    Though I thought that was an Old Testament Calculation of arrears owed, they wont be refunding that if they are wrong! To be in Good-standing! with God and the Church costs 1o percent from all workers, as they preach while watching the members who pay and don't pay into the weekly offering plate. If you Don't pay they will not give a Reverends Personal Assistance, is what i understood when Contacting that Church or reading the Terms of Service of the United Church or LDS Church. You can bet safely it is Satan who awards their greatest Jobs that pay the tithe payers in the first place,like a Pyramid Scheme. He has the whole world in his Power. Blocking those he selects from working at all based on their thoughts and actions, could be considered the start of the Mark of the Beast system foretold In Revelations.

    Apparently same sex marriages and to be drunk on wine is not needed to be Repented , these days we live in at the Modern CHURCH.
    As in the Days of LOT , So Shall it be in the days of the Lords return! Honestly Sault Ste Marie, Ontario Canada

    From what I read across North American Social Media there is no Chance of Supports increasing to a Level that I could expect to depend on a Local Paribus for any of my Transportation, so I guess Mental Deterioration is a normal part of Severe Spinal Stenosis unless i finance a accessible personal vehicle. 8 months of winter here in Ontario Canada https://www.wheelchairvans.ca/funding/ mr. steven odber

    However considering this Bible Verse from Revelations, Revenge will be taken !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Three Angels and Babylon's Fall

    6 Then I saw another angel flying overhead, with the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who dwell on the earth—to every nation and tribe and tongue and people. 7 He said in a loud voice, “Fear God and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgment has come. Worship the One who made the heavens and the earth and the sea and the springs of waters.”

    8 Then a second angel followed, saying, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great,b who has made all the Gentiles to drink the wine of the passion of her immorality.”

    9 And a third angel followed them, calling in loud a voice, “If anyone worships the beast and its image, and receives its mark on his forehead or hand, 10 he too will drink the wine of God’s anger, poured undiluted into the cup of His wrath. And he will be tormented in fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. 11 And the smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever. Day and night there will be no rest for those who worship the beast and its image, or for anyone who receives the mark of its name.”

    12 Here is a call for the endurance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus
    Posted 08-12-2016 at 07:47 PM by evets evets is offline
    Updated 08-13-2016 at 10:25 AM by evets
  2. Old Comment
    Beforeitsnews.com did decide to PUBLISH my news article I Solved the Chemtrail Mystery | Chemtrails, that i had also posted to my Blog. So they surely did not Censor my Post as I had Titled my Blog Post to say.

    Great , I am that much Closer to HollyWood, California now! What about Kevin Spacey, playing my role,besides that I'm only about 5'6?

    Mr. Steven Odber Sault Ontario Canada
    Posted 08-17-2016 at 02:16 PM by evets evets is offline
  3. Old Comment
    I don't have anywhere to post this Blog Worthy Mention of a Comment from my Emancipated sister, Leeanne Odber who claimed in 2016 that while with her Boyfriend , Al somewhere in Sault Ste Marie Ontario Public, that She seen a Person that looked So Utterly Evil and Demonic that their was no question they were not Human at all and was so Traumatized to see what she had seen she passed that Comment to our Mother, stating that Steven must of been right about their Been Evil Beings in Public. Though for reasons of myself starting a GoFundme page for a Lawyer to Defend my Public Statements as outrageous as that i wont ad much response to her Comment as I still havent came near the Cost of Retaining a Lawyer, however I find her statement Very Possible and Likely. Though I would imagine, the person she viewed as Been "So Evil Looking" they must have been a Demon to not look anyworse than someone from the North Side of Chicago if we Seen a Picture of them. I dont imagine i heard from our mother, the entire description of why they Could not have been a Sick Looking Person instead. I dont get many comments from anyone I knew , agreeing they have seen anything abnormal except her. A few years before her Daughter Erika Passed away and while I had many strange Phenomenons Happening , my Emancipated sister also Described Creepy People annoying her but that did not prove anything to be of an evil origin. So what could I say. Lately my Mother has complained about some Erie Creepy People too on Public Outings but the descriptions are not of anything i don't see on the tv news. Just very odd for her to make a point of describing that she felt it was important enough to mention just in case. Our Provincial Government has Closed Down Psychiatric Housing of the Severely Mentally Disabled to Cut Costs since 2000 but I do know that Besides that Element of the Mentally Disabled that the Province is reintegrating into their Home Cities to Live that there are Some Creepy things , shall I call them that I know are of an Evil Origin. Mr. Steven Odber Sault Ste Marie, Ontario Canada
    Posted 08-24-2016 at 12:33 PM by evets evets is offline

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