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Some posts that took some time
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Do You Really Want Balkanization? Replies to other posters

Posted 10-12-2017 at 09:06 AM by switchtoecig

From the thread Do You Really Want Balkanization? Some of my replies to people who posted

Originally Posted by DeplorablePopulist
Its no longer of IF we want it,Its now WHEN will it happen. If you have paid attention you see how the left acts when they lose an election,I am glad they acted violent because FINALLY the right,Alt Right,Nationalists etc are stopping with using kid gloves and are fighting back against the left and their soldiers. So since it IS coming,I am looking forward to it...right now its just boiling and boiling but hasn't exploded yet. But hey we got 3.5 more years AT LEAST of President Trump so who knows what will happen.
Are you sure you know what you're looking forward to? We're talking war on your own territory here. Even if you were a soldier, and have gone through hell in Iraq or Afganistan, even then, you always knew your family was home and your home was safe. Even if you were aware of the possibility you'd be injured or not survive at all, you knew your family would be taken care of by the government. How about a situation in which there's a civil war raging, your home is not safe any more and a government fell apart where you live.

I know some of these things are very difficult to imagine, but if you are playing "bring it on" game, you should give it some thought. Actually you should go into details - how does your day look like? Where can you go, and where can't you go? Can you get food for your family? Is there water and electricity? Are all your neighbours still alive? Can you leave your city at all? Things like that.

Originally Posted by Elliott_CA
I think your observations are very good ones and it is true that political tensions are deep and seemingly irreconcilable. However, in the U.S., there is no method for the states to break up into smaller nations. The Civil War determined, once and for all, that states cannot leave the U.S.

Even if hostilities were to break out between political factions, the police, the National Guard and ultimately the US military would put an end to it. The fundamental idea that the U.S. is indivisible runs very deep.
Demographic change runs even deeper.

Back to Balkans again to get one more example: Kosovo was part of Serbia since the Middle Ages. In 2008, it became a separate country. This would have been absolutely impossible without a massive and uncontrolled demographic change which had been going on for decades before. US intervention was just the icing on the cake. With it or without it, it was just a matter of time. Even without a separate country status, that territory was already lost to Serbia anyway.

Police, National Guard, US military - demography runs through them, too. How people become tribal when the proverbial hits the fan - you would be surprised.

Originally Posted by JIMANDTHOM Don't forget to include the religious issues. Can't have a good Balkanization and/ or genocide without it.
I'm an agnostic and don't have much love for organized religion, but other than slight annoyance when they say something stupid, I don't really have a beef with Christianity in general. Maybe I'm missing something, (tell me if I am) but I can't find any special future danger in any religion there, except the part of Islam, the radical one. These guys are cra-zy, we in EU will have more to deal with them.

From this time distance, religious institutions in the Balkans were not more or less idiotic than other structures and general population. (sigh)

Originally Posted by Camaro5
You have to consider two things. One, the protesters are a small segment of society and not even close to what the majority think. And two, the protests themselves are what the anti-Trump media wants the public to see in trying to push their own agenda.

The thing is, for the most part the public isn't buying what the media is selling. CNN's ratings are lower than Nick at Night sitcom reruns, and rightfully so.

Probably I should have been more clear. When I said that protests are mirror, this is what I meant:

- for everyone that protests, there are at least 10 who basically think the same (or who are confused to the same extent - depending on how clear the protestes themselves are about what they are doing)

- when you have the protests, you immediately have media response to them. Then, two ideologically opposed media say two opposite things about the very same event we witnessed. Always fascinating to listen to If you are in a country for the first time and see protests and opposed media reactions to them, now you know much more about that society than you did when you arrived.

re:CNN and public. We can thank the deity we believe in or the force of universe for the Internet.

Originally Posted by Hesychios
Too much fear mongering here ...

People are still looking for that SHTF moment. It isn't happening unless they try to start it themselves, then it becomes their own in the manner of Cliven Bundy, not everyone else's SHTF.

The will to believe is very powerful, people want to see something so badly that they interpret everything in that perspective. But the big bust-out never comes, because it is all in their heads.

I don't want this to happen to your country. Not just because your country but also because world as a whole.

It's just that I couldn't help noticing parallels. I am still not sure there'll be a civil war 2 in US, but one thing I am sure of - you should start actively working on peace, yesterday.

We may berate our oponents that they live in a bubble, but thing is, we all do, more or less. Living in some sort of bubble is inevitable. Life makes us do so. It makes us get up, go to work, go back home, spend our time with a few circles of people. So, in time, our opinions and expectations are formed by living our little lives with people and things we encounter there. And that goes for each and every one of us, unless we make a conscious effort to look outside. And then some more effort to keep doing that.

Think of how many people were absolutely sure that Donald Trump had no chance in heaven or hell to win the presidency. Heck, how many analysts, media hosts and others, both on the right and left, whose JOB is to talk and think politics laughed down every poor SOB who even dared to utter a peep about the possibility of him winning the primaries. How many people were not ready to see the movement forming since summer 2015. The only plausible explanation for this type of blindness is living in a bubble. The one inside which not a soul would vote Trump. Or admit to it.

When thinking about possibility of the present situation escalating into a real and long term hell, people tend to resort to “we're better than this“. Many of you have done it recently, remember? Heck, I did it a lot back in the eighties. We're better than this, my a$$. It only turned out I didn't know who “we“ were.

In my opinion, the only thing that might save US from plunging headlong into civil war is its freedom of speech. That's the only thing I believe you have going for you. If I were you, I'd protect it whenever it's endangered. People absolutely need to know what others think. You are lucky that our time has Internet as the great equalizer.
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