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Basically I am starting his blog to help me retain and organize my memories of a devastatingly personal encounter with Satan. It seems the only up-side is having figured out more about him than anybody has ever seemed to admitted.

Possibly someone would recognize the graveness of this situation and know a way to help. Currently any opposors to him are marked for death regardless of how long it takes. Natural disbeleif lends a hand.

Also there is a chance someone could glean a higher/truer understanding of the evil foe we face in Christianity and help themselves or the entirety of humanity if the truth spreads over the internet and remains.

As some of the entries are in stark contrast to modern Christian thinking but are alarmingly true. No longer will people need to discount our father in heaven because they can't explain why bad things are allowed to happen in this world.

It unfortunately is the UNHOLY GRAIL. I'm not to sure of a better chance satan will ever let us have to figure this out.

We need to discover if improvement in the faith and our world can come from the truth.

If you don't already know this link is a step to eternal life in heaven. I've always believed in John 3:16 and that regardless of your age or past you can accept him today.

and this image eerily reveals that the Antichrist of the Holy Bible is real. Photo ID.

I realize that small things can mean big things. Here is a link to a ministry that is dedicated to teaching that salvation is by the Grace of Jesus Christ. http://www.josephprince.org/partners...eourvision.htm
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I Always Believe in What i have Spoke about

Posted 12-30-2019 at 05:17 PM by evets

I always believe what I have spoke on about the Disasters been sent by the Devil and myself witnessing paranormal Activity in 2004 like " the miracle on st georges hill"2005. Yet all I can try to prove is the Devils Existence as he remains hidden to the World to steal their Souls. That's what happens when they don't accept Jesus and Believe. Their is very little I can do now that I have told my few stories that happened in my real-life. So I don't talk much online, but be assured I do always swear to what I have said online.

Also I am still sick with the Spine Injury, given by evil. At 48 I noticed some vision problems in my right eye and worried the devil was going to Blind me as he Did the Blind Men of the Bible. I wouldn't be able to Blog If he does that. Anyway the Optometrist said that was an early Cataract at 48. The Dr. is in no Hurry to operate. Before getting the Eye problem, I would see blind people with guide dogs in public places and not think to much about them , except their sweet guide dogs. Yet each time I got sick with something I would see someone with a Similar Illness to what I got. So now I wonder if the Devil is trying to pass me Blindness or similar problems.

My Father Passed away September 2019 at 86 from a Cancer Tumor that grew on his Face and became a Large Lump that he wanted to keep covered up as it was unsightly. He had Prayed to Jesus in such a Nice Way before that diagnosis , nightly prayers like a little kid. After that is when he got the Cancer on His Face and Died within the Year. He was likely praying for his family. My Mother has Survived. Their is no-one to tell of what happens to us, so I write these few descriptions online when I can. The Devil usually plans to delete my posts as he did with Google Plus last year! So I cant help anyone by teaching them "why bad things happen".

The Natural Disasters, sent by the Devil in North America have slowed down or nearly stopped since I began these Blogs. Maby I am forcing the devil to stop them , or risk me been picked up by a New York Book Publisher and spreading the Good Word! Bible Prophecy preaches that there Could be a Rapture before the Coming Tribulation, and then again some religious experts say the Public will go through the Tribulation before the Rapture." Jesus taking all Believers to Heaven all together. With North Korea now completing their Long Range ICBM Nuclear Missiles in 2019, and the USA as their intended target it is not hard to contemplate 1/3rd of the Worlds Population been Destroyed by Fire as Bible Prophecy Teaches will Happen. Revelation 9:18

So if I live to die of old age, or am raptured with Believers it cant be said for sure as Jesus was quoted to say the Rapture would come Near the time of the Tribulation. So with the World Superpowers trying to prevent war with one another , that day isn't known. Yet as a Elementary School Kid I was told that Russia would Position itself against Israel in the County of Syria and then at a later time make war against Israel and thus that would start the Tribulation. So to have lived to see Russia now in Syria and taken allegiance with the Syrian Army against Israel, I have see bible prophecy occur over my generation. Jack Van Impe the tv preacher, teaches that Russia and Iran will make war against Israel and he preached that in the 80's and even before that if you search his podcasts. Most Christians understand that as it can be read in the Holy Bible of Jesus. They call Russia "MAGOG" in the Bible after their Ancient Name and Iran is Persia.

After that War the People of Earth will not have an easy time to find the Gospel of Jesus and will not likely receive salvation. That is when the Mark of the Beast is said to Start and really freaky stuff starts happening as told In the Book of Revelations. So for now , I try to keep my Posts active and alive to avoid been deleted. But there isn't much left to be said my me , so I post few things. As it is Christmas time 2019 I thought it a good time to do an UPDATE to my Blog here at City Data. I am always amazed at what Jesus could teach anyone willing to read the Bible as I could read as a kid that these world events we are experiencing would come to be. Back in those days it would have been Unimaginable that Governments would legalize same sex marriage and go against the Ten Commandments. But somehow and possibly by the acts of Demons the Modern Phycologists Books were rewritten to exclude HOMO-Sexuality as a Mental Illness and then that paved the way for Governments to allow same sex marriages. It Is a well known fact that you can study online that for many decades the Phycologists treated Homosexuals' as a Deviant Mental Illness and then suddenly because of Modern thinking.The Phycology Books were re-written to change that. Those Modern TextBooks been rewritten , reminds me of how Christians Claim the Devil rewrites modern day translations bibles to exclude or wash away the original meanings in the earlier bibles. That changes the way Modern People View Jesus, as the Son of God or a Much Loved Angel.

Anyway there are books in the Bible that I read as a kid that said in the End days the Spirits of Mankind would be Fornicaters and such as in the Days of Lot. So I have seen many things of the bible turn out to be Prophecy Already since the 80's. Now it is just to find out how things end, and to go on to Glory with Jesus. I have tried to have a real impact and help people with my posts but the world publishing industry is against me and Jesus so at least I tried to leave a Lasting Copy of my posts teaching that "People are been Persecuted by the Devil in the Ways I have told online. Many Mentally Ill members of the Community would like to say my stories are from Paranoia. Those People serve the Devil well and only him they serve. I do my best to avoid them!

steven odber
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    I am Concerned that the Devil will Eat out my Apartment Neighbors Brains and they will Cause an Apartment Fire in their Unit that will Burn through the Wall and Gut my Apartment, making it unlivable. That would make me Homeless in this Housing Crisis City. As I could not remain while the apartment was Fixed as that is the LAW. So I watch and worry about him causing me homelessness thay way.

    steven odber
    Posted 01-12-2020 at 04:19 PM by evets evets is offline

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