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Why Panentheism Shows God Exists.

Posted 08-05-2021 at 06:44 PM by MysticPhD

Pantheism is indeed supported by current scientific observation and knowledge. What differentiates panENtheism from pantheism is the transcendental aspect of God (outside our material spacetime). For my Panentheism, this transcendental aspect represents the consciousness of God that is responsible for the creation ex nihilo of our material reality. This necessarily suggests that creation in our own consciousness has the same attribute, and it does.

We experience it as the completely unconstrained creations in our conscious imagination in ubiquitous evidence throughout our Reality. They are the most central and occupying aspects of our entertainment in myriad forms from books, plays, movies, TV programs, computer programs, apps, games, social media, etc.

Our consciousness as reflective of God (and IMO reproductive of God's consciousness) is why I try to present the science of consciousness formation here in the R&S fora. Pantheism does eliminate the atheist request for proof of God's existence and my panentheism eliminates their remaining requests for a supporting scientific rationale for God's existence which is why it has received significant resistance and censorship, IMO.

The idea that the universe or multiverse (what we call outer space) is a quantum foam is supportive of my view about what is the actual locus of our consciousness since we cannot locate it in the matter of the brain. My view that our consciousness can form as a pure quantum BEC (singular quantum entity) is supported by the existence of measurable BECs at the macroscopic level.

The measurable BECs that have actually been created use existing matter in the form of a gas and occur at extremely cold temperatures. This might suggest that BECs cannot form in the brain. But In my view, consciousness forms from the resonant synaptic firings across the entire brain which means it HAS to be at the level of quanta. Quanta exist in the spacetime field itself, like the differentiated light and infrared radiation.

Our consciousness can NOT reside in the brain if it is quanta anymore then the flames of fire (light and infrared radiation) remain within the combustibles that produce them (except the flames remain differentiated). But we experience consciousness NOT as differentiated synaptic firings but as a single sense of Self (the illusionary homunculus according to neuroscience).

The amplification effect of perfect resonance is what I believe produces the undifferentiated single quantum entity (pure BEC) we call our Self (homunculus) and its locus is not in the matter of the brain. The brain just acts as a transceiver maintaining the connection with our physical body and this material world.

Pure quanta BECs are unlikely to be measurable at the macro level presenting a problem not dissimilar to the dark energy and dark matter conundrum. The pure energy BEC of consciousness I hypothesize is of the same unmeasurable kind as dark energy and dark matter. You may consider this too speculative but it is NOT scientifically unsupportable, just not validated. What else do we know of that exists as a singular undifferentiated quantum entity other than a BEC?

The additional evidence that BECs can form at room temperature via spin waves in crystal lattices provides additional support for the idea that it can occur in the microtubule lattices of the warm and wet brain. Quantum vibrations in the microtubule lattice of brain neurons have been shown to be involved in brain wave formation (synaptic firing). So it is not such a stretch to suggest that BEC formation could be happening in the microtubule lattice in the warm wet medium of the brain. This need occur only temporarily as the resonant synaptic firings as BEC leave the brain at the speed of light like the flames of a fire to reside permanently in the cold of outer space.

Additional evidence in the demonstrated mathematics of spherical standing wave formation in EEGs and spherical resonance could play the amplification role I hypothesize for the production of consciousness as a BEC in a resonant field across the brain. The BECs we can macroscopically measure have been shown to survive in the cold of outer space. In other words, I am not pulling any of these relationships out of my hind end.

What does this have to do with God, religion, and spirituality? It means what our marvelous Hubble telescope is showing us IS what we can capture macroscopically of God! What it cannot capture is our individual BEC consciousnesses resident there as well, either manifesting as dark energy expanding space or dark matter holding galaxies in place. This rationale provides scientific reasoning to support what is otherwise beyond our grasp.

Our minds are capable of conceptually comprehending more than science and our mathematical representations are capable of explaining. It is that very conceptual ability that accounts for the creation of our mathematical formulations, like the fluxions or calculus, or the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalisms, the Higgs field, Hilbert space, etc.

But it is also our mind's conceptual ability that drives the creation of religious, spiritual, and esoteric literature or what is derogatorily called "woo." The latter is what focuses on what I call the capital "R" (for purely Reasoned) Reality as opposed to the lowercase reality that science and our measurements represent which my detractors want to focus on. This rationale offers a counterpoint to their rejection of "woo."
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