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Welcome To Case's Column

Let me say a big welcome to all of you for joining me here. I'm going to call these blog meetings Case's Column. I wanted to use "Corner", but that was already taken. Since 2008, it's been a real privilege to come on here and share some of my life with you, and it's a big world where we live.

In these blogs, I'll just speak whatever is on my mind, but we will be playing within the rules here. I may pick a particular topic, point out an event, or shoot the breeze. I'm a little bit of an essayist at times, so I'll just speak what's on my mind, and I might tell a story or two. Or, I might spew out an opinion or three. There will be some serious moments, some tender, some poignant, but there will also be those moments that you'll just bust out laughing. But, hopefully, everything will be in good fun here. And, of course, there's a place below for your comments and thoughts as we go along here. So feel free to join me for the ride -- I sure as heck hope I'm doing this right and not making any mistakes.

Thanks for taking your time in reading Case's Column. Hopefully, you'll enjoy being entertained by it as much as I've enjoyed putting these writings together. And thanks for the time you spend in City-Data.com, where it's great to be alive!



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More Scattershooting / Excuse Me, But Kent Rollins Did WHAT?

Posted 08-30-2021 at 05:34 PM by case44
Updated 09-01-2021 at 05:05 PM by case44

I know y'all are just chomping at the bit. You're out there wondering this: When's Case going to do another Scattershooting? Well, sports fans, that time is now. And herefore I art once again, going here and there as I sometimes do. As I do that, you may be sitting there wherever you may be, and starting to wonder what's become of this crazy world we live in.

Read further, and Ol' Case will reveal as much as he can, right here in our latest Scattershooting.


Many of you may know of a cowboy chef by the name of Kent Rollins. He's based in Oklahoma and has a clientele consisting of people in the farm and ranch industry. In addition, he has his own channel on YouTube (although I really think he should start a Rumble channel) and, over the years, has developed quite a following. He'd put so many different recipes for an array of food items ranging from steaks to chops to biscuits to fried rattlesnake to veggie dishes, he's done them all. It's about 13 years running for his features and that's a long run.

Recently, Kent had come out with a new video entry, and this time, it was more cowboy cooking. The dish he was preparing was traditional cowboy beans. What was startling was what Kent did toward the end of that showing. Folks, you won't believe it. The guy farted during his video after he took a taste of his beans. Farted. Shouldn't one just mind his manners? Kent knows better, but I'm just utterly stunned at that course of action which he took after his obligatory victory dance. Below is a YouTube showing the actual uncut, uncensored Kent Rollins passing gas at the 14:06 mark and not blaming such on his dogs.


And what's even more stunning is that this account may not be the most shocking thing you read on this version of Scattershooting. Just keep reading, and you'll figure it out. It'll be about something else, too, and not Kent Rollins.


The San Francisco Giants continue to be the surprise of Major League Baseball in 2021. Nobody expected them to be this good. No one at all. But there they are, having baseball's best record with a month to go in the season.

Go to mlb.com if you don't believe me. I think they've overachieving, but my hat is off to them for giving a valiant effort.


Hey, Junior, what do you say we go look at some ducks? Junior will probably get a real kick out of this one...............in a harbor in Maine.



One thing Ol' Case is looking forward to is attending Texas high school football games again. From what I've seen, you can get tickets at the ticket offices, even though they prefer you go online. The caveat here is that they won't take cash. Look, I'm fine with credit or debit card purchases, so tickets and getting a good seat is no problem.

I'll plan to attend most games in the Frisco, Texas, area; however, I'll also plan to look at Prosper and their still-new stadium for a couple of games. Worth every penny.


The Houston Astros' development of outfielder Jake Meyers is turning out way better than many sports gurus out there might have wondered. So far, he's made some sensational plays in the outfield and has some real pop in his bat. Come playoff time, he just might be a force for others to deal with. A real pleasant surprise for Houston.


Obituaries include Charlie Watts, the famed drummer for The Rolling Stones. The guy had spent six decades with the band and was the one calm presence among the otherwise-flamboyant rockers. Legend has it that, while all the other band members drove cars and had driver licenses, Charlie did not. He just liked to look at cars. As for his drumming, he just kept things simple. He always used a four-piece set during times when drummers tended to use larger sets. Through the years, Charlie even formed his own jazz ensemble to expand his musical horizons, and it was known as the Charlie Watts Orchestra.

Six decades with the Stones, and none of it to be forgotten. Charlie was 80 years old and did battle a few different health issues in his twilight years.


Here's some good news for Disney World fans. Bring the kids; some great stuff is about to happen.



QuikTrip is quietly entering another Texas market. This writer spotted new construction taking place in Conroe, just outside of Houston. The new work is a brand-new QuikTrip gas station, convenience store, and truck stop. It is going in at Interstate 45 and Wilson Road, and at this writing, it appears to be about 80 percent complete. In addition, I saw additional construction of some gas awnings in Cleveland, TX, on U.S. Highway 59 (future Interstate 69) across the freeway from Love's Travel Stop. It showed the familiar QT colors, so I'm suspecting that that, too, will be a QuikTrip.

I've been speculating for a long time not if, but when QuikTrip would expand to Houston, and I'm still stunned that they decided to build in Austin and San Antonio before even entertaining entering the Bayou City. They've already developed a huge following in Dallas, so it behooves anyone to think that the franchise could look at another large Texas market. And Houston is ripe for another petroleum chain, as there is still room for more competition. Their main competition would be the Stripes chain that you often see in West and South Texas. Although Buc-ee's has smaller versions of its famous travel stops, all of their locations are south of Houston, closer to its headquarters in Lake Jackson, so they're not really that much in terms of competition until they expand their smaller stores north of the South Sam Houston Tollway. Just saying.

Once QT opens up in Conroe, watch out. Community Impact newspapers have been strangely quiet about this, but I suspect some news ought to come out soon about more QT stores in Houston. That market is worth a little bit of hype.

Your move, Lubbock.


Idle thought: If Ralph Bellamy (actor) were a comedian, then he'd be reincarnated as George Gobel.


Jeff Bezos and his new space venture are preparing for taking to the friendly skies despite carrying some baggage.



America's government is in utter turmoil, with this nation all but in tatters. Funny how a rigged election can bring on a dire set of circumstances in such a short period of time. Joe Biden* is, for the moment, the chief subject in the Washington, D.C., puppet show. The administration associated with it is the most heinous in this nation's history. That's today's left, folks. It is heinous. It is vile. Its mission has been clear since before this COVID madness even entered our country. I call it a plandemic because it methodically was planned by Chinese operatives angry over the fact they didn't accomplish their one-world government objective in 2016. Along the left in our country, the Chinese communists have become bitter. Just sour grapes. Joe Biden* just got through doing one of the most unconscionable decisions ever made by any President in history. Our great military weapons developed during the Donald Trump administration were handed over................to the Taliban!!

Can things get any more insane than what we've seen in D.C. the last several months???

Apparently, they can. Who knows what else a dementia patient like Joe Talibiden* will do next?? Our nation is decidedly less safe than it was with Trump in office. Still miss Trump, y'all?? This writer does. While some glimmer of hope still remains in the form of Trump rallies, which are still drawing tens of thousands of people everywhere he goes, our nation is gravely at risk because of Biden* and his penchant for bad decision-making. No president should ever negotiate with terrorists. And now, the Centers for Disease Control is making a push for inclusion, but tragically, in doing so, they want to make sure that criminals and terrorists are treated equally as law-abiding citizens.

~Sigh~ America's government is worse than a hot mess. It's time for us to push back against this travesty before it eats us alive.


Well, so much for McDonald's reopening its dining rooms. Guess what may happen now, thanks to this Delta variant of COVID that's supposedly spreading around?


I'll tell you how we can get over COVID and all that it contains. Deport all the illegal aliens that "President" Talibiden* insists enter the country undetected. They've got COVID and other diseases which prevent Americans from getting over this silly-arsed plandemic. Get rid of every last one of them. Gone. Now.


And regarding the above, this idle thought: Where are all the environmentalist wackos at a time like this?? Illegal aliens are bad for the environment.


Offended? Then move to Mars.


Four weeks after I get my new (Okay, slightly used...) car and what happens? My first flat tire. You can congratulate me later on. I should have just walked into the first Discount Tire store to examine the tires, but no, Case thinks it's just one tire needing a little air when that dreaded tire pressure light came on. One guy dutifully puts air in the right rear tire and the light goes out. Problem solved?? Not a few miles later when I was on my way to a late lunch at Texas Road House in another town when that tire light came back on. This time, I heard some sounds from hell from that same right rear tire.

Fortunately, another Discount Tire was closeby. I had to wait ninety minutes while my tire was being replaced. Folks, don't do what I did. Never assume. Just get the tires checked out to be sure there are no nails or other things. For Ol' Case, that was a $200 mistake.


The National Football League is in enough hot water. And I'll admit: I didn't know that the league is starting to promote sports gambling. The following link will give us the perspective of one former coach who is not infatuated with this latest idea: https://www.foxnews.com/sports/tony-...omote-gambling


By now, you've probably already discovered the most shocking thing posted on today's Scattershooting. I hope, anyway. Pray for this nation.


Labor Day is fast approaching. Hope you have a great time doing something fun during the upcoming weekend. Can you believe that fall is around the corner?

And there you are.
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  1. Old Comment
    Charlie Watts' passing also took place on my vacation, so that now adds another famous name to a long list of famous people who died while Case was out on vacation.

    Not exactly pleasant conversation, mind you, but I can't help but think that all of us will be gone one day.
    Posted 08-30-2021 at 06:38 PM by case44 case44 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Your Astros aren't exactly lacking for talent, Case. Meyers is the real deal. And McCormick came up clutch last night in Anaheim. Siri is another find, too.
    Posted 09-21-2021 at 04:41 PM by malfunction malfunction is offline

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