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Welcome To Case's Column

Let me say a big welcome to all of you for joining me here. I'm going to call these blog meetings Case's Column. I wanted to use "Corner", but that was already taken. Since 2008, it's been a real privilege to come on here and share some of my life with you, and it's a big world where we live.

In these blogs, I'll just speak whatever is on my mind, but we will be playing within the rules here. I may pick a particular topic, point out an event, or shoot the breeze. I'm a little bit of an essayist at times, so I'll just speak what's on my mind, and I might tell a story or two. Or, I might spew out an opinion or three. There will be some serious moments, some tender, some poignant, but there will also be those moments that you'll just bust out laughing. But, hopefully, everything will be in good fun here. And, of course, there's a place below for your comments and thoughts as we go along here. So feel free to join me for the ride -- I sure as heck hope I'm doing this right and not making any mistakes.

Thanks for taking your time in reading Case's Column. Hopefully, you'll enjoy being entertained by it as much as I've enjoyed putting these writings together. And thanks for the time you spend in City-Data.com, where it's great to be alive!



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Scattershooting / Understanding Jalapenos And The Heat They Contain

Posted 11-02-2022 at 05:34 PM by case44
Updated 11-02-2022 at 06:29 PM by case44

It's back. You thought it took a long siesta, but this writer simply couldn't keep it down for very long now, could he?

We are doing some Scattershooting once again on City-Data. Lots of things going on in the world. Thoughts of jalapenos, Elon Musk becoming the boss at Twitter, the World Series, and why Case needs to invite radio guy Phlash Phelps to breakfast if he ever comes back to Texas (likely sooner than I think). And we might even do a little math, too. Stick around and read further, or else, you should just go eat some chocolate cake.


In Texas, jalapenos are not just kind of a big deal. More than that, they are a big deal. The little green, hot, fiery pepper thing-a-ma-bobs are almost the stuff of worship for many Texans. Any restaurant nearly anywhere in the state would serve jalapenos in one form or another, and in many different dishes or baked goods. You'd find them in cornbread. You'd find them in smoked sausage. You'd find them whole. You'd find them sliced and pickled. They're everywhere in the Lone Star State. If you're not too careful, then you'd discover that they're almost a religion in Texas, behind barbecue and football. Let's just hope that they don't somehow end up sprinkled in your morning bowl of cold cereal.

Now, where I come in to the jalapeno equation here has not much to do with me, but with my father. You see, my dad had a thing for jalapenos and other types of hot peppers. None of that bothered him. They're hot, but you wouldn't tell by watching my dad eat little bitty sliced green jalapenos as if they were pieces of candy. The Big Guy was just peppering his peppertoire with pepperage without black pepper.

Jalapenos. Candy. One after the another. And another. And another. Flawless. He'd eat them like there'd be no tomorrow. Case, on the other hand, well...............different story. Every hither and thether, I'd put a few on some bean and cheese nachos. Or I'd have an occasional bite when I have Mexican food somewhere. Maybe once in a full moon, I might have a few for breakfast, but I prefer roasted green chiles. That's another post for another day. But your very humble writer doesn't have the same flair for jalapenos as his dad did. Here, well, not flawless. Saltgrass' range rattlers are not exactly candy, you know. I'll eat them every once in a while, since they have a good combination of shrimp and jalapenos. I might not eat them every day, but it's a good change of pace whenever I call for something different in an appetizer.

Case can never mow down the hot peppers like his dad once did. I just appreciate the health benefits.


Spectrum News D/FW on......Frontier?? That's what your writer just discovered on his abode's television screen yesterday. Several programming changes had taken place on my Frontier cable channel guide and cable package, so apparently, Spectrum's offering now shows up on my telly. All along, I thought that Spectrum News was exclusive only to Spectrum cable subscribers. Perhaps, times have changed.

And there is bad news, as well. One America News is no longer offered by Frontier. ~Sigh~ From what I've read online, the reasons Frontier gives are frivolous, but I know for sure that politics and recent events influenced their decision to remove OAN from my channel lineup. So much for thanking Frontier for including them in my package. Censorship is way out of control. But then....


....you have Elon Musk rescuing Twitter from the doldrums of one-sided speech. Poor little snowflakies just can't handle having an open mind to folks with whom they disagree. If you want a welcoming atmosphere, then that must include people who are different from you.

Well-done, Elon. One day, I might just join Twitter and get in on the conversation.


You've uttered the phrase many times. Sure, you have. "Just wait 'til next year!!" Well, such is the case once again with the Houston Astros. No, they're not done with the World Series, but they did not accomplish what they needed to to gain an advantage in the contest.

The Astros have still not won a Game 1 of any World Series they have ever played in. And now, add this year's Game 1 to that list. Houston lost Game 1 to the Philadelphia Phillies, 6-5, after putting together a five-run lead to start the game. With the starting pitching falling apart, and no offensive magic at the end of the battle, the 'Stros didn't get it done.

Guess what we'll all be talking about next year if the Astros get through the playoffs and make another trip to the Fall Classic?? They must win Game 1 if they go again.


Can you picture a connection between "Weird Al" Yankovic and Madonna? Think hard now. And, to add, a connection of the romantic kind, if you please?



Long overdue, not just for the world but also for this blog page, are belated congratulations to Giorgia Miloni on her resounding victory recently in Italy, ushering in an exciting move to nationalism and populism in that great country. She's the first female premier ever in Italy, but folks, for much of the media to insist on calling her party of choice "far right" is nothing more than a putdown of populism and conservatism. That country had been in bad shape in recent years, shackled in the dark clutches of what once was the European Union.

Things are looking up.


At present, Ol' Case is heading back on a road trip to Katy, near Houston, later this month. I was just there two months ago, and, lo and behold, your writer was elsewhere in the Houston area when, one midday, a huge alligator was spotted in a Katy neighborhood. Our toothy friend actually made it on to live television when authorities were summoned to get the rascal out of there and put back where he needs to be.

That incident took place about two miles from the hotel I stayed at in Katy. Wonder if something like that would occur on my next trip down? Odds are, probably not.


SiriusXM 73 / 60s Gold radio jock Phlash Phelps admitted recently on his morning show that he'd never had eggs Benedict. I think that went on during one of his hourly exchanges with former Idaho radio jock and current Phunny Pharm contributor Kelly Wayne (who still possesses one of the sexiest female voices in radio. You'd swear it was phone sex just by listening carefully to her). As for Phlash's absenteeism from a plate of eggs Benedict, he needs to live it up a little.

Come on, Phlash. You can forsake waffles for one day of your life. I'll show you a few places near where I live for THE best breakfast anywhere.


Democrats are officially the party of cowards and dumb people. See John Fetterman. See Katie Hobbs. How sad it is that, today, Democrats are satisfied with running shallow, lazy, ignorant, and dumb lowlifes to run for public office. How can you not answer a simple question when anyone asks?? Americans want to know. Period. When people like Hobbs run away from reporters, they're basically running away from voters, as well.

Then you have Kathy Hochul, the "replacement" governor in New York, who lectures people on "values". Recently, she told Republican voters and citizens to move out of the state, as she claims that they "don't represent our values". Values? The far left has values? So what are your values, Kathy? What do you espouse?

Furthering the cause for leftism is the ever-unpopular Joe Biden*. He's planning to give another boring speech to the nation, this time from the bowels of the U.S. Capitol building. Hail to the Cheat?? The so-called 46th "president" is not going to accomplish anything worthwhile or positive tonight with his drivel. Bottom line is, he hates America and displays so much contempt for our country. Folks, don't waste your time with that clown. You and I have better things to do with our lives, like watch the World Series between the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies. Real must-see TV! Not that fake Washington Beltway puppet show continuing to insult the intelligences of many an informed voter.

And, by the way, how come we never hear about Chuck Schumer's opponent?? The far-left, militant Democrat Senator from New York is running again, as his latest term ends this year. It is high time someone get him the hell out of office. If only we could know who is running against him in an election which will once again (unfairly) elude said Republican candidate. Pray that New York goes red.


Obituaries of recent times include two country greats: First, Loretta Lynn, and now, Jerry Lee Lewis. Death is real. Loretta was 90 and was one of the first female superstars of the country music scene in the 1960s, the decade I still consider the most explosive in history. Jerry Lee made a nice transition from rockabilly to country and brought his unique brand into the genre. One of his cousins, Mickey Gilley, had also passed away earlier this year. Lewis was 87.

Rest in peace, y'all. Great country music memories shared by all of those artists will live on forever.


Former Houston Astro and New York Yankee southpaw Andy Pettitte truly believes that baseball can unify a politically-divided country. Honest and for true. If you think about, then I think he is on to something.


And on the flip side, sports rival cities have a ways to go. When the Astros tried to place a catering order with a legendary (supposedly) Philadelphia pizzeria, the restaurant's owner refused to serve them. Okay, then. It's that eatery's loss, and they missed out on a sale. Sadly, sports has turned into pure hate, and it's egregiously apparent in Philadelphia. I guess Angelo's has a thing against visitors.


Speaking of Houston, QuikTrip gas stations and convenience stores are finally making inroads in the Bayou City. A new northeast side location is going in near Interstate 69 and North Sam Houston Parkway. A cashier at their recently-opened Conroe location did confirm to me that they're definitely on the way and many more are to come. It's long-awaited, regardless of anything I've shared here before about QT. Stay tuned.


Ever wonder what to do with a used-up pumpkin? It's that time of year again, and take a look at this below link:



This particular post just happens to be typed on Multiplication Day. That's right, sports fans: The date of this is 11-2-22. Every mathematician should figure this one out.


Before you start thinking that Dallas-Fort Worth is back to having three sports stations on radio in the market, think again. For starters, it's the end of an era for KEGL-FM (97.1), as it had spent much of four decades playing rock and roll in one form or another and had been known to so many listeners as The Eagle. And the music actually goes further back than that. Prior to The Eagle, it was known as Z97, a play off of KFJZ-FM.

So today, the format is supposed to suggest sports, but it really isn't. It does have some hosts who previously did sports on other Metroplex stations, most notably Mike Rhyner and the combination of Ben & Skin. I guess you could say that the format will be Man Talk, but we shall see where the new foray goes.


The far left must be defeated. Get your arses to your local precincts and VOTE! This republic depends on it. Want to cancel Cancel Culture? Want to put a damper on Sleepy Joe* while he keeps wetting in his Depends? Get to the polls. You can do something about it.


Thanksgiving is right around the corner. My sincerest hope is that you have plenty to be thankful for as we approach that season to come.

And there you are.
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  1. Old Comment
    That would be a trip if you did get on Twitter, Case. One thing, though: What username will you use?
    Posted 11-22-2022 at 05:22 PM by malfunction malfunction is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Mal, I haven't made up my mind yet on Twitter, but then, I've been busy with Christmas. And if I told you what a potential username might be, it wouldn't be in this venue.
    Posted 12-20-2022 at 05:34 PM by case44 case44 is online now

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