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Posted 01-06-2023 at 07:29 AM by jbgusa
Updated 02-25-2023 at 07:39 PM by jbgusa


Originally Posted by Ann Alison View Post
Traitor b****
POC, not here.


Originally Posted by Easternman View Post
Cops are a-holes wherever you go. If you give uniform, guns and authority to a select group over others they will abuse that power, especially if they are not too bright to begin with. But I found that cops in the US are really normal compared to the country in Central EU where I live.

The problem in the US is - well how should I say it? Black people and guns are simply not a good combination. Every ethnic group is good at something. Give blacks unlimited amount of basketballs.
At least he aims his racism at groups other than Jews. This is wildly inappropriate IMHO

Originally Posted by Easternman View Post
I want to take a step back. Let's make something clear: it's not anti-Semitism to criticize the international Jewry. Anti-Semitism is hate towards Jewry, not criticism.

It's certainly true that people still have a resentment towards the Jewry and it's not baseless. It's wrong to generalize an ethnicity but we are humans and we do that based on certain characteristics of said group. We talk about the disproportionate amount of crime black people commit, because it's a fact and there can be many different historical reasons behind the way it is but that won't change the everyday reality of being victims of these crimes. It is not racism to talk about facts.

There is a new trend to blame everything on white males, it's openly allowed and even pushed by certain organizations and the mainstream media. But there is an enormous outrage when even the least bit of criticism is said about the Jewry (see the example of Roger Waters from most recently). Why should we walk on eggshells when talking about them? People still have a resentment towards Jewry because in America they more or less own the monopoly on mass-opinion forming which bears a big responsibility to keep a society stable and as morally intact as possible. Jews are the one-percenters that own the majority of Hollywood, MSM, Big Pharma, Big Business, yada-yada. It's true. The problem is that under the nice clothing of philanthropy, the ideals of open society and their NGOs for minority rights, there is also a repulsive element. The resentment is not about envy for their power, but for what they do with it. Most people just want to live their lives without the degenerate ideologies that are being pushed against the nuclear family, traditional societal values and gender conception.

If we have to talk about the sins of white people all day and all night long, let's not walk on eggshells and also talk about the Frankfurt school, the academic elite in the US that grew out of it and the ideologies they push on the young that still have a much too elastic mind to be able to filter the propaganda from the truth.
International Jewry??? Really?? Sounds like something out of Dreyfus Affair France or Mein Kampf. There's a raft of anti-Jewish posts by this poster.


Originally Posted by lookingaround12345 View Post
Because he is talking about them like they can just be shipped anywhere he wants them to on a whim. We can just put those troublesome Jews, illegals whatever on a train. Let's offer them a train is a bit different than let's put them on one. I don't like illegals coming here myself but sometimes the conversations get to the point where they are treated as less than humans. They aren't objects you can just move with out consent, unless you process them and remove them under law. I wish they would do that right at the border.
"We can just put those troublesome Jews, illegals whatever on a train." - That's ugly


Originally Posted by Easternman View Post
I want to see the US stop funding the Jews with $38 billion in military aid and I want to see the Jews give back their stolen land to the Palestinians firstly, then we can talk about Putin's departure from Ukraine.
Off-topic and inflammatory


Originally Posted by Mrpepelepeu View Post
I advice you to put Peconic to your ignore list. That or report him to the FBI, because quite frankly I wouldn't be surprised if he attempts a mass shooting.
Personal attack!


Originally Posted by jbgusa View Post
I was searching the phrase "sumptuary laws.".Sumptuary laws are laws designed to limit or discourage consumption. The effect of England's old sumptuary laws was to ensure that the rich could afford just about everything.I came across it in my reading of Friends Divided: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson by Gordon S. Wood. Going back to ancient Greek time, there was a philosopher named Epicuris, who believed (link to source):The incoming Christian culture did not agree, as I read in The Swerve: How the World Became Modern by Stephen Greenblatt. I did not think of any modern connections in thought, Indeed, I had thought that this line of thinking was recent, a response to post-War prosperity.

Thinking about it now, it seeped into the U.S. via books such as the 1950's classic by John Kenneth Galbraith, The Affluent Society. This foreshadowed by other authors and thinkers, such as Travels with Charley: In Search of America by John Steinbeck. In Travels Steinbeck rails against conspicuous consumption and other signs of affluence. One of the opening paragraphs of The American Way of Death by Jessica Mitford reads:Apparently, this goes back to John Adams and further, to the Puritans. I wonder if now it influences advocacy of self-abnegation with environmental laws and other policies.
73 views and no reply. Please shut down thread unless you can find a way to activate it.


Originally Posted by jbgusa View Post
That comment was uncalled for.

The article speaks to the subject, and I doubt that you looked at the article. The fact that that interaction occurred at a Jewish funeral home is what bothers me still. I wound up returning to Jewish practice anyway, as I've detailed elsewhere. The Rabbi's input later that day was far more positive than the funeral home's or even that unnecessarily harsh post.

It was my only personal experience with cremation from a Jewish perspective, thank G-d. I do not know what I have done, on CD, to offend you.
I'm reporting my own post and the post to which it responds. I am not sure if my post is a personal attack. Gerania's post sure is.

Originally Posted by OyCrumbler View Post
I think MTA was and is incompetent in many ways and went in very extensive detail for why ESA was not only done poorly, but was not the right thing to do in the first place which I covered in the other thread specifically about ESA. I have no interest in defending them. The bet is because I often find the ignorance in your posts repulsive and would prefer you were gone so there's less of a constant reminder that brand of stupidity exists.
This post and
Originally Posted by OyCrumbler View Post
Oh, I see, you're just shooting the breeze and that's not what's actually been verified as the issue.
OyCrumbler has a habit of attacking the poster and not the post. I don't want him "infracted" but he should be "moderated" into curbing his nastiness.
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