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The Book of Life "My Demons Hide" Chapter 16

Posted 07-08-2023 at 10:29 PM by High.priestess.Sarah

I know that we are in the school auditorium right now, but let's quietly gather around boys and girls so that I can tell you a story of Enchantment! It just seemed like yesterday when I was walking in the sacred forest where everything was so alive and beautiful and wanting to celebrate this wonderful gift of life with me! Yes, that was the age of innocence, the time we were all beautiful and sacred creatures of our Earth where the sun always shined, and the sadness was never known. I saw the beauty in everything, I saw the beauty in you, and there you were reading our book! Oh, I so wanted to reach out to you, hold you and tell you how much you mean to me, but I wasn't sure if you were going to take the leap of Faith, join our family and read our private thoughts from our Sacred book, but you did and now you are with us for eternity my love! I saw your name in our Book of Life Sunshine, as well as me, Isis, Aphrodite, ShadowFire and the other 7 billion beautiful souls in our world too! We all have a reason and a purpose for being here and we are connected in ways you could never imagine, but somewhere along the line we lost our gift, our ability to recognize the Sacredness and beauty we all possess. Yes, the dark days came but we grew as a family and hope our love is contagious to everyone we meet! Wow, it seems like yesterday while we were playing in our garden when that naughty demon escaped from our tree! We had such an adventure and each of us found the people we so desperately needed to make a difference in our life and the lives around us. I found you Sunshine and I placed my book out for you to read and it touched my heart that you did! I found our temporary parents in Kirkland Washington, and it was so nice to have them watch over us! It gave us a chance to be normal girls for a while and that was the key for us to give love and happiness to everyone we meet! Oh Sunshine, we are very powerful witches, but our greatest power came from love! The love from our parents, the love we have for the people we meet, and the love we have for each other in our family, and that includes you, my dearest sweet Angel! Well mom was true to her word, we had many sunrises and sunsets as a family, chocolate drinks, hugs and plenty of love that went by way too fast for my taste. It was so difficult to say goodbye to our mother on the last day of Earth with her, but I did get to blow her a kiss before we had to leave! I can't say goodbye to you either Sunshine because your family too, so I will say what we say to the ones that are with us forever: Merry Meet, Merry Part, And Merry Meet Again! I knew you, and loved you, long before we ever met, I kept you deep in my heart when we were apart, and when we meet up again, you will bring me the greatest joy of my life! Remember that we are never really apart and like every good legend I have 2 gifts for you to remember me by: If you are every lonely or need contact with me, go back to the beginning of our story and find the contact spell I gave to ShadowFire. I promise to have my fingers on the (((o))) symbols while you have yours on it too! Also, if you ever happen to be walking outside on a calm windless day and a sudden gush of wind blows on you, it's just me blowing kisses in your direction to let you know I am nearby and thinking of you with all my heart! Well Sunshine, I love you more than life itself and will keep you close to me for eternity! I thank you for giving me the chance to share my life with you and no I'm not going to cry! I'm just going to say I love you!" Aphrodite wants to speak to you next my dear! Thanks for everything you are and everything you do my love! From your loving sister Astraea!

Hi sweetie it's your number one love Goddess Aphrodite here and I just wanted to thank you for being part of our family, you mean the world to me! I wish we could have more time together, but remember you are never alone when you are with us! I hope you liked my witty charm, and good looks, ha-ha, and sense of humor; But in all honesty when I say I'm beautiful, I'm very humbled and thankful for our Creator that made everyone as beautiful as I am. You're very beautiful too my love, don't ever forget that! I know society conditions us to say we are conceited if we think we're beautiful but there is no shame to see your beauty when you see the beauty in others as well! Anyway, my dearest love, like Astraea, I have gifts for you to remember me by too; So every time you look in a mirror and see your beautiful soul, think of me and I will be thinking of you! Also if you happen to be outside and you're suddenly caught in a rainstorm just know it was me throwing a bucket of water at ya, ha-ha! Anyway, If you can laugh and smile even though you're getting soaking wet, you made it home and understood what I am all about as we play in the rain for a sweet eternity! Oh Sunshine, I love you so much and so glad you are part of our family, and remember as I leave you, I gave you a kiss while you were sleeping earlier and now part of my soul is with you forever, remember me because you will always be in my heart forever my love! Xoxo!

Hello Sunshine, my love, I'm Isis, Mother of Earth and Sky, but I also want you to know that you mean the world to me too and I am so glad that you are part of our family! I know you have so many questions about what happened, so my gift to you is the story you missed out on, your battle with the demon inside, and how you can help us change the world one person at a time!

I'll start off with the easy stuff first and talk up to the events of the final battle between ShadowFire, Lucy and her demon that he will tell you about in the final chapter of our book! Just remember my love, we have a living book and when our adventure ends yours will just begin and we will always be looking over you as you continue on with your beautiful life!

Well after our little Séance and playing with our mom the rest of the morning, Dylan and Gina came back to the house when school was over with some exciting news! Everyone that attended our party that night believed they dreamed the same dream and they all asked Dylan about it! Yes, our happy couple was the main talk of the school the whole day and they were the most popular kids at school! It was kind of funny though because the kids at school forgot all about us but that is the way we wanted it since it was time for Dylan and Gina to shine and take over where we left off.

For the next couple of days, weeks and months we kept a low profile and helped Dylan and Gina behind the scenes as best as we could. Gina was true to her word and organized so many charity events to help their community out. They organized a soup kitchen to help feed the homeless and the people were so thankful! The kids at school were helping the unfortunate people but the appreciation and love the homeless shown the kids was priceless and for the first time in their life they saw how a little bit of kindness can change your heart in ways you could never imagine! When you help others, you receive blessings times 3, and so much more!

Oh Sunshine, it is so strange, in our previous story we battled demons in front of millions of people with the fate of the world in our hands, but in this story all we did was to be normal, well semi normal kids, in school ha-ha! During our brief stay here though, we changed lives! We helped Gina and Dylan come out of their shell and now they are making a difference with so many lives in their community! We helped our counselor Miss Lan Wu with her grief from her sister that passed away several years ago and helped her change so that she stopped treating her niece Lucy so badly and the kids she was supposed to be helping at our school! We helped the kids understand that everyone has a purpose for being here like our custodian friend Ruben that worked so hard to support his family, and food server Charlotte to dream of Paris France. We also helped our new best friend Cindy that was going to commit suicide the day we had our sacred walk with Gina and Dylan. Now Cindy has dedicated her life to helping others and became a first degree initiate of Wicca. She is going to be the resident witch that is going to help Dylan and Gina out when we have to leave this Winter's Solstice. She is a very capable and loving person that is going to take our place when we leave and like Merlin that helped King Arthur out, she is the beautiful Enchantress that is going to be there for Dylan and Gina when they need her!

Isn't it amazing how all this happened? While We were walking our Sacred walk with Dylan and Gina, we almost missed her hurting soul when we walked past her with our distractions, but I felt her pain and so did the girls! Now Cindy has a reason and a purpose for being here and is going to make a difference to so many lives because she chose to live, instead of die on that crucial day of her life!

Oh Sunshine, I guess the moral of this story is that you don't have to be a Wonder Woman or Superman to make a difference in the world! All you have to do is have the courage to get up each morning and live your normal life! Don't let the pain and hurt close your eyes to the sacred beautiful creation you truly are and help those that are hurting too. If we can love one another instead of hate, we can be a family and return back to our Sacred selves while we walk this Earth! Oh, what a beautiful sight that would be, Sunshine! Until that precious moment returns though, just know that we will always be close by and watching over you as you continue on with your life!

Well Sunshine, it's time to face your demon now and the choice you make will change your life forever as it has changed ours! The demon you have to face is not the ones that are running around our world, it is the demon that is inside each and every one of us! The demon of doubt, mistrust, hate and anger, from a cruel world that doesn't care about us! Choose wisely my love because that is what the demon wants you to think, but we have found a better way! We found that love is the way to leave the hate behind, come with us my love and leave that demon behind!

Oh Sunshine! Living in your world for a couple of months helped us realize how hard it is to be a normal girl in the crazy world your poor souls live in! You are the true heroes, and I am so proud and honored to stand by your side while we face those demons of doubt that will continue to attack us while we are here!

Well Sunshine, you faced your demon, now the time has come to face ours! We all have a roll to play while we fight the good fight! My role is to hold everyone together when everything falls apart, Astraea's role was her vision of what we needed to do to defeat the demon. ShadowFire's role is to fight the demon with his sword and Aphrodite's role is to remove the defeated demon from Lucy and place it into her body so we can transport it back to the Underworld. Your role is the most important one of all, it is to be a witness so that you can be an inspiration to everyone as you tell the story of how evil was defeated by love on that faithful Saturday of December 21st at 8:19 pm.

It's 8 pm right now my love, I have to transport you to Miss Wu's office where Shadowfire is at with Lucy right now as we speak. Hold on to Aphrodite's hand and close your eyes so you can go to them, they need your help! We will be behind you in a few minutes, right now we are attending a special ceremony in the school auditorium, that is honoring Miss Wu, Dylan and Gina as well as all the kids that helped their community out during the school year! This was the last straw that broke Lucy! She couldn't believe that people were honoring a monster with an award when her aunt was so cruel to her before she changed! Lucy was going to get even! She already had it planned out. She hid some gas cans nearby and doused her aunt's office to burn it down. Lucy was going to burn in her office, the symbol of what Lan Wu stood for and finally show the people what a monster her aunt really is! Her demons and her hate made her think this was the only way out, but we have another way for her! We only hope and pray she chooses Love over hate, but it is her decision to make, and we have to time this perfectly or all is lost!

"Close your eyes now my love and hold my hand! I'll keep you safe but just know that when you open your eyes back up we are going to be in Miss Wu's office with ShadowFire and Lucy! It's going to be scary since the fire already started outside her office and is building up while ShadowFire and Lucy fight! Be strong my love, and don't let the demon of doubt take over your emotions, have faith in Astraea's vision and pray we can save Lucy before it is too late! I know it's scary to transport through the veil from one place to another and it is going to take a few moments for your body to adjust from being in the auditorium to instantly being in Lan Wu's office, but by holding hands we will be strong and the love that we have for each other will overcome any fear that is our heart!"

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