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The Book of Life "The Final Battle!"

Posted 07-08-2023 at 10:45 PM by High.priestess.Sarah

"My love are you ok? You can open your eyes now but stay close to the floor because the smoke and fire is intense!" You open your eyes but are disoriented from the smoke and the fire that is nearby from the other side of the wall. When you look further down you see 2 figures fighting with swords, it just seemed so surreal and bizarre. "There's not much we can do honey; we just have to wait until the right time comes" That was Aphrodite's soothing voice talking to you as you were watching ShadowFire and Lucy fight!

"Come on Lucy let's see what you got! We're in the counselor's office, time for some therapy to get all that anger out of you!" Lucy lunged at ShadowFire with all her might and the swords clashed loudly amidst the flames "I'll show you what I got! I'm a Batton twirling cheerleader and this sword is going to twirl in your heart!" She lunged at him again with all her might "UGH!" "Oh such power, such anger, such strength and clumsiness! I could have killed you 15 different ways by now my dear! Do you really think you have a chance against me?" ShadowFire said to Lucy, and she responded, "You fool, I don't need to kill you by sword, I just have to delay you a few more seconds before the fire will kill you!" and ShadowFire said "That's great Lucy, but the fire will kill you too! What's that going to accomplish?" "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!" "That's right Lucy, but why do you have all this anger inside of you what happened to make you this way?" Lucy was holding back her tears "Because I saw my mother possess that girl's body to give my brother and aunt one last kiss before she left this Earth, and she didn't even say goodbye to me!" "Is that what you think happened Lucy?" Lucy responded with hurt emotion "Yes I saw it with my own 2 eyes, she didn't even care about me but she cared about my aunt who is a monster!" ShadowFire gently responded "Oh Lucy, your mother loved you more than life itself! She did kiss you, but you were in such a blind rage that you didn't notice it at the time, and it broke her heart!" Lucy yelled and lunged at ShadowFire again with all her might "LIAR!" That is when ShadowFire raised his hand up and you noticed Aphrodite throw her compact mirror for him to catch "Look into the mirror Lucy! It never lies, what do you see in the reflection?" Lucy was confused and caught off guard when ShadowFire gave her the mirror and Shadowfire yelled "LOOK!" That's when Lucy looked at the compact mirror and saw that there was a lipstick kiss on her forehead "Yes Lucy, your mother loved you so much! She kissed you too, but you were hurting so much that day you didn't even notice it, but She's here right now Lucy, one last time to hold you and give you a final kiss!" When Lucy looked up her mother came walking to her from beyond and it broke her down to tears! "Oh, my sweet baby, I love you so much!" Lucy went to her mother and hugged her with all her might while her mother gave her a final kiss and Lucy cried "Mama!" The circle was complete! Lucy somehow remembered the first contact she had when she was a newborn baby with her mother and the last contact she is ever going to have before her mother has to depart! Oh, it was so overwhelmingly emotional for the 2 of them but time was short, and her mother only had enough time to say, "I will be with you forever my child and some day we will meet up again but until then, you need to return to the living!" She pointed to the door where people were anxiously awaiting outside as the fire engulfed the building!

When Lucy looked back at her mom, Aphrodite was holding her and said, "Go to our mom Lucy, she needs you!" She shook her head and left but didn't know how she was going to get out of the building since the fire was intensely hot! By some miracle though, she didn't burn when she ran through the flames and stumbled out of the building.

By then our mother was hysterical, she knew that Aphrodite was inside the burning building and Isis had to restrain her from going inside while saying "It's ok mom, have Faith! Aphrodite knows what she is doing, and she is going to be ok!" Isis had to keep everyone under control as the drama unfolded! Astraea, Dylan, Gina, Cindy and dad were nearby while everyone else was further away from the fire while looking at the tragic event unfolding before their very eyes!
Lucy came running to our mom and was crying hysterically "I messed up so much, I caused the fire!" Mom reached out to her new daughter and the 2 never let go! "It's ok Lucy, I got you now and I'm never going to let go!" everyone huddled so close to one another as the fire raged on but then a peculiar thing happened!

"TA DA!!!!" It came from Cindy, and she yelled at the top of her voice that made everyone look at her for a split second which was more than enough time for us to perform some magick of our own! Oh Cindy, we love you so dearly girl! You are a fast learner and an excellent magician's assistance! You gave us a beautiful distraction that any magician needs to amaze the crowd with smoke and mirrors from the illusions of magic! you're going to be a fine witch and advisor to Dylan and Gina when we are gone!

Shadowfire yelled back at Lucy and the crowd from the burning building and said, "WHAT FIRE?" When everyone looked back at the school there was no trace of a fire, nothing! It all magically disappeared, and that distraction gave us just enough time for Isis and Astraea to magically run to the entrance of the building where Aphrodite, You and ShadowFire were standing at! We are incredibly fast runners, when we have magic on our side, and for a split second, ShadowFires family and Lucy's new family were able to see each other as they disappeared with the fire that came from the building!

For a split-second mom saw Astraea blow her a kiss from the other side before she disappeared with the others and finally understood why they had to leave. ShadowFire's family didn't belong in our world and her new family wasn't ready to go where her daughters are from! It was a hard lesson for her to learn, but it made mom hold Lucy even tighter as she motioned for all her family to come together and hug them too! Dad, Gina, Dylan, and even Cindy came and hugged eachother for what seemed like an eternity as the night continued on!
Oh Sunshine, 2019 was the last year of innocence for so many people. When the plague hit us the following year, we were cursed from holding one another like a family should! Our love could be a death sentence to the very ones we hold so close to our hearts. We were designed to bond with one another with the contact we so desperately need for love! That first contact between a mother holding her infant child for the first time, the contact between family that loves one another so dearly! We have to be careful now because of the plague, but in time the things we took for granted will return and maybe someday we can find a way to love again to a world that so desperately needs healing! Until that time comes though we will be watching over you!

I guess I should explain some more things before we have to leave Sunshine, you see when you were in the fire with Aphrodite, Miss Wu came back from the light to channel through Aphrodite's body, to give her daughter Lucy a final hug, but that hug also gave Aphrodite a chance to get the demon out of Lucy and possess her body! It was a great strain for Aphrodite, but we managed to get the demon to the tree at our property just in time when Aphrodite lost consciousness!

We were holding Aphrodite pleading with her not to give up and I was in a panic, but Isis strength helped me stay calm. After what seemed like a terrible eternity Aphrodite said with a weak smile "Gee, I sure would like some pancakes right about now!" We all laughed with tears coming out of our eyes and said "Aphrodite, you can have all the pancakes you ever want!" And hugged her with all our might!

Well Sunshine, our story ended but yours has just begun! We need you to do a few things when you return back to your world! We need to hear you say "Hello Beautiful" every time you look into the mirror, laugh whenever you're caught in a rainstorm, blow kisses back at the wind that blows on you out of the blue, and smile if you ever see the Full moon at midnight! Be in awe and wonder at every Sunrise and Sunset you are blessed to see and be thankful for the marvelous gift of life you possess! You are one of a kind beautiful soul that has awaken to the infinite possibilities of what you can accomplish with the love of your new family that loves you so dearly!

Oh Sunshine, I know you think this is a fictitious book, but it really isn't! These girls really exist! I saw them when I briefly died and went to Heaven/Summerland/Paradise! They were so full of love, kindness and grace! I never knew that this kind of love could ever exist, and it changed my heart forever! Could you imagine what it feels like to have so many beautiful souls come up to you with complete joy in their hearts by your mere presence! I'm not special but they made me feel like I was and it was their love that inspired me to write this book! I hope this story inspires you to tell others just how special and important they are as well as you! The world moves with every breath you take Sunshine, and the Universe celebrates every day you rise up to face the world with your sweet presence! Be an inspiration, make a change in the world and know that you are loved by millions of souls that are watching over you as we speak! Take care Sunshine, I love you with all my heart! Now gently close your eyes and rest now, when you open your eyes back up you will be back in the world of the living! Live your life well, be strong for the ones that need you and know that you are loved for eternity! As you slowly go back to your world, I whispered your name to you, and it is as beautiful as you are my love!

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