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Moderator reports starting 8-21-2023

Posted 08-21-2023 at 02:52 PM by jbgusa
Updated 03-03-2024 at 05:13 PM by jbgusa

Originally Posted by leoliu View Post
He should resign. His jewish background should disqualify him to mess around in ME on behalf of the US due to conflict of interests.

A group of 19 predominantly Democratic lawmakers is calling on Secretary of State Antony Blinken to provide answers about why he bypassed Congress last month to approve arms sales to Israel.
“It is essential for Congress to be able to conduct oversight of these arms transfers and determine whether they are consistent with humanitarian principles and U.S. law, and whether they advance or harm U.S. national security,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter dated Friday and obtained by CNN.
The top US diplomat made two emergency determinations in December to immediately approve the transfer hundreds of millions of dollars in military equipment to Israel. The first was transmitted to Congress in early December for more than 13,000 tanks shells; the second, in late December for “155mm ancillary items including fuzes, charges, and primers that make 155mm shells functional.”

Group of Democrats call on Blinken to provide answers on bypassing Congress to approve arms sales to Israel


The thread and post are fine, but very similar to https://www.city-data.com/forum/auto...l#post66362571 .
Originally Posted by victimofGM View Post

Proposed legislation is to require vehicles sold in California to have something that will limit the vehicle to no more than 10 mph above posted speed limit.
The thread and post are fine, but very similar to https://www.city-data.com/forum/cali...l#post66344253

Originally Posted by ShoppaChoppa View Post
Check out Clotheslyne: https://www.clotheslyne.com. They service New York.

Originally Posted by GoCardinals View Post
I’ve heard Jewish Rabbis are the one who suck the penis of small children to perform a certain religious ritual.

Or you are referring to the priests of catholic church?
Originally Posted by xray731 View Post
As a supposed Mod - you are baiting people on a forum you moderate and that's against the rules. You continue to do this and will be reported. I suggest others report also.
Discussing, criticizing moderation

Originally Posted by cyberwires1 View Post
We have a very serious situation on CD: city-data Online Posting forums website this year.... There is a Moderator that is deleting hundreds to thousands of Online Posts from multiple senior member usernames. We can't trust that Cybercriminal in the Moderator's list! Lech Mazur, and Yac will have to remove some of these Moderators that are not acting right since January 2023. They are going to go on a malicious rampage cycle with banning all of our Senior members that actually follow the rules, and continue to delete absolutely everything that we have Online on this website. I am going to arrest the CEO, 10-30 Moderators if they don't start fixing the situation with my username since 11-12 months ago! PUT BACK 1,400-1,500 of my top rank solid Online Post ON MY USERNAME OR I HAVE TO FINISH THIS POLICE, FBI INTERVENTION ORDER CASE! Including 100 amazing Topics. They deleted other member's own Online Posts, also. All of the Moderators, Yac, and the CEO are going to get physically restrained handcuffed thrown into jail, and don't forget of course a concentration camp sewer torture chamber after death for the harm that they caused to me. Sorry, this website isn't good for now on and the traffic is going way down. I am going to create a new Online Posting forums website within 1 year after I reach 41 to 51 Countries International Countries visited from 31 now up to 35. Going to tell my 200+ CD friends to Online Post on the newly made website. : )

Very sad DontH8me, euro123, scrat335, lovecrowds, and me got banned for zero valid reasons. I am postponing my own suicide for my Travels and to see my own 22nd Website develop with a brand new Online Posting forums website for the Internet. Kind of busy on this Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America mega trip. Probably, have to wait until I return home to create OnlinePostingForumsOPF website.

The CEO, Moderators have to start restoring my username, and entire situation with CD: city-data. However, they are acting weird, suspicious since January-March 2023. Can we trust them? I don't think so. We will unfortunately lose much more Senior members for no reason, and tons of top rank Online Posts on our Website that just get deleted without any valid justification to speak of. Psychotic gibberish from those Cybercriminals such as Mike from back east, elnina, PJSaturn, MQ801. Not too late to just apologize to and put me back.
Commenting/attacking moderation?

Originally Posted by jbgusa View Post
Jews are the only people who suffered organized hate to the extent they have. There’s never been an attempt to totally exterminate another group. The Holocaust was the only such attempt. “River to the Sea” is another.
In my post, “'River to the Sea' is another." is arguably not history related. I am about to report the ones under the from cb2008 which appear to violate the "history" rule as well. I am not asking to be given an infraction. (and posts below)

Originally Posted by bostongymjunkie View Post
This is the person who came here and said "you're missing something" after I said it will drive business away and then scooted away? You clearly had not even read the proposal. The proposal is about forcing companies to pay OT for any hours over 32. I never said that would work. Do more following the conversation and less playing a victim. Stay out of that liquor cabinet.
He doesn't stop with the personal attacks

Originally Posted by bostongymjunkie View Post
You're crippled, huh? 'Cause you might not be able to use your gas powered blower? Sounds like a sad "lifestyle."
Two personal attacks


Originally Posted by jbgusa View Post
I reported him. He/she/it is nasty.
jbgusa - Please delete. I meant that for a DM and did not mean a personal insult.

Originally Posted by Lowexpectations View Post
Another terrible opening post with no frame of reference or opinion by the OP to drive conversation
Personal attack

Originally Posted by Lowexpectations View Post
So despite you lack of knowledge and historical reference we are supposed to rely on your data points not only to be accurate but also to magically override decades of documented history? Mkay well new guy to investing that’s simply not how any of this works
Another personal attack by this poster

Originally Posted by MantidFungoPop View Post
Man armored Israeli tractor running over a Palestinian civilian in Gaza, https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnewsvideo/s/3TIC8pTMEd
Very similar name to another poster, MatidFungo I think
Originally Posted by KariLong View Post
I often listen to all music, I often listen to rock music, I can listen all day on spotify premium apk, you can go to the music link: https://modilimitado.com/spotify-premium-apk-1
Is this an improper advertisement?

Originally Posted by Parnassia View Post
You had enough time to get close enough to kill it and to apply a tool to kill it with but not enough time to identify it? A shovel, rake, broom or some other long handled tool would have allowed you to shove it away from your furniture, trap it in a container to relocate, or to convince it to crawl in another direction.

If you live where venomous snakes are common wouldn't it make sense to learn to identify them at various life stages? Copperheads are pretty distinctive.




Glad you aren't the police: shoot first, ask questions later.
Belongs in POC. "...shoot first ask later."
Originally Posted by WesterlyWX View Post
Oh what a load of rubbish
Personal attack. He or she does it constantly. No reason for this.

Originally Posted by Countingwines View Post

Mr Adams said it will destroy our city. It’s real. It is planned, and Mr Adams is just reaching for straws because he is not elite, basically, he screwed us all over.

We are MAJORLY screwed. !!

NYC is a Latino crap hole and the future of NYC is MUSLIM

NYC will become SIGNIFICANTLY worse off. More worse off than any of us can imagine
Very racist


Originally Posted by Tiredofnyclife View Post
New suggestion. Put the migrants into wealthy liberal enclaves in Ny like Scarsdale ( land of Jewish American princesses), Chappaqua, Bronxville ( not to be confused with the Bronx), Tarrytown, and other places in Westchester.

Then build a wall around the enclaves! Keep those migrants inside with the limosine liberals! Let's see how fast they become Fox news viewers.
Not sure if "Jewish American Princess" or its acronym belongs here. I grew up in Scarsdale and the reference is unnecessarily offensive.
Originally Posted by LadyDefi View Post
You know that all humans are never clear. Including you. This is why we argue and act like savages.
Personal attack on first post!

Originally Posted by Scrapiron65 View Post
Oldpuss....Old glory. Woops,.my mistake.
Childish personal attack

Originally Posted by WVNomad View Post
Maybe some of the posters here need to brush up on their understanding of the Constitution...minor stuff like how a President it's criminal to try and overturn the results of an election, support an insurrection, steal highly classified government documents and refuse to return them when asked by appropriate officials. Otherwise, a trip to Hungary, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia or some place else with a strong armed dictator that they seem to admire at US expense.
Off-topic. This thread is not about January 6, 2021.
Originally Posted by hotkarl View Post
You, are a dick. And obviously a troll. Go get cancer and die douchebag.
Personal attack, vile language

Originally Posted by Mathguy View Post
Gore lost because of Elian Gonzalez.


1000ish votes in florida and the Cuban American vote in the state swung by 100k votes from 2000 to 2004.

We were then treated to 8 years of "voting cheating" and election hacking claims from Diebold (now Dominion).

Welcome to history.
Originally Posted by redguard57 View Post
Something people forget about 2000 is that the polls were wrong. About as wrong as 2016. But they were wrong the other way. For most of October, Bush had what looked like a modest but comfortable ~5 point lead. Gore was behind for most of the 2000 season. People were ready to move on from 8 years of Clinton.

The Bush DUI story dropped about a week before the election. Still Bush was ahead by 2-3 points.

Against expectations, Al Gore actually won the popular vote by 0.5%.

If Gore had known it was all going to come down to Florida, I imagine he'd have campaigned a bit differently. There were also other states that were VERY close - New Mexico and New Hampshire in particular. Also Wisconsin and Missouri. Things were so close any little change could have flipped the result. Had Gore won New Hampshire, which was decided by only 3700 votes, he would have won the election regardless of Florida.

In fact, it took a while for New Mexico's results to be resolved. If Florida had been more clear in favor of Bush, I expect there would have still been uncertainty and legal battles in NM and NH.

Hard to say whether Ralph Nader's presence on the ballot cost Gore the election. Nader ran because the Democrats of the 90s had become quite conservative relatively speaking. Sometime, re-watch the 2000 election debates on youtube. I did a couple years ago, and I was amazed how little daylight there was between Gore and Bush on policy. Gore knew more details and bullet points, Bush was a little more free market oriented and vague, but they were within the same ballpark or even the same infield on a lot of things. The left was not being satisfied at all, and Nader was a former hero of the left from the 70s. It kind of made sense why he ran.

The Democrats have learned from this, thanks to both 2000 and 2016. Both times they lost, arguably because of key losses from their left flank. Ie: In 2020 and as president, Biden has given a big bear hug to all things Bernie Sanders, basically negating any serious opposition from that wing. If you were a Sanders supporter, you really can't argue that Biden hasn't done or at least tried to do a good amount of what you wanted.
Originally Posted by mofford View Post
I'm sure more than 300 people in Florida, independents and moderates, were swayed by Clinton's corruption. and that's all it took to win it for GW. We had to wait until December 12th when the supreme court voted 5 to 4 to give the Florida EC votes to Bush.

There was another scandal still fresh from 1996, in which Al Gore was involved. The DNC was taking campaign funds from China, and that scandal may have hurt Gore more than Monica because he was directly involved.


I voted for Bush in that election, but for a long time I had buyers remorse when things got ugly in the later part of the Iraq War, Cheney shot a guys face off in 2005, the WMD scandal, 2008 financial crisis, ect ect. But today a lot of that stuff seems inevitable and necessary. Getting rid of Saddam because he was building a powerful family dynasty, and dumping the petrodollar. The Iraq people are still better off now than under Saddam, a regime that would have become more powerful than Iran or Saudi Arabia, or Kim Dynasty in NK.

The 2008 mortgage loan crisis was created by both Dem's and Repub's, it would have happened anyway. Bush did not lay down until he left office, I may not have agreed with The Surge at the time, but I think we had far greater leadership skills in GW, than Al Gore, or the current president for that matter. We know George ran things like Frank Sinatra, he did it his way, all the way, to his last day in office when the hawk flew back to his perch in Texas.
Post Nos. 10-12 all touch upon Trump & Biden

Originally Posted by agw123 View Post
Then why are you commenting on how NY does things, go play in your own sandbox
Originally Posted by Desiigner View Post
Ny is the greatest city on earth

Don’t need you here
Personal attack
Originally Posted by speediestevie View Post
If people wearing masks triggers a response of calling them “insane” and coming here to post that outrage( whether fake or not), I would seek out some professional help. Is there nothing more important in life than getting angry at others for wearing a mask? We don’t know if those people are immunocompromised or have parents who are.

Live and let live works pretty well for me.
Seek some professional help? Personal attack.

Originally Posted by meatballlegend View Post
And it is perfectly ok for me to call you out for what you really and that is a Nazi. I suggest you get some therapy.
Nazi? Get some therapy? Personal attack obviously
Originally Posted by meatballlegend View Post
I perfectly know well what it means and you are making it obvious. I never once lied about anything. Ok you suffer from some schizophrenia as well. Get some therapy or check yourself into Bellevue.
Check yourself into Bellevue?
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